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25th july 2018 mains questions part 1
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The lesson has topics like history of urbanization in India, wetlands and urbanization, reservations in india, etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

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it's really helpfull to me
Hey guys... Cover summary of Yojana (July , 2018 ) by Mindmaps. or just touch on my name Here - Thank you..
mam, video quality is not better
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
there is some technical issue. I will see try to rerecord it
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  4. HAS BEEN THERE IN ARNING SIGNAL THE FIGHT FOR RESE COMMUNITIES THROU TO RESTORE EQUAL CRITICALLY ANALYSE IN THE SOCIETY .The aspirations of com hout India for reservation The criteria for reservation and its need in the present circumstances Is the qualified principle of equality being really followed??? Or is it community politics The Advantages and challenges of the present system of reservations Is there a threat to equality in society?

  5. TRACE OUT THE H INDIA. HOW HAVE P CHANGED WITH CHA URBANIZATION IN OF URBANIZATION TIMES . The chronological history of starting from the Indus valley civilization, to the age of mahahanapadas, to the medieval urban centers to colonial history and the post independent india Map these urban centres on an outline of India and show the changing positions of these urban centres . The coastal cities and their development in the Colonial Times Urbanization in the post independent era and the present focus on smart cities etc

  6. DO YOU THINK THE TRE INDIA IS PICKING UP SAME ? HOW DO YOU CHANGING NEEDS? MIGRATION IN EASONS FOR THE UST CHANGE TO polluted cities is increasing Reverse migration espe at a fast pace Many young educated people are taking to agriculture Reasons for this reverse migration 1. Pollution 2. Lack of opportunity or sustainability of occupation in cities 3. Agriculture as an attraction

  7. Changes in policy 1. Sm art development along with environmental sustainability 2. Large number of small urban centres rather than few megacities 3. Development of robust Service Delivery System at both rural and urban levels

  8. WETLANDS ARE O ECOSYSTEMS TO BY URBANIZATION HE FIRST NATURAL SELY AFFECTED Wetland Degradation on the water S e Construction on Ponds and lakes in u regions, population pressure roughout India Deforestation in a region impact the health of the wetland Catchment area encroachment. Full tank level, Area is encroachment Pollution through effluents, and impact on biodiversity of the wetland Disturbance in the drainage of the natural water bodies due to unplanned Constructions Flash Floods in urban regions cause erosion and large-scale damage.