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11th April 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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New Cow Slaughter Rules

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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crown or Queen rule...............?????????????????????
3 months ago
Queen's Crown
sir i had a question --if death due to poisionous snakes is added to occupational hazards the what is the benefit of this n how to counter this problem?
2 years ago
Benefit -> after Listing in Occupational Hazard List ->then Plantation company would ensure safety measures like proper disposal of waste and rodent control etc make them liable. Counter ->already mentioned in the slide .read again
Aanchal verma
2 years ago
IRNSS- Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, NAVIC - NAVigation with Indian Constellation
sir please make DNA of 8 April science and technology and complete today DNA also please
THANKU sir for DNA.. I beg u sir please do it regularly . please sir .
THANKU sir for DNA.. I beg u sir please do it regularly . please sir .
  1. for Monday'ganw forward to reWARMING look forward toit GLOBAL Wakort has top start sea ar stacea Daily News Analysis thi Parliamentary Committees ris DealTHE HINDU, pho even pO as Judicial Over-reach CAG Slams Govt. Indian express, Tol, Livemint for 11th April, 2018 e ga Act olicy ayIut hadhe nanded by many a that Khan also a puralso Legislative Adventurism Daily News Analysis .austrial Productio been no witact Troim that it ha witten toor o months receveh financial crisis a pu Meltdow. China's Belt & Road Is there a need for Stimulus By Jatin Verma

  2. To access Searching for "jatin verma" - Daily Editorials EDUCATORS DNA - PIB Summary MCQs You can follow me Jatin Verma Mahesh Verma on Unacademy Facebook ID: jatinverma0509 unacader

  3. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the bas<e Page 1: Page-1: Internal e-waybills from April 15 Page-1: A plantation worker's silent, deadly foes y has ph reve Page-5 South: All eyes on ISRO's navigation satellite Page-7 Nation: Ban on sale of cattle for slaughter goes Page-7 Nation: Private groups can't stall film release Page-10 News: PM, Shah to fast tomorrow Page-10 News: 'Dalit MPs' issues will be addressed' Page-11 News: New norms for global projects Page-11 News: Aadhaar-PAN link doesn't vitiate privacy' Page-12 World News: Xi proposes rules-based commerce Page-13 Business News: Iran agrees to take OVL's Farzad-B gas ape an hink h fferent et two bo a pu Ivi rk and t stay have

  4. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 Page-1: Internal e-waybills from April 15.IGSM -3: Economy: Centre-State Financial Relations] The Union government has announced to roll-out the e-waybill system for intra-State transport of goods in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh on April 15. The GST Council had said it would roll out the system for the intra-State movement of goods in re four phases. The April 15 roll-out will mark the first of these phases. heThe countrywide e-waybill system for the inter-State movement of goods was rolled out on April 1 Till April 9, 2018 more than 63 lakh e-waybills have been successfully generated. Concessions available e an While the rules are largely similar for the inter- and intra-State movement of goods, there are relaxations available if the iourney is of shorter distances . The checks for intra-State will be done by the State officials who were earlier part of the sales tax " teams E-waybill rules regarding the movement of goods: . It does not differentiate between movement between States or within a State, If you are only dispatching within 10 km to a branch, then you don't need to update vehicle details. nd There are some relaxations for transport over shorter distances. If there is an intra-State movement, then the Part B of the e-waybill is not required for transport of less than 50 km oid arded

