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14th June 2018 mains questions
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The lesson has topics like local self government bad Bank Dam safety bill oil Buyers Club etc Please do rate review and recommend the course if you like it

P L Bhargavi
A speck of universe, trying to save her instincts and intuitions from the robotic chores. scored 150 in geography optional II

Unacademy user
In the Intro in "Rich gets Richer question" we can quote the Oxfam report that says above 70% new wealth was accumulated by 1% population last year in India so in indian context it is definitely true and for any capitalist country this will be true in varying degrees. There are exceptions however where by grit and determination or by sheer luck economically poor creates opportunities for himself and succeed.
P L Bhargavi
a year ago
very true Naman. But according to me, we must not be pessimistic. though we may say that "this seems to be true in Indian scenario" ...."there have been many instances of rags to riches in the country,"
Naman Goyal
a year ago
Yes mam that's why I tried to be neutral by adding the exceptions. But yes my words seem more extreme.
Mam in the Army one we can write that MoDefence can start a scheme similar to SAMEEP of MEA to increase civilian-army interaction and how it works in schools etc.
  1. 14th of June mains questions from The Hindu

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  3. Discuss the reforming phase of the local self government in the last quarter century. the focus must be directed towards political empowerment of local governmen. Comment hase letal 1936 ueis

  4. The concept of political empowerment The evolution of taxes and the state finance commission According to the economic survey: The low percentagee of tax collection at local level and especially so for village panchayat about 696 Municipal corporations better off in terms of percentage of their own taxes in their expenditure

  5. The public sector asset rehabilitation agency Dawood take on public sector banks chronic bad loans and focus on their resolution and extraction of any residual value from the underlying asset Unlike a private company or government owned bad Bank would be more likely to purchase loans that have no Salvage value from public sector banks How can a bad Bank solve the npa problem? The bad bank will require significant capital to purchase stressed asset loan accounts from the public sector banks .The most serious issues of corporate governance plaguing the public sector banks that led to the npa problem in the first place will not be probably addressed

  6. There is a need to change the military mind set and strategic thinkin. DISCUSS. Inaccessible nature of the military in India Operation Sadbhavana, etc The afspa and it's impact on the public in general The colonial norms still followed.

  7. "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" comment on this adage to the Indian context. Matter of personal opinion The context in India and the factors affecting the same The concept of equality of opportunity and economically backward status Benefits for economically backward and exclusion and inclusion errors in the same Special reservations for economicaly backward classesreservations for economicaly backward classes

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  9. The dam safety bill envisages the following functions for National Dam safety authority Standardization of safety related data and practices Investigation of dam failures and also to implement Discuss the dam safety bill what are its provisions and need for such a legislation. safety measures Look into unresolved points of issues between States which share Dam territory .India has over 5200 large dams Due to lack of legal and institutional architecture for Dam safety in India Dam safety is a perennial concern.

  10. This discussion between India and China for possibility of forming and oil Buyers Club that can negotiate better terms with sellers as well as getting more us crude oil to Asia to cut the dominance of the Oil block OPEC. Discuss the advantages of farming and oil Buyers Club with China how will it help in de-bottlenecking infrastructure in India. . OPEC countries which supply about 60% of India soil needs India has not been able to bargain better rates from the Gulf based product producers of the oil cartel OPEC. Apart from the production cuts the charging of Asian premium by west Asian producers such as Saudi Arabia for shipments to Asian buyers including India and Japan as opposed to Europe needs negotiations.