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15th June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like coastal shipping, welfare of workers, public transport etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

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Home-work-......The 42nd Amendment Act of 1976 transferred five subjects to Concurrent List from State List, that is, (a) education, (b) forests, (c) weights and measures, (d) protection of wild animals and birds, and (e) administration of justice; constitution and organisation of all courts except the Supreme Court and the high courts. between A BIG THANK YOU for this awesome course mam. your efforts are very much appreciated :)
Ritika Saini
2 years ago
Your reviews and your comments. They put a smile on my face. Thank you Adarsh.
smile and the world smiles with you :) take care mam
Ritika Saini
2 years ago
Thank you for your incredible support my friend. And your sarcasm is spot on. wish you all the very best. :)
:-) :-)
Mam in Shipping one we can include maritime support partnerships and pacts with countries like Singapour and France etc helps in an easy passage and need to increase with other maritime countries in IOR and Pacific mainly.
thanks a lot for your efforts. as a fresher I felt this is really helpful.
pls update daily
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
will do it. was not well.
  1. 15th June 2018 Hindu based mains questions

  2. Biotechnology graduate Worked as assistant proffessor Cleared ssc for women flying officer but could not join on medical grounds Upsc aspirant, written mains 2017 Learning enthusiast, interested in sanskrit and indian culture Have a YouTube channel on Sanskrit rhymes for kids . You can follow me on http://unacademy/user/bhargavivardhan ABOUT ME

  3. What are the problems of public transport services in India.? How can they be addressed.? d nature of problems in public The multifacete transport services in the country Co-ordination of various departments and Ministries The lack of federal co-ordination Railways as an important carrier catering to all sections of the society Freight transport heavily dependent on road ways

  4. ven e papulation to aten te Lack minds State -cent

  5. .Model acts Improved coordination Public private partnership Professional services Need based approaches How can they be addressed:

  6. . An umbrella scheme of "Modernisation of Police Forces (MPF)" for years 2017-18 to 2019-20 Growing volume of online and offline protests demand multifaceted action from the Civil police. Comment. Special provision has been made under the Scheme for internal security, law and order, women security, availability of modern weapons, mobility of police forces, logistics support, hiring of helicopters, upgradation of police wireless, National Satellite Network, CCTNS project, E-prison projedt etc. New initiatives are being introduced to provide assistance to States for upgradation of police infrastructure, forensic science laboratories, institutions and the equipment available with them to plug critical gaps in the criminal justice system. Police Stations will be integrated to set up a national data base of crime and criminals' records. It will be linked with other pillars of criminal justice system such as prisons, forensic science laboratories and prosecution offices.

  7. More than 90% of trade by volume in India cause through Maritime route. what are some of the challenges and prospects of coastal shipping? Importance of maritime trade in Indian economy. Historical importance . The port cities Major port authorities bill Sagarmala project Coastal shipping

  8. India lies in geographical proximity to important shipping routes which gives a natural advantage to the country's shipping Moreover, shipping is no longer an isolated mode of transport but ferms a part of an intermodal transport chain linking other transport modes. National Shipping helps in making the country more self-reliant and provides the necessary strategy support in critical times. .It also helps in extending the resource base of the country by enabling the harnessing of the wealth of the adjoining seawaters

  9. The Directive Principles of State Policy, Article 41 42 43 43 a talk about the workers welfare How has the government address the issue of welfare of workers in independent India.? National campaign committee for Central legislation on construction labour, had filed a case with Supreme Court for the construction labourers Cess of 1% on all types of construction activities for welfare was announced by building and other construction workers Welfare cess act of 1996 Model welfare scheme by labour ministry Parliamentary standing committee on labour has also raised th e concern on the issue of welfare of workers Best performers in terms of worker welfare are Karnataka Maharashtra and Harvana where as the worst performers were Manipur Jharkhand and Tamilnadu.