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18th April 2018 Part-3: Daily News Analysis
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World Economic Outlook

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Jatin Verma
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  1. want to te tartirsp Mames, heissp 2 but thh Important News Articles (Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base) Page 1: Law Commission favours simultaneous elections Page 1: Govt. attempts damage control as ATMs run dry y has ohl Page 10 News: Banks stingy with cash, says ATM industry he Page 10 News: No deficit of currency, more being printed: RBI reve Page 6 Nation News: NGT asks Ministry to finalise national policy on forest fires Page 7 Nation News: Aadhaar leak may sway polls, fears SC Page 7 Nation News: Panic button on phones set for another round of trial in May Page 7 Nation News: Sexual intercourse in long-term relationship not rape, says SC Page 10 News: Nod awaited to induct jurist into Lokpal panel Page 11 News: India, Sweden agree upon 'win-win' joint action plarn Page 11 News: U.S. keen on signing nuclear reactor deal Page 12 World News: China to scrap ownership limits on foreign carmakers Page 13 Business News: India expected to grow at 7.4% in 2018, hink h causeb ferent a pur OLIse rk and t stay Page 13 Business News: Corporate debt, a drag on investment, leksa is ch Page 13 Business News: Bharat-22 ETF may eye Rs. 10,000 cr. ed

  2. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but thh Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the bas<e Page 13 Business News: Rupee tanks to lowest since Sept. y has Page 13 Business News: AstraZeneca to invest $90 mn in India ph reve Page 14 Business News: Centre targets to build 45 km of roads a day in FY19: t * Gadkari he g hink h causeb ferent a pu rk and t stay leksa ch ed

  3. want teo he starting Page 7 Nation News: Sexual intercourse in long-term relationship not rape, says SC at thh A Bench of Justices S.A. Bobde and L. Nageswara Rao said this was especially true if the complainant-woman herself alleges that she and the accused had lived as man and wife The Bench was hearing an appeal against an order of the Karnataka High Court, which refused to quash a rape case The woman alleged that she had lived with the man for a period of eight years The court order records how the woman stated that the man had "pretended to have loved me on the promise of marriage, that he applied the kumkum on her forehead, and tied the Arishina thread to her neck." "She further stated that she has been treating the appellant as her husband for the past 8 years, and now he is trying to escape from her and cheat her," the apex court order said. The court said it would not go into whether they were actually married, but they had no doubt that they lived together like a married couple. re he e ar ent Ordering the quashing of criminal proceedings against the man, the court concluded that it was "difficult to sustain the charges levelled against the appellant who may have possibly, made a false promise of marriage to the complainant." the Supreme Court observed, "It is difficult to hold sexual intercourse in the course ofa relationship, which has continued for 8 years, as 'rape', especially in the face of the complainant's own allegation that they lived together as man and wife," Is

  4. want to he starti to Page 10 News: Nod awaited to induct jurist into Lokpal panel. IG.S. Mains Paper-2: Polity & Governance: Transparencyl at th * The high-profile Lokpal selection committee and the recommendations for the induction of an eminent jurist in the panel is awaiting approval, the government has informed the SC pK.K. Venugopal, Attorney General, has made a statement that in the Selection Committee meeting, he recommendations for induction/appointment of an eminent jurist, has been made and approval of the recommendation is presently pending. A Bench led by Justice Ranjan Gogoi urged the government to complete the Lokpal appointment process at the earliest. e ar k h ent The court scheduled the matter for further hearing on May 15. The selection committee is composed of PM, CJI and Lok Sabha Speaker. Though passed in 2014, the Lokpal and Lokayukta Act of 2013 was not implemented all these years because there was no Leader of Opposition (LoP) in the 16th Lok Sabha. The 2013 statute includes the LoP as a member of the selection committee. The Act intends the LoP to be the part of the selection committee of the PM, the CJI and the Speaker, which has to first appoint an eminent jurist among their ranks. tis that en thec

  5. want to he starti LT at thh However, on April 27 last year, the SC clarified that the Lokpal appointment process need not be stalled merely due to the absence of the LoP. The judgment dismissed the government's reasoning that the Lokpal appointment process should wait till the 2013 Act was amended to replace the LoP with the single largest opposition party leader. re he The present hearing before Justice Gogoi's Bench is based on a contempt petition filed by Common Cause, represented by advocate Prashant Bhushan, for not implementing the April 2017 judgment of the Supreme Court e ar k h ent tis that

  6. want to he starti to Page 11 News: India, Sweden agree upon 'win-win' joint action plan. IGS Mains Paper-2: I.R.] . PM Modi and his Swedish counterpart, Stefan L fven, have agreed upon a joint action plan (JAP) for both countries to take forward a wide range of initiatives in defence, trade and investment, counterterrorism,renewable energy,smart cities,women's_skill development, space and science and healthcare. . Characterising the JAP as a "win-win partnership" for New Delhi and Stockholm, Mr. Modi underscored the critical role of the defence sector and security initiatives as a pillar of the bilateral relationship . On Fighter Jet: The bilateral summit was additionally significant for the opportunity it afforded both sides to discuss Sweden's interest in proposing the Saab Group's Gripen-E single-engine k h ent jet fighter for the Indian Air Force, as a Request for Information had been issued earlier this month to Stockholm. On counterterrorism, Mr. Modi and Mr. L fven emphasised that the global counterterrorism legal framework should be regularly updated to address the changing threat of terrorism with strength. stay Innovation was front and centre in the bilateral summit, with a separate discussion focused entirely on this area, and the outcome being a joint declaration on a Sweden-India Innovation Partnership for a Sustainable Future, which built upon the joint statement between the two Prime Ministers in Mumbai in 2016 tis