  5. want to he start t to Page-1: A plantation worker 's silent, deadly foes GS Mains Paper-3: Environment & Ecology] Workers in Kannur's rubber and cashew plantations face the challenge of occupational hazards that involves poisonous snakes at their workplace A new study on the incidence of snake bites in the district has found that plantation workers were . most at risk from snake bites. . The two species responsible for nearly all the venomous bites were the hump-nosed pit-viper . As per the study: Of 770 snake bite cases recorded at the hospital during this period. 63.24% Of the 281 bites from Russell's viper, 112 were suspected to be from juvenile snakes. he (Hypnale hypnale) and Russell's viper (Daboia russelii) were from the hump-nosed pit-viper, and 36.49% from Russell's viper. pe an nk h While bites from Russell's viper averaged 8 a month, they went up to 14 a month from May to August, when juvenile snakes, which are more nervous and active than adults, frequent the environs. o bo PLI Mitigation Measures: Separate human and snake habitats as much as possible. Having garden plants, and poor waste and stay disposal can attract snakes. Rodent control, avoiding sleeping on the ground, and cropping tree branches near windows. Noting that compensation for snake bites were paid in only 58% of cases, awareness on overnment compensation has to be raised among the public. hat

  6. to Page-5 South: All eyes on ISRO'S navigation satellite. IGSM-3: Sci and Technology: Space-Navic The spaceport of Sriharikota is set to launch navigation satellite IRNSS1I on Thursday, its second mission in a fortnight. . The 1,425kg replacement spacecraft wil join and support the older 7 Indian navigation satellites, 1A to 1G, that were put in orbit between July 2013 and April 2016 ime ISRO has built its own regional navigation satellite fleet-akin to the USGPS to get the best helocational details for its mobility activities, civil as we as military. The launch of IRNSS 1I is important for ISRO and users. lay The satellites were built to last for 10 years each; but all three rubidium atomic clocks on the first sa- tellite IRNSS1A reportedly failed almost two years back; and the first spare or backup, IRNSS1H, flopped at launch on August 31,2017 e an . All 7 navigation satellites must work to give the planned 24hour, precise in formation of location and time of persons or objects. I wil be the eighth in the ring of NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) and is slated to be launched to space on a PSLV rocket in its extended XL version. IRNSS1I, as also the lost 1H, have been built by a consortium of Indian industries under the guidance of engineers of ISRO Satellite Centre. Some 70 engineers from the private sector were involved in the assembly, integration and testing of 1I and 1H. ISRO said IRNSS1I is similar to its senior navigational siblings. Its navigation payload transmits signals in L5 and S bands and gives position, velocity and time of objects on ground. nd oid

  7. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 it buat th GEO at 83 E GSO at 55 E GSO at 111.5. E GEO at 131.5 E GEO at 34 E y ha rev he t layes pe an nk h ause TT&Cand IRNS TT&C and IRIMS Uplink IRIM CDMA Ranging Ranging SCF stay IRNSS Space Craft Control Centre Laser Ranging IRNSS TTC & Uplinking Stations IRMSS Range and Integrity Monitoring Stations IRNSS Timing Centre CDMA Ranging Stations Laser Ranging Station RNSS Timing INC eksa igation Centre Data Communication Links estha

  8. ante "O show the boss what Page-7 NationNews:Banonsaleof cattlefor slaughter IGSM-2 and 3: Federalism & Animal Husbandry . There are no restrictions on the sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets, according to fresh it th oes. draft rules brought in by the Environment Ministry Last May, the Centre had banned the sale of cattle for slaughter at animal markets across the eA new set of rules, called the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Animal Markets Rules, 2018, is . Public feedback: These norms will be available for public feedback for 30 days after which it will mandate: re country lay proposed "in supersession" of the earlier notification. e an become law. . Salient Provisions: The rules [ilevery district to have in place a 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals committee' that has to ensure that animals in animal markets are not subjected to "unnecessary suffering and pain." ui [i]Moreover, it would have to ensure that the sale of animals was properly registered and that had i]The committee has to ensure that animal markets located near international borders were not these markets adequate facilities. used as hubs for cross-border transport, unless they complied with a separate set of rules. Importantly, there are no restrictions on the location of such markets as opposed to earlier rules which said they could not be located within 50 km of an international and 25 km of a State border.

