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25th july 2018 mains questions part 2
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The lesson has topics like the amendment to Prevention of Corruption Act, the ethical issues involved in it, and an ethics case study based on cow slaughter. Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
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Can you make another detailed video on what is the working of digital wallets?I mean how actually they work?
maam choose a dark background for slides not visible
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
will change it today. there was a problem in uploading it.
very good analysis in question-answer format.

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  4. WHAT ARE THE RECEN PREVENTION OF COR STRENGTHEN THE AN INDIA.? O THE WILL THEY FRAMEWORK OF was mainly to ensure idated by false complaints e Giving a bribe is now an offence punishable by a seven year . The Prevention of Cormu that honest officers are not inti present term ppre investigation approval made mandatory After this amendment there will be only two forms of criminal misconduct one is misappropriation of property and trusted to public servant and second is intentionally enriching oneself illicitly

  5. der this act to attach eviously done under the e Section introduced for and confiscate property 1944 Ordinance through civil courts but now will be under the prevention of corruption act.

  6. WHAT ARE THE ETH THE RECENT AMEN OF CORRUPTION A SUES INVOLVED IN O PREVENTION The 7 day limit for reporting e demand for bribe may not be enough If citizens report of coercion is not registered by the police or is unclear, what will happen in that case?

  7. CASE STUDY Consider yourself to be a S You have to deal with the case of cow smuggling in a Muslim dominated area with the Hindu minority. What are the ethical issues involved in the case ? What steps will you take to minimise the tensions and maintain communal harmony in the Area. ector of Police in an area.

  8. e Background e the Supreme Court's order makes no mention of cattle slaughter and a reading of the Act demonstrates clearly that it does not contemplate prohibiting animal slaughter per se. Not only does it specifically exempt slaughter of animals for food, it also provides for advice on the design of slaughterhouses, so that "unnecessary pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is eliminated in the pre-slaughter stages as far as possible."

  9. The government's ne slaughter at animal man of Cruelty to Animals Act by specifically forbidding what that Act permits. g the sale of cattle for contravene the Prevention

  10. ANSWER . Ethical issues involved 1. The possible communal complications 2. The rules prescribed, and the responsibility of public servant to follow them 3. Maintaining peace in the society