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(GS2) Ayushman Bharat
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In this course, we will discuss daily editorials for a structured preparation for Mains 2019.

Yasmin Gill
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  3. AYU SHMAN BHARAT-IE Concerns- promotes secondary and tertiary care at the cost of primary care Amartaya Sen's recent comments on the scheme Other reports suggest that the scheme, at best, targets a narrow set of healthcare issues and, at worst, benefits only a few rich individuals Seen to be a giant leap in the wrong direction Two, primary healthcare has been historically neglected and the resources spent on Ayushman Bharat can instead be spent on strengthening primary healthcare

  4. major portion of the health budget is spent on primary care and secondary care, almost entirely focused on public sector supply of the healthcare services. There is no trade-off between primary care and curative care; the policy challenge is to strengthen both Ayushman Bharat does exactly that with its two legs In the medium-term, we need to expand the public resources 2017 Health Policy - 2.5 per cent of the GDP We have also seen an increased allocation for the sector If this trend continues, we should be able to provide much nee ded tertiary care for the poor without compromising the suppor t for primary healthcare.

  5. There seems to be a perception that all health needs relate only to primary care and there is no need to expand support for tertiary care There is also a perception that AB is taking away resources from primary care and benefiting big private hospitals -A careful analysis shows that both these perceptions are wrong. Even if we do our best to promote good health, there will still be a critical need for tertiary care and secondary care First, even with the best prevention programmes, we will still have a significant prevalence of non-communicable diseases The countries with the best preventive systems have strong provisions for secondary and tertiary care Moreover, with the aging of population due to increase in life-e xpectancy, diseases related to old age will increase Third, a strong primary healthcare system requires an equally strong secondary and tertiary healthcare system Screening for cancers, for example, has limited utility if there is no system to treat the disease

  6. The scheme's design ensures that private sector hospitals do not unduly receive a large proportion of financial resources The payment for services is based on fixed package rate for each procedure, which is largely based on the marginal cost The scheme also has strong features for preventing, mitigating and deterring fraud and abuse If the momentum continues, it will dramatically change the face of the country's health sector and will be a giant leap towards Universal Health Coverage

  7. Gratitude is the best attitude RATE, REVIEW AND RECOMMEND

  8. 00e0000 Is AB a neglect of primary health care? By- Yasmin Gill