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5th April 2018 Part-2: Daily News Analysis
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Peevention of Corruption Act

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Jatin Verma
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Aap reply jaoor kare mujhe kio nhi btata hai ki m kiya karo please aap bta do
reservation in its present form is not helping the people who need it the most! with time and with the changing social context, every law must be tweaked for betterment, so should reservation policy. logically, continuing reservation policy for same set of people for 60 plus years means that there has been no benefit of reservation and that no one's status, position or condition has changed from what it was earlier. this is even a stronger reason to modify it and make it more targeted. reservation has become more of a political and emotional issue, when there should have been space for rationalism and pragmatism. most of us acknowledge this, but no one would come to support an anti-reservation drive, if called for. ulta politicians usko bhi bhuna daalenge!
reservation khtm hona chiye sir all people are qcul gernl wale hr jage maat khaate h india me laaya iss liye gya thaaki develop ho but jisko millna chiye unko nhi mill rha 10 % jo abhi use ho rha wo khtm ho or 90% jo log h iss ke liye unko millna chiye nhi tho resvation kjtm kr do
Sir as of my knowledge Supreme court cannot amend any law, the power resides with the parliament of India. As i heard from a person that SC has directed the govt. to do so, in case it is true then why has the govt. filed a review petition as they can easily take it down in parliament while voting. Please tell me if i am wrong. Thank you.
Mallesh Madapati
2 years ago
sc has not amended the law but issued new directions in implementing the has right to interpret the constitution and statutory laws in light of basic structure of constitution...
Why Private Sector is More Efficient than Govt Sector...???? There is One Major Difference Between Two...That Might be the Reason that Private Sector is More Efficient...!!!!!!!
private sector utna efficient nahi, jitna public sector inefficient hai. lack of accountability and penal provisions against wastage of resources and precious time of people are the main reasons. RTI ki info is mostly issued on time..why? is it that hard to understand!
  1. want to te tartirsp Manses, heissp 2 but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the bas<e Page 1: Panel to probe CBSE question leaks. Page 1: We cannot interfere, says SC y hav phe reve Page 1: Tit for tat: China imposes fresh tariffs on U.S. goods Page 12 World News: China blasts U.S. tariffs Page 5: Kerala Governor questions HC orders Page 7 Nation News: India third most vulnerable country to cyber threats' Page 7 Nation News: 'EC backs one seat, one candidate policy' Page 10 News: Let's walk on the path shown by Ambedkar: PM Page 10 News: A third of firms default on easy CSIR loans Page 10 News: Panel seeks report on violence Page 11 News: India, Japan, U.S. stress keeping sea lanes open Page 13 Business News: India, Japan, U.S. stress keeping sea lanes opern Page 13 Business News: Centre to bolster NCLT with more benches ape an hink h fferent et two bo a pu Ivi rk and t stay achn have

  2. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 7 Nation News: 'EC backs one seat, o ne candidate polic The Supreme Court has asked the Centre to respond to an affidavit filed by the EC to amend the law to prevent candidates contesting from multiple constituencies. y hav A Bench led by CJI was hearing a petition seeking a declaration striking down Section reve 37) of the Representation of the People Act of 1951, which allows candidates to i contest from two constituencies at a time, as invalid and unconstitutional laye The EC informed the court that it had proposed the amendment of Section 33(7) way back in July 2004 hink h causeb ferent It was one of the 22 "urgent electoral reforms", the EC had suggested to a Rajya Sabha Parliamentary Standing Committee. There had been cases of a person contesting from 2 constituencies and winning from " both OLIse r and t stay The consequence is that a by-election would be required from one constituency, involving avoidable labour and expenditure. leksa is ch arded that

  3. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 7 Nation News: 'EC backs one seat, one candidate polic EC suggestion: It suggested that a candidate should deposit Rs. 5 lakh for contesting in two het y hav hconstituencies in an Assembly election or Rs. 10 lakh in a general election. he This would be used for the conduct of a by-election in the eventuality that he or she had reve laye to relinquish seat. The court posted the case for hearing in July The EC concluded that the law should be amended to provide that a person cannot cause. contest from more than one constituency at a time." hink h et t a pu OLIse rk and t stay ch

  4. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 10 News: Let's walk on the path shown by Ambedkar: PM Two days after a nationwide bandh by various Dalit organisations turned violent leaving nine dead in separate incidents, PM Narendra Modi sought to reach out to community members saying that we should follow the path shown by Ambedkar. het y hav ph The Union government moved a review petition against the SC's order but the bandh went ahead and took on a distinctly anti-Centre tone. Mr. Modi said: "nobody can dare change the reservation policv as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The Congress & other Opp. parties are spreading misinformation," It was his government that had completed the Ambedkar International Centre though laye causeb ferent et t the idea was conceived before a pu . The 26, Alipur Road house where the Dalit icon died would be dedicated to the nation rk and t stay on April 13 on the eve of his birth anniversary. His govt. is committed to 'sabka saatlh Sabka vikas He said that his govt. is committed to "Sabka saath Sabka Vikas". leksa is ch arded that

