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31st July 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like the ethical issues involved in National citizen registry, women in Agriculture etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

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mom can I get ur DNS notes.i am initial stage of ur notes would help me lot.kindly i need that mom.
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  3. 31ST JULY 2018 HINDU BASED MAINS QUESTIONS Presented by Bhargavi Vardhan

  4. Women farmers are an extremely significant contributor to the agricultural economy and yet are not adequately recognised. Critically analyse the statement. According to census 2011 , 55% of women workers were agricultural labourers and 24% cultivators however only 12.8% of operational Holdings are owned by women. Out of this 25% of land belong to marginal and small Holdings ccategories The Economic Survey this time has recommended a number of steps to acknowledge the feminization of Indian agriculture

  5. These include ear marking at least 30% of the budget allocation for women beneficiaries in all ongoing schemes programs and development activities Initiating women centric activities Focusing on women self help groups to connect them to microcredit through capacity building activities

  6. Many cases recently have given birth to culture versus constitution wars, and list them and discuss the consequences of the same. the court is faced with a choice between narrow and the transformative approaches to navigating the choppy water of culture versus Constitution war. the philosophy holds that the constitution is a transformative document whose goal is to erase and remedy long standing legacies of injustice A particular feature of these injustices is there deep rooted social and institutional character.

  7. goals. Critically comment on the statement. The initial goals of BRICS included 1. Reform of global financial governance 2. Democratization of United Nations 3. Expansion of security council, Half hearted goal As a partnership it represents over 40% of world's population and accounts for 22% of global GDP and it continues to be an influential voice as long as there is convergence

  8. Engagement with Africa has been half hearted Africa needs more investment for infrastructure and South Africa expect it from the new Development Bank The BRICS Plus format which China introduced in the xiamen Summit can b helpful in progressing towards the objectives

  9. Is there a flaw in the psyche of average Indian which pushes him to pay a price for securing service without having to wait for it. Critically analyse the statement. India has not been able to shared the image of highly corrupt Nation even after seven decades of independence Average Indian believes that the basic services cannot be obtained without some type of corruption what is the above statement is true and what if it is falset 1. If it is true we are fighting never ending battle which has brought this taint to India

  10. Discuss the ethical issues involved in the national citizen registry of Assam. In 1951, the first census of Independent India was conducted. The original NRC was a register prepared after the 1951 Census, which recorded the particulars of those who belonged to Assam The 1951 NRC was compiled exclusively for Assam on the basis of the fears expressed by Assamese nationalist leaders who feared a post-Partition conspiracy by Pakistan to effect a demographic change in Assam. Colonial migration

  11. Issues The identification in 1951 The cut off date of 19714 the start of Liberation war Due to the bureaucratic process there are bound to be exclusion and inclusion errors Exclusion errors will mean that the actual residents would have to leave the country The issue Is based on economic aspects rather than socio- cultural ones. Issuing work permits for them would be more effective than trying to eliminate them.