  9. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Background: In May 2017, Madras High Court had staved new curbs on cattle trade 131ST May, 2017] >So far as slaughter of animals is concerned, it is exclusively in the State list. > The subject of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in is the Concurrent List and at the same time, y hav pho he H laye reve slaughtering of animals is exclusively in the State List. Rule 22(b) of PCA Act: Written declaration- animal has not been brought to market for sale for slaughter. >Rule 22(e) : Purchaser shall not sell the animal for slaughter, religious sacrifice. hink h causeb ferent et t a pu State List: Entry 15- Preservation of Stock and Prevention of Animal Disease. . Concurrent List: Entry 17- Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. .11th Schedule [73rd CAA]: Entry 4: Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Poultry rk and t stay leksa is ch

  10. ante "O show the boss what it th Page-7 Nation News: Private groups can't stall film release. The Supreme Court has said that"anarchy will prevail if private bodies or associations are allowed to become a law unto themselves and cripple freedom of speech in cinema." The apex court held that once a film has been certified for screening by the Film Censor Board, any the attempts by private bodies, groups or associations to ban its release should be mercilessly struck down to protect the fundamental right to free speech lay .A three-judge Bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra passed the order on a petition filed e an by Harinder S. Sikka, producer of the controversial Punjabi film Nanak Shah Fakir The order comes a day after the Sikhs' highest temporal seat, Akal Takht, imposed a ban on its release on the ground that it showed the Sikh Gurus in living form ent LI ck e ind stay fes

  11. waranted to show the hoss what The Congress leader reminded the Prime Minister that despite a parliamentary standing committee approving amendments to the Lokayukta Act on including the leader of the single largest opposition party, the government has been sitting over it. Yet till date government has never bothered to list the same for debate or voting, it is clear that the current exercise is merely perfunctory gesture to assuage the letter of the Supreme Court's directions," his letter said . he Contempt petition The Supreme Court currently is hearing a contempt petition after the Centre did not implement an April 2017 order to appoint a Lokpal. Ahead of the next hearing on April 17, the Centre is seeking to appoint a jurist in the selection committee. e an ent ck e ind stay fes that

  12. to Page-11 News: Aadhaar-PAN link doesn't vitiate privacy' it thh Noting that the usages like 'legitimate State interest' and 'larger public interest' mean one and the same, the UIDAI has argued that linking of PAN card with Aadhaar does not amount to a violation of fundamental right to privacy ime pOn his first day of arguments before a Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak e Mira, Additional Solicitor General for the UIDAI said "the Supreme Court itself had formerly upheld the constitutional validity of Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act which mandates Aadhaar-PAN linkage." The linkage promoted the legitimate fight against crimes such as black money, money laundering. lay e an set ent The citizens have already submitted their demographic details and even biometrics like fingerprints for PAN, which was introduced way back in 1989. They cannot now seek exemption on the sole ground of privacy. ck e ind The CJI said that there is not much difference between legitimate state interest and larger public interest satisfying legitimate state interests is enough to prove larger public interest. The ASG said that the larger public interest in linking is preventing income tax fraud, black money, and terrorism. he said that since 1989, PAN numbers are mandatory fes

  13. Page-13 Business News: Iran agrees to take OVL's Farzad-B gas Iran has agreed to take the gas produced from Farzad-B field, discovered by ONGC Videsh Ltd. in; the Persian Gulf, but differences remain over returns on investments made by the Indian firm Iran previously conditioned granting rights to develop the Farzad-B fields to OVL on Indian firms p buying all of the gas produced at the imported-LNG equivalent rate. he.This proposition, which involved an investment of S11 billion in first developing the field and then re lay setting up a facility to convert it into liquid gas (LNG) for shipping to India, was considered verjy expensive, sources privy to the development said. e an ent LI ck e ind stay fes that

  14. Thank you Jatin Verma 155k Followers Follow Ratings & Reviews Roman Saini A great course by Jatin Verma where he has literally covered all the important news from The Hindu. Must watch. Mohit Rai If i achieve my aim, my first salary will go to this great individual making this great informative and well-researched videos. I should take this opportunity to thanlk and congratulate him for the wonderful work he is doing for all the aspirants. He is meticulous and almost perfect in his approach and understanding. Please keep making such videos as a single 26k Enrollments Enroll