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3rd April 2018 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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Fake news; SC/ST Act

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Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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sir abharak me to India h na
Hi Sir, I have a query regarding preparation. If you could please provide me your mail id , would be of great help. Thank you sir for as always awesome courses.
Ruthless Being
2 years ago
What if I slapped a person who is doing wrong things in public and later he complains that I violated this atrocities act but I sincerely didn't know that he had been coming from this and that caste?
kindly share DNA in hindi language.... we all know that ur medium is english however if u put a burden as a moral duty to make us read... so plz take this as a feedback... just as urge... thanks to u 4 commandable efforts...
Dear Sir, i m following you from long time..course is best..but problem is you are using very high fluency..please tech bit slow sir and if you are making in Hindi so please more word use in hindi sir. Thank you
sir ye daily news hume samajhna hai ratna nhi hai please ise hindi mein samjhaye ...bahut se confusion hai jo clear nhi ho pate baki to english mein padh hi rhe hai
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  4. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the bas<e Page 1: 9 dead as Dalit protests over SC/ST Act rock north India Page 10 Nation News: 'Court had no business to dilute Act' y has ph reve Page 10 Nation News: No delay in filing review plea: Ministers he g Page 1: Govt. tightens its grip on fake news Page 7 Nation News: GSAT-6A still eludes ISRO Page 7 Nation News: Cambridge Analytica seeks time on notice Page 13 Business News: 'Roll-out of e-way bill smooth, no glitch so far' Page 13 Business News: Crisil, ICRA differ on stressed asset outlook Page 13 Business News: Bond loss: RBI eases provisioning norms Page 18 Life News: 'Changing climate puts India at risk' ape an hink h fferent et two bo a pu Ivi rk and t stay have

  5. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 1: 9 dead as Dalit protests over SC/ST Act rock north India Dalit groups staged violent protests across north India against a SC judgment they claimed diluted protections available to the SCs & STs. in . The SC had ruled that the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act, had become an phe instrument to blackm guidelines against y hav ail innocent citizens, and had issued a slew of reve he arbitrary arrests. laye SC ruling exacerbated unrest Protesters blocked rail and road traffic, vandalised public property, thrashed police and clashed with the police and shopkeepers in many towns Jet Airways waived off the penalties for date or flight change on all confirmed tickets amid the violent protests across the nation. 448 people were detained in Uttar Pradesh amid the nationwide bandh. SC/ST protesters stopped trains in Rajasthan, Bihar, and Punjab CBSE has postponed class 12 and class 10 examinations in Punjab. Violence reported in Bhind, Meerut, Barmer, and Ranchi MHA is closely monitoring the situation and is in constant touch with states. hink h causeb ferent et t a pu OLIse rk and t stay leksa is ch arded that

  6. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th The anti-atrocities act was introduced in 1989 to provide SC and ST sections a legal recourse against caste-based discrimination, abuse, assault, and other atrocities. The Supreme Court ruling: On March 20, the Supreme Court ruled that there was no absolute bar on granting an anticipatory bail under the Act. SC also emphasised that the Act may even "perpetuate casteism" and there was a need to curb false implication of innocent citizens on caste lines". SC declined urgent hearing on a plea seeking review of the verdict on SC/ST Act. y hav reve Union MoSJ&E announced that the government would soon file a review petition and ferent urged people to withdraw protest calls. Union Law Minister said that the government has filed a review petition. The handh took place despite the ion ernment's decision oo 30 March to ile a a pu t stay "v review petition. is

  7. want to be starting to Page-2: AFSPA extended in Arunachal for 6 months . The Centre extended the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, (AFSPA) in three districts of Arunachal Pradesh and eight police station areas bordering Assam by another six months. According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts of Arunachal Pradesh and eight police stations bordering Assam were declared "disturbed" areas under the AFSPA re eThe Act gives special rights and immunity to security forces in carrying out various operations in "disturbed" areas It gives security personnel the power to search premises and arrest without warrant, to use force even to the extent of causing death Now Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts in Arunachal Pradesh and the areas falling within the jurisdiction of the eight police stations in Arunachal, bordering the State of Assam, are declared as 'disturbed area' under Section 3 of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, up to September 30, 2018, w.e.f. April 1,2018, unless withdrawn earlier." Prelims oriented Facts: Union Home Ministry issues notification for invoking AFSPA in a State AFSPa can be applied in a localised area . nt nd that

