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(GS2) (GS3) Issues in aviation sector and NIA
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In this course, we will discuss daily editorials for a structured preparation for Mains 2019.

Yasmin Gill
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  1. Issues in aviation Issues in NIA working By - Yasmin Gill

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  4. ISSUES IN AVIATION SECTOR IE India has been the fastest growing aviation market over the last four years Along with telecom, aviation sector has symbolised the success es of liberalisation visible impact in terms of the entry of a number of players and opening up of access to flying, pan-India telecom coverage Recent turbulence in the domestic airline industry manifest int he troubles of the full service carrier, Jet Airways, which has bee n forced to ground several of its aircraft due to its inability to p ay rentals, and a shortage of pilots in the case of market leader, Indigo threatens to derail that growth unlike the telecom sector, where there has been a consolidation with the merger of Idea with Vodafone, it is disturbing to see the near collapse of a brand like Jet This is especially so when fuel prices on an average have been relatively low in an industry where, even globally, many big carri have struggled to remain successful consistently.

  5. t can be argued that, more than the policy environment, the airline has been weighed down by management issues and the seeming reluctance of its promoter to exit in order to enable either its partner, Etihad, or a potential investor to gain control based on a resolution plan finalised by the SBI-led lenders It is easy to push a listed airline company such as Jet on to the bankruptcy route but clearly, a different set of rules applies to this and the telecom sector For the national carrier, Air India, government has provided inte rim support, a sovereign guarantee and loaned funds from the National Small Savings Fund, helping it to keep flying Now, what the government should do is to further open up the sector, considering the huge potential boost to infrastructure an d the impact on tourism and the services sector, and its promise as an employment multiplier.

  6. t a time when the biggest challenge is creating jobs, it is bad optics, to let another firm go under in this manner It is worth reminding that India's most competitive sectors are the ones which have delivered the most to customers and helpe d fuel growth.

  7. ISSUES IN WORKING OF NIA IE All four persons accused in Samjhauta Express blast case were acquitted by a trial court last week The court said NIA had failed to prove the conspiracy charges and gave the benefit of doubt to the accused The failure of the prosecution to secure convictions in a terror case shows the agency, set up primarily to probe acts of terroris m, in poor light .But the acquittals in the Samjhauta Express case are not excepti onal There seems to be a pattern in these terror cases, where the pr osecution has been found wanting in securing convictions

  8. There appears to be a marked difference in the approach of the NIA to some cases The prosecution has seemed lenient towards bail pleas filed by the charge sheeted and unperturbed about its failure to secure convictions The government must desist from politicising these cases and ensure that the law takes its course NIA and the prosecution cannot let these cases fall apart at the trial stage, for that only weakens India's battle against terrorism Moreover, it's not just the credibility of the NIA that is at stake, but the government's resolve to ensurejustice - independent o f the religion of the victims or the ideology of the accused.

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