  7. want to he starti LT to at thh On Smart Cities: Additionally a major funding boost was injected into the bilateral process when Mr. L fven announced that "The Swedish government will kick start the Innovation Partnership by providing up to 50 million Swedish kronor (over $59 million) for innovation cooperation in the field of smart cities and sustainabilit re he e ar k h ent tis that en thec

  8. want to he starti to Page 11 News: U.S. keen on signing nuclear reactor deal . The U.S. is keen on seeing the completion of the long-pending Westinghouse nuclear reactor deal at thh for Andhra Pradesh. . However, Energy Secretary clarified that the U.S. manufacturer would be involved only in the p supply of reactors, and not in the construction of the power plants. he He did not commit to a timeline for the completion of the techno-commercial contract for 6 AP 1000 Westinghouse reactors, which has been in negotiations for nearly a decade. The deal for the reactors was one of two MoUs India signed in 2009 after the completion of.a the civilian nuclear deals. An "early works agreement" was signed between the NPCIL and Westinghouse in 2013. ent . However, while one MoU with GE-Hitachi was abandoned over insurance liability issues, the Westinghouse deal faced its biggest problems from a near-bankruptcy last year, after which its parent company, Toshiba, sold it to a Canadian consortium. Mr. Perry's entourage had senior executives from Westinghouse, and his pitch for the company is part of a more aggressive push by the U.S. to increase exports to India to address the trade deficit. tis that en thec

  9. want to he starti to Page 12 World News: China to scrap ownership limits on foreign carmakers China will scrap a limit on foreign ownership of automotive ventures by 2022 in a major policy at thh shift to open up the world's biggest car market, even as trade tensions simmer between Washington and Beijing In a move welcomed by Germany's powerful car industry, China said that it would remove foreign ownership caps for companies making fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2018, for makers of commercial vehicles in 2020, and the wider car market by 2022. he China imposed ownership restrictions in 1994, limiting foreign carmakers to owning no more than a 50% share of any local venture. Forcing foreign carmakers to work with Chinese firms was designed to help domestic car-makers compete. e ar k h ent The latest policy move marks a new twist in a seesaw week for Chinese trade. The country slapped a temporary fee on U.S. sorghum after the U.S. banned American companies from selling parts to Chinese phone maker ZTE Corp Germany's BMW, which has a big stake in trade relations between Beijing and Washington as the biggest exporter of vehicles from the U.S. to China, welcomed the decision. Analysts said the main beneficiaries, at least in the short term, would be manufacturers focused on new-energy vehicles, including U.S. electric carmaker Tesla, which has been seeking to set up its own plant in Shanghai.

  10. want to he starti to Analysts highlight that the traditional automakers will need to wait longer for any direct impact and could face more risks than opportunities in ditching their joint venture (JV) structures. China will also scrap limits on foreign ownership in the shipbuilding and aircraft industries in 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said. The highly symbolic moves in autos come after President Xi Jinping said last week China would he scrap ownership limits "as soon as possible". e ar k h ent tis that en thec

  11. want to he starti to at thh According to the IMF, India has made progress on structural reforms in the recent past, including through the implementation of the GST, which will help reduce internal barriers to trade, increase "While the medium-term growth outlook for India is strong, an important challenge is to he India's high public debt and recent failure to achieve the budget's deficit target, calls for efficiency and improve tax compliance p enhance inclusiveness," the report said re continued fiscal consolidation into the medium term to further strengthen fiscal polic credibility, the report said e ar The main priorities for lifting constraints on job creation and ensuring that the demographic ent dividend is not wasted are to ease labour market rigidities, reduce infrastructure bottlenecks, and improve educational outcomes, the IMF said. According to the WEO, growth in China and India last year was supported by resurgent net exports and strong private consumption, respectively, while investment growth slowed. tis that en thec

  12. want to he starti to Page 13 Business News: Bharat-22 ETF may eye Rs. 10,000 cr. at thh . The Finance Ministry may come out with a Rs. 10,000-crore follow-on fund offer of the Bharat-22 exchange traded fund (ETF) as it looks to dilute stake in Coal India to meet the minimum public holding norm. p Besides, the Ministry is keen to take the ETF route to sell off government shares held through* he Specified Undertaking of the Unit Trust of India (SUUTI) in private firms ITC, Axis Bank and The government, in November, introduced Bharat-22 ETF comprising shares of 22 firms, The fund had garnered bids to the tune of Rs. 32,000 crore, although the government retained only L&T, an official said including PSUs, public sector banks, ITC, Axis Bank and L&T. e ar k h ent Rs. 14,500 crore What is Bharat 22? Bharat 22 is the second Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) (first was CPSE ETF's 10) -Bharat 22 is an ETF that will track the performance of 22 stocks the government plans to have its stake in It comprises 22 stocks including those of central public sector enterprises, PSU banks and holdings under the Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India. Is

  13. want to he starti to Page 14 Business News: Centre targets to build 45 km of roads a day in FY19: Gadkari . The government aims to build 45 km of roads per day in financial year 2019, an increase from the at th daily average of almost 27 km achieved last year, according to Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari. p he The ministry has also set targets of awarding 20,000 km of National Highways and constructing a total of 16,420 km in 2018-2019, up from last year's awarding of 17,055 km highways and 9,829 km constructed. . Earlier this month, the ministry had announced that the government would be adopting international norms for calculating highways construction from this fiscal, which would include measuring lane kilometres instead of linear distance. The targets have, however, been set in the old format. ent ou A monitoring group each in the NHAI and the ministry would also be set up. . The minister said that land acquisition for the new express highway connecting Delhi and Mumbai would cost Rs. 70 lakh to Rs. 80 lakh per hectare, instead of Rs. 7 crore. The government plans to build the new express highway on a new alignment at a cost of Rs. 1 lakh crore.

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