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29th June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like Agriculture, seed treaty, privacy issues in social media , plastic invasion etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

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thank you mam it was very helpful for me
  1. 2gth June 2018 mains questions based on the Hindu Presented by Bhargavi Vardhan

  2. Biotechnology graduate Worked as assistant proffessor Cleared ssc for women flying officer but could not join on medical grounds Upsc aspirant, written mains 2017 Learning enthusiast, interested in sanskrit and indian culture Have a YouTube channel on Sanskrit rhymes for kids . You can follow me on http://unacademy/user/bhargavivardhan ABOUT ME

  3. What are the key challenges of Indian farmers which are not letting them come out of poverty and desperation.? suggest ways to make farming more lucrative. . The population problem, the people to land ratio in India Arable land (hectares per person) in India was reported at o.11952 in 2035 The large number of small farmers and the lack of collective activity or Cooperative farming is the major problem Apart from the traditional barriers, the price fluctuations, climate change, and many non-traditional challenges are coming up.

  4. Water for irrigation and over dependence on monsoon Natural disasters and other hazards International price fluctuations Domestic price instability and changes in demand Middle men Lack of storage facilities Lack of will to work harder Policy issues Debt cycle Problems

  5. Initiatives under doubling the farmers income Improved Cooperative farming, because improving the land size or Holdings is not possible with the increasing population Incentivizing Cooperative farming Solutions Preventing distress sales by avoiding middleman completely Diverting the minimum support price and other subsidies towards provision of better storage and marketing facilities

  6. Write a note on the Global see the Treaty how does it help in sustainable development of agriculture The objectives of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture are the conservation and sustainable use of all plant genetic resources for food and agriculture and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of their use, in harmony with the Convention on Biological Diversity, for sustainable agriculture and food security

  7. recognizing the enormous contribution of farmers to the diversity of crops that feed the world; establishing a global system to provide farmers, plant breeders and scientists with access to plant genetic materials ensuring that recipients share benefits they derive from the use of these genetic materials with the countries where they have been originated.

  8. Sustaimable SEED Acces s TREATYBemeit use .

  9. Rise in social media Communications has led to ncreased privacy issues. Is the Indian policy helping empower citizens to have a secure social media? The policy is guided by IT Act of 20oo . The issue of privacy and its breach is not addressed completely by public polic

  10. Media Cemeded nexs