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11th December editorial- North Korea,triple talaq, WTO meet (in Hindi)
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Articles discussed are:- A game of chicken in the Korean peninsula Arbitrary and irrational Crunch time at WTO

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Abhishek Srivastava
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Nice guidance sir. Please tell what to do if i dont have have hindu newspaper delivered at my place?
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Sathi babu
2 years ago
thank you sir for editorials video. sir koi baat nhi agar aap hamare liye DNA nhi bana paate aap hamare liye daily editorials bana rahe ho itna hi bahut hai hamare liye. thank you so much.
you are one of the best in explaining news articles ... i request you to pls start daily news analysis again or atleast make analysis weekly containg most important news .. please ...
sir mere hisab se is pe three years ki imprisonment tabhi hogi jab teen baar talaq fb ya kisi aur social media se boli gyi ho talaq le sakte h per rule regulations se as per constitution
sir mere hisab se is pe three years ki imprisonment tabhi hogi jab teen baar talaq fb ya kisi aur social media se boli gyi ho talaq le sakte h per rule regulations se as per constitution
Thanks a lot sir. This is really helpful for me
  1. EDITORIAL ANALYSIS FROM HINDU 11th DECEMBER 2017 . 077 . Editorial analysis . Crash course on Polity . Crash Course on Modern History . Crash Course on Ancient History Crash Course on Medieval History . Ncert Class VI History Summary . Delhi Sultanate . Essay writing Abhishek Srivastava

  2. A game of chicken in the Korean peninsula On North Korea, the world is way past tactical solutions. Only a comprehensive diplomatic solution will work . North Korea's newest Hwasong-15 missile can travel 13,000 km, which puts the United States, its principal adversary, within striking distance. With nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missiles in its arsenal, nuclear North Korea is now an inevitability and here to stay North Korea's strategic arsenal show that he is anything but irrational. . Being recognised as a nuclear weapon capable state would be the foremost objective; - survival of his regime and an eventual removal of ESE Seoul Tok sanctions would be the natural consequences of such a recognition.

  3. Great power buck-passing .Ever since Pyongyang withdrew from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) in 2003, which led to the Six-Party Talks to diffuse the situation in the Korean peninsula the North Korean regime has played the great powers against each other, exploiting their respective strategic calculations vis- -vis Pyongyang, and each other .North Korea conducted several nuclear tests and has now reached a point of no return Today, having exhausted all its strategies, from imposing sanctions to isolating North Korea, Washington has neither any leverage nor is it in a position to make a successful military strike against the country - China is worried about a lethal nuclear fallout in its neighbourhood and the . potential rush of North Korean refugees into its territory China is also uneasy about what may otherwise be an excellent solution - a reunified Korea, something Beijing thinks will undercut its rising regional predominance

  4. Russia, having had clandestine dealings with the North Korean regime in the past, also has no cards to play. Japan and South Korea, then are the real victims in this game of great power buck-passing and geopolitical expediency Tokyo and Seoul would be the first to face Kim's wrath. Complicating their plight - U.S. President Donald Trump's "America First" policy. Svstemic crisis 1-International diplomacy has failed in the region. especially with the arrival of Mr. Trump and the assertion of China and Russia. . 2-The current crisis is further intensified by the deal-breaking tendencies of Mr Trump. For instance, his administration's tirade against the Iran nuclear deal, is sending out all the wrong signals to the international community If Kim's North Korea is decidedly revisionist, Mr. Trump's revisionist tendencies are equally damaging

  5. .3-Be it Pakistan, Iran or North Korea, isolating states in the international system does not resolve conflicts but can only further complicate existing crises. The reason why we have been able to restrain the development of Iranian nuclear weapons is precisely because the P5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, plus Germany) reached a historic nuclear deal in 2015 despite pressure from within the U.S. and countries such as Israel to use force against Tehran. - Had it not been for this deal, we would have had quite a mess in our neighbourhood today. . 4-At a deeper level, the disarmament platitudes of the N-5 (or the five nuclear weapon states) and no progress on their disarmament commitments have eroded the faith of the nuclear have-nots in the global nuclear order. - In an indirect but relevant way, such erosion of a normative global order has contributed to the North Korean crisis

