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Japanese Industrialization - Part 1
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This lesson discusses the beginning of Japanese industrial revolution.

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  2. Japanese Industrialisation Beginnings: After 1854, the Tokugawa shogunate (the last feudal Japanese military government) first opened the country to Western commerce and influence. When the Meiji government was founded in 1868, Japanese Westernization and Industrialization began completely. UPSC 2013 Question: "Latecomer Industrial Revolution in Japan involved certain factors that were markedly different from what the West had experienced." Analyse.

  3. Tokugawa Shogunate Era The Final Decades of the Tokugawa Shogunate: First half of the nineteenth century, Centralised bureaucracy .Semi-feudal set up Financial problems the because taxation was based on agriculture, while the economy was becoming more commercialized .Japanese intellectual and cultural life continued to expand under the Tokugawa.

  4. -Neo-Confucianism, Shintoism, secularism and education, especially Western scientific progress were important intellectual trends I he Japanes e economy: -internal commerce expanded manufacturing spread into the countryside. -By the 1850s, economic growth was slowing as technological limitations hindered agricultural growth and population increased Rural riots reflected peasant distress and helped to weaken the shogunate

  5. The Challenge to lsolation -In 1853, an American naval squadron commanded by Matthew Perry forced the opening of Japan to the West. They won the right to station a consul and open ports for commerce. European nations quickly secured equal rights. The shogunate had depended on the policy of isolation and proved unable to withstand the stresses caused by foreign intervention.

  6. -Internal disorder ended in 1868 with the defeat of the shogunate and the proclamation of rule by Emperor Mutsuhito, called Meiji.

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