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23rd July 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like bs6 norms, infrastructure sector, welfare politics, sustainable watershed management. Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
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sir one doubt: - western ghatt thudangunnathu tapti muthalaanallo, appol wester gatt engeneyanu Gujarat state il varunnathu
why it required to change the public behavior towards the welfare politics?
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
because sometimes it can end up putting wrong people to power.
oho. tq mam
public reproach means?
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
change of attitude towards welfare politics
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
not voting for some short term incentives
tq mam

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  4. GS3 SUSTAINABILITY OF WATERSHED MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS IS THE KEY TO LONG-TERM WATERSHED DEVELOPMENT IN AN AREA. DISCUSS. Only 10% of the projects of watershed Management are complete according to a recent report Once the watershed management programme in an area is completed the sustainability of the same is not ensured by the existing infrastructure There is a need to empower the panchayat as well as the local communities to sustain the watershed management programs

  5. GS2 O "IT IS NOT THE QUANTUM OF MONEY OR ITS STATISTICAL INSIGNIFICANCE TO OUR LEADERS' PERSONAL FINANCES; A PUBLIC REPROACH CAN GO A LONG WAY IN ENSURING GOOD FISCAL BEHAVIOUR." DISCUSS The question asked about the need to change the public behaviour towards welfare politics Examples of Tamil Nadu as a welfare Polity Problems with welfare politics 1. Short term ism 2. Win and forget type policy and programs 3. Public outlook must change and they should act as responsible voters

  6. O GS3 WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF GDP DEFLATOR * The GDP deflator, also called implicit price deflator, is a measure of inflation. It is the ratio of the value of goods and services an economy produces in a particular year at current prices to that of prices that prevailed during the base year. This ratio helps show the extent to which the increase in gross domestic product has happened on account of higher prices rather than increase in output. Since the deflator covers the entire range of goods and services produced in the economy_as against the limited commodity baskets for the wholesale or consumer price indices-it is seen as a more comprehensive measure of inflation.

  7. O WHAT ARE SOME OF THE CHALLENGES FACED BY INFRASTRUCTURE SECTOR IN THE COUNTRY. DISCUSS. e Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. The sector is highly responsible for propelling India's overall development and enjoys intense focus from Government for initiating policies that would ensure time- bound creation of world class infrastructure in the country. Infrastructure sector includes power, bridges, dams, roads and urban infrastructure development. * In 2016, India jumped 19 places in World Bank's Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2016, to rank 35th amongst 160 countries.

  8. CHALLENGES Time and cost overruns e large Investments

  9. WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF BS 6 NORMS IN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. DISCUSS. . Bharat Stage emission standards, introduced in 2000, are emission standards that have been set up the Central government to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment, including motor vehicles. The different norms are brought into force in accordance with the timeline and standards set up by the Central Pollution Control Board which comes under the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Climate Change

  10. Oil industry and the automobile industry are opposing it.