  6. The future . Use of force against North Korea will not yield the desired results. - It will lead to immeasurable human suffering within North Korea and in its neighbourhood diplomatic solution will work, though the result of which is uncertain. facto "recognition" to North Korea's nuclear weapons. .We are way past tactical solutions, and, therefore, only a comprehensive, sustained and . The most unpleasant part of such a comprehensive solution would involve according de - For sure, it would be a pity to add it to the list of states possessing nuclear weapons. But then there is a time to prevent something from becoming a reality, and there is a time to accept when it becomes an inevitable reality . The operational aspect of this approach would involve taking on board North Korea's historical grievances, involving the regional powers including China and South Korea to reach out to Kim, and reviving the dormant Six Party Talks at the earliest Entrusting China and or Russia to solely deal with North Korea would be unwise and multilateral engagement would also prevent anyone from engaging in underhand dealings with Pyongyang. .

  7. Arbitrary and irrational Declaring triple talaq a penal offence does not stand up to first principles of criminal jurisprudence . The proposal by the government to introduce a Muslinm Woman Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill in the winter session of Parliament-wherein a husband who resorts to instant triple talaq can be jailed for up to three years and fined-needs closer scrutiny as there is stigma attached to criminal conviction. STOP DIVORCE BY SKYPE FACEBOOK . On August 22, 2017, a five judge Bench of the Supreme Court, in a majority 3:2 judgment, set aside the practice of Talaq-e-Biddat (triple talaq) . If Parliament wants, it can enact a law on it. _ But nowhere in its judgment has the top court said that triple divorce is to be criminally punished.

  8. No longer valid No one can question Parliament's power to legislate with respect to personal laws under Entry 5 of the Concurrent List But in the Supreme Court judgment, the majority of three judges had already "set aside" triple divorce. Under Article 141 of the Constitution, this is the "law declared by the Supreme Court" Therefore, there is basically no need for any law as triple divorce no longer dissolves marriage . Since triple divorce no more dissolves marriage, its pronouncement is inconsequential and in no way adversely affects either the wife or society. . In making triple divorce a penal offence, the government is in fact like the Rajiv Gandhi government after the Shah Bano case accepting the view of conservative Ulema who have themselves taken the stand that while triple divorce validly dissolves marriage, the person making three instant pronouncements is liable to punishment.

  9. On what basis has the Bill provided for imprisonment of three years? Under the IPC . The government should have a look at provisions under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which is the general criminal law of the country For what crimes does the IPC reserve imprisonment of three years? Section 148, which is on rioting and armed with deadly weapon, has a provision of three years or with fine, or with both. Section 153A, which is on promoting enmity between different groups, is also for three years, which may extend to five years and shall also be liable to fine. Section 23Z, which punishes the import or export of counterfeit coin, has the same term. These serious crimes are in no way comparable Ideally, divorce should not be treated by divorcees as the end of the world. Our women do not need men to lead a dignified life. We must remove the stigma attached to divorces Triple divorce should be nothing more than civil contempt of the Supreme Court.

  10. Crunch time at WTO India faces a tough challenge on farm issues at the Buenos Aires ministerial meet Leaders at the World Trade Organisation's 11th biennial Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires the challenges the U.S. has mounted on the institution ARGENTINA 11 WTO MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE are impossible to ignore. Notable among the proposals trade ministers will consider are those relating to new rules on farm subsidies, the elimination of support for unsustainable fisheries, and the WTO OC 2017 regulation of e-commerce. BUENOS AIRES 2017 MC11 BUENOS AIRES With the backing of more than 100 countries, a joint proposal from India and China to eliminate the most trade-distorting farm subsidies worth $160 billion in several industrialised economies is arguably the most contentious agenda item at the Ministerial

  11. It has blocked fresh appointments to fill vacancies on the seven-member WTO appellate body. The risk of Mr. Trump's protectionist rhetoric translating into economic barriers remains real. The response to that challenge is to make the gains of globalisation more visible and its transient downsides politically less painful. . Trade leaders gathered in Buenos Aires can ill-afford to lose sight of this imperative.