  5. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 10 News: A third of firms default on easy CSIR loans Nearly a third of the companies have defaulted on the loans they have taken from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) y hav These loans were extended on "easy terms" towards developing new technologies, and ph to encourage start-ups. laye . They were awarded as part of an ongoing, Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI), scheme since 2001, according to a response by Union Minister for Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan to a question in the Lok ferent Sabha. et t 45 companies have since received unsecured, soft loans at 3% interest pa. to develop a pu rototypes as well as position them for emerging markets OLIse rk and t stay As of March, nearly 298 crore has been disbursed since the scheme's inception, of which about T92 crore has been classified as loans "in default" by 15 companies who have been labelled "defaulters.". leksa is ch arded that

  6. want to te tartirsp Mames, heissp 2 but th CSIR does not write off a loan and all such cases are being pursued in the courts for x recovery het y hav Some recipients of NMITLI's loans are Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, which was pho he p laye tked with making an electric car, and TCS, which received 8 crore to develop a bio reveinformatics-based application The key principle of the NMITLI is to encourage entrepreneurs and technologists to try out novel, risky ideas with government support and mentoring The criteria for selection of the project are based on the novelty of the proposal, potential technological benefits, and the ability of industry to capture those benefits. et t The technologies encompass a wide range of subjects-developing new drugs, making a pu OLIse novel liquid crystal displays, innovating in low-cost computers and diagnostic devices. rk and t stay leksa ch that

  7. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 10 News: Panel seeks report on violence. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has written to the governments of Raiasthan, MP and UP to file reports on the reasons behind the violence and deaths during the recent Bharat bandh. ph reve The States have also been asked to find out if there was some "conspiracy" that led the he p protests to get out of hand laye . The protests came in the wake of the SC barring automatic arrest under the SC & ST Act to ensure that no innocent citizen was harassed hink h causeb ferent Commission said that the government had strengthened the SC/ST Act through an amendment et t a pu In the old Act of 1989, if there was a murder, there was only Rs. 1 lakh compensation. But under the amended Act, there is compensation of Rs. 8.25 lakh, and also additional compensation There is basic pension for the widow of the victim, and also free education up to the graduation level r and t stay leksa is ch arded that

  8. want to te tartirsp Mames, heissp 2 but th The commission added that there was provision for a government job to a member of the victim's family, and a house and land under the new amendment. Officers found negligent were punishable under the amended Act. 2 y hav ph The Centre has filed a review plea in the SC seeking reconsideration of its decision to he ban automatic arrests and registration of a criminal complaint under the Act. reve laye hink h causeb a pu t stay leksa ch

  9. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 11 News: India, Japan, U.S. stress keeping sea lanes open Senior diplomats of India, Japan and the U.S. held the 9th trilateral meeting, focussing on connectivity, counter-terrorism and other regional and global issues of y hav mn common concern. pho he H reve Indo-Pacific. The talks drew on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session. Key focus areas: hink h causeb ferent Connectivity and infrastructure development, Counter-proliferation, Counter-terrorism, Maritime security, Maritime domain awareness HA-DR (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief) et t a pu OLIse r and t stay leksa is ch estha

  10. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 11: Stalemate on in Parliament. Though the Prevention of Corruption (Amendments) Bill was passed by a voice vote, certain opposition parties wanted a division of votes. However, Deputy chairperson, Rajya Sabha disallowed it on the grounds that house was not in order. y hav pho eg The bill aims to make giving a bribe a specific offence like taking a bribe, and seeks to modify the definitions and penalties for such offences, among other things. hink h causeb ferent a pu OLIse rk and t stay is ch

  11. a fr Cu 0e rs san 3 2 '-ac ref ver er es cetna eei 11d te n e In eo c Jnit pl ao N n di aflo e tr eri c-set acco ra-t. p0d0 deutilp or sh sae au r el i nh n-r

  12. want to te tartirsp Mames, heissp 2 but th Page 13 Business News: Centre to bolster NCLT with more benches Amid rising number of insolvency cases coming up before the NCLT, the government plans to have more benches on the basis of caseload y hav Currently, there are 11 NCLT benches in different parts of the country, including two in ph he p laye reve Corporate Affairs Secretary said the strength of the NCLT would be doubled shortly. He said, around 16,000 cases have been disposed of by the tribunal in the last one-and- a-half vears hink h causeb ferent NCLT functioning and data: Matters related to companies law as well as the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) a pu come up before the tribunal r and It stay. A case is admitted for resolution under the Code only after approval from the NCLT. leksa ch