  8. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 10 Nation News: Court had no business to dilute Act . In its review petition, Centre said the court had no business to dilute the SC & ST Act and make it easier for accused persons to escape arrest. The 89-page verdict by a Bench of Justices A.K. Goel and U.U. Lalit read down y hav ph he p laye reve -Section 18 barred persons accused of causing casteist injury and insult to Dalits, from seeking anticipatory bail. Secondly, the judgment directed that an FIR should be registered only after a "preliminary inquiry" was held by a DSP to check if the complaint was "frivolous". pu, Any deviation from the directions would lead to the contempt of the SC hink h causeb ferent OLIse r and It stay. The Centre said: In the given situation of continuing offences of atrocities against SCs/STs, it would be more significant to affirm the reliance and trust of SCs/STs. leksa is ch that

  9. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th The Centre claimed: Of the 47,338 cases registered in 2016, only 24.9% were convicted. o Low conviction rate could be due to: het y hav 1. Delay in lodging the FIR p he 2. Hostile witnesses and complainants 3. Absence of proper scrutiny of cases by the prosecution before filing charge sheet. reve laye 4. lack of proper presentation and appreciation of evidence by the court. Instead of being misused, the Act is weakly implemented A preliminary enquiry would reduce the rate of registration of cases, conviction.t..% increase pendency and per se serve as a deterrent in filing FIRs. causeb ferent et t Objecting to the court's reasoning that non-availability of anticipatory bail was a violative of Article 21 (fundamental right to personal liberty), the Centre reminded that offences under the Act are "heinous crimes committed to humiliate and subjugate members of the SCs/STs with a view to keep them in a state of servitude." rk and t stay Section 18 of the Act is its "backbone" as it enforces an inherent deterrene and leksa instills a sense of protection among members of the SCs/STs. is ch arded that

  10. Two sides but th What govt. said, as recorded in the the review petition March 20 Judgment What the Centre said in is - Ban on anticlpatory ball to accused Is y hav Anticipatory bail not violative of Article 21 (fundamental right to personal Liberty). Offences under SC/ST Act are heinous crimes Dhe e can be granted he under SC/ST Act if complaint does not SC/STs protected nder Articles 21 and disclose prima facie 17 (abolition of untouchability) case ape an or us hink h cause h fferent - In 2016, of the 47338 cases registered across the country, only 24.9% ended in conviction . In 201S, police filed closure report; for 15-1696 of cases filed unde the Act. Over 75% cases resulted in acquittal/ withdrawal or compounding of cases et tu a pu and 89.3% were still pending by the end of 2016. Instead of being misused, the Act is weakly implemented and t stay

  11. a hca. tct cSek nan uora es ero olle u ehd t tuene rlattf esf enn keab A-hcun ccpe aafp tpN esos sa tt-s i o e a n o si o esap k eh .tb en -| pu Sd.J avaa cinae .1 ao e o it a t tt-1 SSO c tf_n tidhl ntu o bnc c ri dle as i ,hc oaou sneast ti-en anee ireg c i t d hr .1 t al- chht nna oac ennoa

  12. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 7 Nation News: GSAT-6A still eludes ISRO ISRO is still trying to re-establish contact with the delinked communication satellite . GSAT-6A y hav A team is set up to look into the latest anomaly and how to address it in future missions. reve he H GSAT-6A was sent to space on March 29 on ISRO's GSLV rocket. However it stopped sending signals soon after the second routine orbit raising exercise was performed on March 31 hink h causeb ferent , It had then reached an orbit of around 36,000 km x 20,000 km and would be circling Earth every 18-20 hours. a pu If the satellite is not recovered, it will continue to go around Earth idly until it loses r and t stay height and will come down one dav leksa is ch

