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(GS2) India and OIC (in Hindi)
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In this course, we will discuss daily editorials for a structured preparation for Mains 2019.

Yasmin Gill
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  1. India and OIC By Yasmin Gill

  2. Know your educator Yasmin Gill BE (EEE) from UIET, PU in 2014 Qualified for UPSC Mains State Rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015 Follow me on Unacademy

  3. Referral Code for Plus- 'yashi.gillo1' QUESTION OF THE DAY- Q- OIC's invite to India is a diplomatic opening towards a non-ideological and interest-based relationship that suits both India and Middle East. Discuss

  4. The increasingly productive nature of this engagement is also rooted in the shared interest between India and the Arab conservatives in blunting the edge of religious extrernism and terrorism In the past, the conservative Arab monarchies were happy to tum a blind eye to the dangers of encouraging political Islam and condoning Pakistan's s support for terror and religious extremism in South Asia Today, no govemments are more threatened than the Arab monarchies like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Sharing that threat with them are traditional republics like Egypt Equally important Growing economic and energy interdependence with India, world's third-largest economy and one of the biggest hydrocarbon importers and labour exporters

  5. As the region's geopolitics enters a turbulent period, the potential for India as a military partner is also coming into view But one swallow does not a summer make The invitation from the UAE is a specific one to address the OIC foreign ministers conclave that it is hosting India's observer status at the OIC does not appear to be round the comer Therefore, must be viewed as a diplomatic opening for a sustained and long-term political engagement of the Islamic world as a collective Like NAM again, the OIC is a toothless tiger when it comes to dealing wth squabbles among member states.

  6. As France, Russia and Germany tried this out, Calcutta and Delhi were orn permanent guard against the potential threat from outsiders meddling in the Subcontinent's Muslim question Even after Partition and Independence, Pakistan claimed the right to speak for Indian Muslims The invitation to India marks the emerging possibilities for India to break out this unfortunate legacy A non-ideological and interest-based relationship suits both India and the conservative Islamic states in the Middle East But here is a paradox: In embracing OIC, an overtly religion-basecd organisation Delhi reduces the prominence of faith in India's strategy towards the Islamic world

  7. HER COURSES BY ME Summary of Yojana for UPSC Mains 2019 -Ancient History Crash Course -Summary of History NCERTs titled- "Our Pasts-I, D, DK' -summary of History NCERT's titled- "Themes in Indian History-I, mr

  8. Gratitude is the best attitude RATE, REVIEWAND RECOMMEND

  9. IfThird Worldism in the case of NAM and pan-Arabism in the case of the League did not bind them into a cohesive force, Islamic identity was never going to be too strong a glue for the OIC Like the NAM and the Arab League, OIC has always struggled to overcome the multiple political contradictions within it While the OIC raises concems about Muslim minorities in non-member states, it could never take up the problems that Shia or Sunni minorities face in countries across the Middle East Why then has Delhi been so jumpy about Pakistan's long-standing play at the OIC? As Britain consolidated its teritorial control over the Subcontinent, London's European rivals were repeatedly tempted by the idea of fomenting revolt the dispossessed Muslim rulers and masses against the East India Company and later the Raj