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(Hindi) December 2017: The Hindu - Editorial analysis


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Abhishek Srivastava

This course is about discussing editorial and opinion articles of Hindu. This will help in topic analysis and forming opinion. The probable questions for Mains would also be raised that can be created from that article.


36 lessons • 7 h 19 m
Overview of the course

5m 23s

1st December Editorial Analysis (in Hindi)

14m 57s

2nd December Editorial Analysis - Part 1 (in Hindi)

10m 34s

2nd December Editorial Analysis - Part 2 (in Hindi)

14m 43s

4th December editorial analysis_ Brahmaputra conundrum and Global hunger index issue

14m 12s

4th December editorial Analysis II (in Hindi)

11m 35s

5th December editorial analysis (in Hindi)

13m 59s

6th December Editorial analysis (in Hindi)

9m 30s

7th December editorial analysis (in Hindi)

13m 32s

7th December editorial analysis II (in Hindi)

11m 26s

8th December editorial analysis (in Hindi)

11m 51s

9th December editorial analysis (in Hindi)

14m 41s

11th December editorial- North Korea,triple talaq, WTO meet (in Hindi)

14m 07s

12th December editorial- Right to energy, UN peacekeeping (in Hindi)

13m 59s

12th December editorial- Wassenar arrangement & Nepal elections

9m 05s

13th December editorial- RTI vs Rules of SC, cashless economy (in Hindi)

14m 06s

18th editorial- Kepler 90, globalisation crisis, skill in schools (in Hindi)

14m 07s

19th December editorial- speedy justice, research in India, economic mobility, cybersecurity (Hindi)

14m 57s

20th December editorial- intelligence agencies, e-way bill (in Hindi)

13m 59s

21st December editorial- archaic laws, Wetland Rules 2017 (in Hindi)

14m 01s

21st December editorial- US NSS, bail in pros (in Hindi)

8m 28s

22nd December Editorial - GST- a work in progress (in Hindi)

11m 13s

22nd December Editorial- 2G scam, Overnutrition (in Hindi)

11m 35s

23rd December Editorial- Jerusalem resoulution in UN & Pulses production

13m 17s

14th December editorial- Adultery law, IS in Iraq, Defection move (in Hindi)

10m 57s

25th December editorial - India Pakistan Relations (in Hindi)

8m 57s

25th December Editorial- condom advertisement & air pollution crisis (in HIndi)

8m 28s

26th December Editorial- This year on Jerusalem (in Hindi)

11m 33s

26th December Editorial-Transgender Bill, India China relations (in Hindi)

12m 06s

26th December editorial- Tackling Maoism & IPV (in Hindi)

9m 52s

15th December editorial- trilateral meet,revival risks,Ockhi cyclone (in Hindi)

14m 55s

27th December editorial - Countering growing inequality (in Hindi)

12m 48s

27th December editorial- Indian patent law & North korea sanctions (in Hindi)

11m 51s

28th December editorial- Delhi pollution, encephalitis, Nepal elections, Jadhav's case (in Hindi)

14m 52s

29th December editorial- adolescents girls, financial stability report, CAMPA

15m 00s

30th December editorial analysis (in Hindi)

8m 15s



31 reviews


reviewed on Dec 13, 2017

following this course as usual very lucid language and very easily get each and every point of the editorials with the help of sir thnx thnx aa lotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Priyanka Tiwari

reviewed on Dec 13, 2017

One of the best course on this platform amazing explanation by an awesome educator in an extensive way thanks a ton for the amazing daily editorial analysis .:-)

Surya S

reviewed on Dec 7, 2017

one of the awesome course by abhishek sir after covering major course on history and polity. within 15 you analyse 2 to 3 editorial is really very good. this help us to save our lot of time . Thank you so much sir

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