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(GS2) (GS3) India & GSP | Death Penalty
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In this course, we will discuss daily editorials for a structured preparation for Mains 2019.

Yasmin Gill
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  1. India and GSP .Use of technology .Death Penalty By Yasmin Gill

  2. Know your educator Yasmin Gill BE (EEE) from UIET, PU in 2014 Qualified for UPSC Mains State Rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015 Follow me on Unacademy

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  4. Discount Code for Plus- 'yashi.gill01' QUESTION OF THE DAY Q-India's turn towards protectionism may have gone relatively unremarked in the rest of the world so far, but there was always going to be damaging blowback. Discuss

  5. India and GSP CONTEXT- US Trade Representative's Office announced that it plans to terminate India's and Turkey's designations as beneficiary developing countries under Generalised System of Preferences Products from India- Engineering, textiles, gems and jewellery sectors Because of India's failure to provide US with assurances that it will provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets in several sectors Latest move is in line with the trade policy that is being pursued by Trump administration It features an aggressive enforcement of its trade laws with an eye on boosting the country's economy, which could lead to the creation of more jobs and higher wages to workers there Same aggression is on display in trade talks with countries ranging from China and Japan, to the UK and EU

  6. -But it is the timing of the move It comes at a time when US is involved in de-escalating the conflict between India and Pakistarn Also, concems flagged off on the new e-commerce rules which could impact global retail heavyweights such as Amazon and Walmart Importantly, it is a growing sign that multilateralism may be dead and that given the disenchantments relating to globalisation and a slowdown in many countries, there will increasingly be pressures to erect barriers to markets in the West.

  7. Way forward That should not mean that India should keep its doors closed It is amply evident that after India opened up in 1991, there have been significant gains thanks to global trade, especialy in services, and which fuel led double digit growth in exports during the high growth ,leading to creation of more jobs too Bi-lateral negotiations may show the way forward Meanwhile, it is best to keep the focus on creating the enabling conditions , including infrastructure and cheaper credit, for exports

  8. Towards dignity CONTEXT- Introduction of a fleet of 200 machine-equipped trucks in Delhi to end manual scavenging It is unlikely to bring scourge of manual scavenging in Delhi to an immediate end -But this shows the deployment of technology to curb this dehumanising practice The sewer-cleaning machines designed to meet the demands of the small lanes in the capital's slums and urban villages .Each unit has a tank to spray water and a sludge compartment to collect the silt cleaned up by the machinethis sludge was usually left along the sewer during manual cleaning The machines will be given to manual scavengers, who will be trained to operate them

  9. But like most parts of the country, Delhi lacks an accurate count of the people engaged in manual scavenging Delhi govemment has acknowledged that its enumeration does not depict the extent of the problem in the capital Other states, however, have not been that sensitive or the pmetl ina -For example, during a survey last year by the Centre, the govemments of Haryana, Bihar and Telangana did not report even a single manual scavenger -But ground reality differed

  10. Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013, allows the use of manual labour to clean sewage if the employer provides safety gear But, in practice, this provision is more flouted than followed According to social justice ministry's records, one person dies every five days while cleaning sewers I corporations and local bodies very often outsource the sewer cleaning tasks to private contractors, who do not maintain proper rolls of workers These contractors have often denied any association with the deceased In above context, Delhi govemment's move to use machines is a first step towards according dignity and respect to sewer workers It should be emulated in other parts of the country However, technology's emancipatory powers will be realised at their fullest only when the states stop living in denial about manual scavenging.

  11. Capital punishment is retributive justice and its effectiveness in curbing crime is contested At least one sitting Supreme Court judge has in the past called for a review of its continuance in the law books "The judgment in the Nashik case should serve as a wake-up call

  12. HER COURSES BY ME Summary of Yojana for UPSC Mains 2019 -Ancient History Crash Course -Summary of History NCERTs titled- "Our Pasts-I, D, DK' -summary of History NCERT's titled- "Themes in Indian History-I, mr