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20th June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like governors rule in Jammu Kashmir, rise in cardiovascular disease in the country, database for unorganised workers, refugees in India etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
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Unacademy user
Mam Migration and being a refugee who take political assylum are different. so should not it be only focussing on refugees in our answer??
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
you are right. we do not have a policy and a standard operating procedure for both
  1. 28 June 2018 mains questions based on the Hindu

  2. Cardiovascular diseases have gone up all over the country but there are some pockets which are more vulnerable. DISCUSS. Define cardiovascular disease Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels Wide range of reasons including stress, food, sleep, obesity, lifestyle etc .Why have they gone up through out India What about more vulnerable pockets Rural, urban differences factors

  3. Cultural aspects like food lifestyle Social aspects including stress and social relations Family .Diet and nutrition Work stress .Genetic makeUp Habits Factors

  4. Database for unorganised workers has many advantages. Discuss. what are some of the challenges in the same? Unorganised workers identification number in UWIN platform Under Ministry of Labour it's a 10 digit number Aadhaar seeded identification number systenm Centre will created through a special body and maintain it The states to identify and register on organised workers

  5. Social security to unorganised workers Security of job Safety of unorganised workers Legal aspects Direct benefit transfer and transparency in social sector schemes for unorganised workers Easy identification and workers Union and other activities Advantages

  6. Historical aspects of refugees in the country Around 2 lakh refugees are a part of the country not a signatory of 1951 Refugee convention and has no Discuss India's policy towards Asylum seekers and refugees. domestic Asylum law New York declaration on refugees and migrants India is a signatory 2016 Hundred is the Global compact on migration is being implemented on a global scale

  7. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is expected to be the first, intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, to cover all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner. .It presents a significant opportunity to improve the governance on migration, to address the challenges associated with today's migration, and to strengthen the contribution of migrants and migration to sustainable development. .The process to develop this Global Compact for Migration started in April 2017. The General Assembly will then hold an intergovernmental conference on international migration in December 2018 with a view to adopting the Global Compact.

  8. In case of failure of constitutional machinery in any other state of India, the President's Rule is imposed under Article 356 of the Constitution. iRecosemsoe an be mposed for a Discuss the provision regarding governor's rule in Jammu and Kashmir. But in case of J&K, as per Section 92 of state Constitution, the Governor's Rule can be imposed for a period of six months in the state. Governors rule can be imposed only after consultation with precedent in case of failure of constitutional machinery In case of governors rule the Assembly of the state is either dissolved or Suspended and the state comes under the central rule .Is the constitutional machinery is not Restored within 6 months then president rule can be imposed according to article 356