  13. want teo he starting Cyber Security at thh While having the Information & Technology Act in place for regulating conduct on the Internet, several other Acts and cyber laws include the whole set of legislation that can be applied to determine conduct on the Internet. Information Technology_Act, 2000: provide legal recognitions to e-commerce and e- governance, and facilitate its development for the filing of government agencies' documents, as an alternative to paper based traditional methods. National Cyber security Policy, 2013: - 24x7 National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC). -Protects personal information, sovereign data, financial/banking information, etc. e ar k h ent Provides technological solutions and builds secure and resilient cyber space. Generates trust in IT transactions and creates a secure cyber ecosystem. Fiscal Benefits for businessman who accepts standard IT practices, etc. ou - stay The government has conducted several awareness and training programmes on cyber crimes for law enforcement agencies. that P

  14. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th . Revenue Secretary said: - People will take some time to adjust but over a period the authorities will start checking the trucks Without e-way bill, there are chances of tax evasion and honest taxpayers feel theyi are at a disadvantage compared to those people who are evading the taxes. 98% of the target had been met for GST collection. Rs. 89,264 crore revenue had come in from GST for the month of February, taking the total GST collection for the full fiscal to Rs. 7,17,638 crore Besides, the Centre had sanctioned GST refunds to exporters to the tune of Rs 17,616 crore. het y hav reve laye hink h ferent et t Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan urged for inclusion of fuel products in the GST a pu framework. In the context of rising oil prices, he did not mention any possible oveo delink prices in India from international oil prices, nor did he say the Centre would consider cutting excise duties on fuel. rk and t stay arded

  15. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Upgrades outnumbered downgrades in the good loan-book on the back of better financial indicators due to lower capital expenditure (capex) and record equity ssuances 3 reve he g laye hink h causeb et t a pu r and It stay. leksa ch

  16. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 13 Business News: Bond loss: RBI eases provisioning norms RBI has decided to ease the provisioning norms for bond losses for third and fourth It has now allowed banks to spread bond losses, incurred in these two quarters, over It has been decided to allow banks the option to spread provisioning for mark-to-market quarters of 2017-18. y hav pho he gfour quarters. reve laye (MTM) losses on investments held in AFS (available-for-sale) and HFT (held-for- The provisioning for each of these quarters may be spread equally over up to four the move aimed at addressing the systemic impact of sharp increase in the bond yields. trading) for the quarters ended December 31, 2017 and March 31, 2018. hink h causeb ferent quarters, commencing with the quarter in which the loss is incurred," the RBI said ofapu, rk and t stay leksa is ch that

  17. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 but th Page 13 Business News: Bond loss: RBI eases provisioning norms (contd. The RBI, has set certain terms. Banks that use the option must make suitable disclosures in their notes to y hav haccounts/quarterly results providing details of the provisions for depreciation of the he investment portfolio for the quarters ended December 2017 and March 2018 made pho reve during the quarter/year and the balance required to be made in the remaining quarters laye There won't be much impact for the banks for the fourth quarter due to the relaxation as bond yields had softened during the end of the quarter. Banks, if they choose, can reverse half of the provision made in third quarter as they can now spread it over four quarters. hink h causeb ferent a pu OLIse rk and t stay leksa ch

  18. want to be startin anses hoiag 2 it th Page 18 Life News: 'Changing climate puts India at risk' Researchers examined how climate change could affect the vulnerability of different countries to food insecurity, when people lack access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. p The study, looked at 122 developing and least-developed countries, mostly in Asia, Africa and The countries at the greatest vulnerability to food insecurity caused by a temperature spike of * Climate change is expected to lead to more extremes of both heavy rainfall and drought, he 2 Celsius global are Oman, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. k h with different effects in different parts of the world. Warming is expected to lead to wetter conditions, with floods putting food pr ent Wetter conditions are expected to have the biggest impact in south and east Asia, with the un most extreme projections suggesting the flow of the river Ganga could more than double at 2 Celsius global warming. and stay Some areas are projected to see an increase in flood event lengths of 4 days or more, particularly India & Bangladesh. arded that