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24th July 2018 mains questions part 2
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The lesson has topics like FDI confidence, India Africa engagement, cloudbursts with respect to India, intercreditor agreement, Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
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IBC has four pillars - Insolvency professional is first pillar.
mam continue your work it's really beneficial
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
sorry . coming with a new course from September
very well explained the news /issue/ topics in question format.

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  4. DISCUSS THE GEOGRAPHICAL PHENOMENA CLOUDBURSTS. DISCUSS THE RECENT CHANGES IN THIS NATURAL PHENOMENA WITH RESPECT TO INDIA. The principal understanding of the cloudburst is associated with sudden heavy deluge of precipitation in very less time interval over a very small area. e A cloudburst is different from rain only in the amount of water that pours down on the earth. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) labels rainfall over 100 mm per hour as cloudburst. Usually small areas-anywhere between 20-80 square kilometres are affected.

  5. . Cloudbursts in and around the southern rim of the Indian Himalayas are elusive in terms of their position and time of occurrences. Most of the reported cloudbursts are in the interior of the Himalayas anc hence their observation itself is limited. Most of these events are reported once their affect in terms of loss to life and property is experienced in the downstream habitats. * In addition, they are mostly associated with flash floods as an impact of the torrential precipitation..

  6. DISCUSS INDIA'S ENGAGEMENT TO THE AFRICA AND THE CHALLENGES THERE IN e A unique factor that sets Indian interactions apart is that there is palpable goodwill for people of Indian origin, a sense of familiarity and cultural connection . India's security engagement with Africa as a vital part of our foreign policy However, the stories of solidarity among members of the Indian diaspora and local Africans are not without friction

  7. India has defence and security cooperation with all littoral states in the Indian Ocean region, including South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar, as well as with countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt e Besides playing its conventional role in conflict resolution in Africa through the United Nations peacekeeping forces and providing maritime security in the Indian Ocean, India looks to deepening ties with African nations in the areas of cybersecurity, energy, food security, skills and capacity building, the statement read.

  8. WHAT IS THE INTERCREDITOR AGREEMENT. HOW WILL IT HELP RECLAIM THE HEALTH OF BANKING SECTOR IN THE COUNTRY. The intercreditor agreement was framed under the ages of Indian banks association and it was under the recommendations of Sunil Mehta committee on stressed asset resolution It is an agreement among banks that have dues from a borrower in stress e The pact mandates The Lead Bank to formulate a resolution plan that will be executed in a time bound manner * It is applicable to all corporate loans above rupees 50 crore

  9. If 66% or two third of the lenders in terms of aggregate exposure approved and the pact is binding on all the lenders The dissenting lenders will have an exit route to either sell or buy the exposure 24 banks including SBI have already signed up e This agreement will bring a consensus among the lending banks so that There is a resolution in getting the Asset back into the resuscitation mode rather than allowing its to impair over a period of time

  10. WHAT ARE THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CONDITIONS FOR FDI CONFIDENCE THE COUNTRY. CRITICALLY ANALYSE THE POSITION OF INDIA IN THE SAME. the main factors that affect foreign direct investment are 1. Infrastructure and access to raw materials 2. Communication and transport links. 3. Skills and wage costs of labour Other important factors include the size of the economy, the political scenario and stability, the Clustering effect, free trade areas, trade policy