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23rd June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like plastic pollution, ethnic cultures versus The Nationalistic culture, hate crimes, secessionism, religious extremism etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
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In religious Extremism question we can write : There is no country in the world that is democratic and is developed and there is religious extremism or even priority to any one religion is given like USA, Japan, UK or Australia but there are a lot of countries in conflict due to religious extremism like Syria and Yemen etc. A society can only grow when there is a feeling of tolerance and acceptence towards other religions. People live a happier life and instead of discussing about religion common people discuss about development. The happiness index also suggests that almost all the top 50 countries have very less or no element of religious extremism. Late Dr. Abdul Kalam use to say that harmony in the world and peace in the nation begins with righteousness in the hearts of the individuals. There cant be righteousness when there is extremisim based on any lines like religion.
In Hate Crimes we can add Social Media and Fake News on whatsapp etc. The inherrent selfish nature of social media is dividing people based on their religion, caste and gender.
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  1. 23rd June 2018 Hindu based mains questions

  2. Fighting plastic also needs behavioural change like in case of cleanliness. DISCUSS at various levels of change required. Problems in implementation of ban on plastics of various types Plastic waste management rules of 2016 under the central pollution control board guide the disposal and management of plastic waste in the country The problems in implementation and also divergent among various regions of the country Most of the states implementing it on paper .The practical problem of non availability of any other so convenient material for replacement

  3. Individual level Panchayat and State level National level district level Change in Holistic Awareness regarding the incentivizationof approachfromimplementation detrimenta Panchayat and rules based to impacts of plastic district for on Environment complete Ban or need based as well as human reduction in use approach being Need for and need-based system of plastic waste management across the country environmental Changes required at each level of plastic

  4. What are the probable reasons of increase in incidents of individual hate crimes?. Comment on the ethical fabric of the Global population in this can it . Reasons 1. Political influences 2. Ethnic conflicts 3. Racism 4. Influence of extremist groups 5. Intolerance of all types be improved.?

  5. .Personal Sociocultural reasons External influence Influence of family, society

  6. No society will tolerate religious extremism DISCUSS. Please write an outline in the comments section. We will discuss the points in tomorrow's lesson

  7. Secessionist movements have always been a part of the history of the world but are they on rise in recent times. Discuss. Success rate is Very low Increasing ethnic conflicts and racism The brawl of terrorism Accurate reporting

  8. Yes or no If yes, what is the consequence Maintaining ethnicity along with secularism -A BIG Ethnic cultures are getting dissolved in modern Nationalistic and secular culture. Critically analyse the statement. CHALLENGE The need for a balance