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27 February, 2019 The Hindu daily editorial discussion
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Ashish Singh
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  1. The Hindu Daily Editorial Discussion 27/2/19 By - Ashish Singh

  2. plus Teaching live on Unacademy Plus Unlimited access to all plus courses . Structured live courses . Learn from experienced educators Learn more Yunacademy Environment And NEWS Ecoloagy By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh (Hindi) 100 MCQ's on Environment and Hindi) February, 2019 The Hindu Daily February 2019: The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims Based.. Ecology Editorial and Prelims 9 Lessons 60 Lessons 59 Lessons

  3. Page 10 Page 11 .The new order in West Asia .How Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey are competing for 'Congress in U.P. seems to be charged up after Priyanka's entry' The former Chief Minister of Delhi on alliance formation and the AAP government in Delhi influence Smart farming in a warm world Investment and policy reform are needed on priority to help farmers cope with climate change Decolonising Chagos .Britain must honour the ICJ opinion on returning the islands to Mauritius Illuminating Asia's future Seoul embraces relations with New Delhi solely based on India's inherent appeal and worth . Pushing boundaries . The air strikes have delivered a clear, robust message; the follow-up must be restrained

  4. Pushing boundaries THE STRIKE GS PAPER 3 Security challenges and their management PAKISTAN Balakot rinagar abo NDIA WA ACIHINDE The alr base: Ambala The alrcraft: Mirage 2000s (made by Frances Dassault Aviation), supported by lyushin mid-air refuelling aircraft The time: Around 3.30am BALAXOT The payload: 1,000kg of bombs The casualtles: A large number of JeM terrorists trainers, senior commanders, jihadis who were being trained for 300 killed, according to Indian estimates MIRAGE-2000

  5. TURNING POINT TALKING PEACE NEW TACTIC 2016: JeM attacks Pathankot responds with surgical strike in KARGIL AND AFTER 2014: Pakistan releases 151 Indian fishermen ahead of Modis airbase, army camp in Uri; India swearing-in ceremony 1999: India and Pakistan fight a limited war in Kashmirs Kargil 2001: India mobilizes troops on the border with Pakistan after an attack on Parliament Modi, former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif hold talks in New Delhi 2018: JeM attacks Sunjwan army camp 2016: Indian Army strikes terrorist training launch pads in Pok 2015: Modi pays surprise visit 2019: leM's suicide attack in to Pakistan, meets and attends his granddaughters Siharif andBOaskil CRok2019: LA striles a ehd terorist India responds, destroys JeM training camp in Balakot training camp in Balakot

  6. . The Indian Air Force's strike on a Jaish-e-Mohammad terror training camp in Pakistan's Balakot delivers a robust but calibrated message. . The latter is manifest in New Delhi's diplomatic utterances. While the strikes followed the Pulwama attack by a couple of weeks, Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale referred to the action as a "non-military pre-emptive strike". The phrase indicates the action was based on an assessment of an imminent threat, and had ensured that Pakistan's military personnel and infrastructure were not targeted, and civilian casualties were actively avoided.

  7. In effect, New Delhi's line is that the operation was an intelligence- driven counter-terror strike rather than escalatory military aggression. The government said all other options had been exhausted in making Islamabad keep its commitments since 2004 on curbing the activities of groups like the JeM. .There is no denying that the decision to send Mirage jets across the Line of Control (LoC) to fire missiles 70 km inside Pakistan represents a major shift. During the Kargil war in 1999, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had drawn a red line over the IAF crossing the LoC, to avoid international recrimination. This strike was carried out in Pakistani territory, not in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, the theatre for retaliatory action in the past

  8. . The Modi government would do well to continue the restrained approach it has adopted after the latest operation, and avoid the triumphalism that clouded the 'surgical strikes' of September 2016. With a response to Pulwama duly executed, it must reach out to residents of J&K who have borne the brunt of the jingoism unleashed after Pulwama In the long term, building strong counter-terror defences, partnering with its own citizens to gather intelligence, and creating deterrents will be key.

  9. Behind terror lines h Time and place of the attack Mirage fighter jets struck a Jaish-e Mohammad target inside Pakistan on Tuesday. The strike was carried out near Balakot town, some 60 km from the Line of Control, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Details of the attack: Map marks Balakot where the Mirage-2000s struck around 3.40 a.m. on Tuesday. The entire mission lasted 1.5-2 hours Balakot was reportedly the largest JeM training facility which housed Line ofabout 150 recruits Control A file picture of the JeM facility that was destroyed by Indian Air Force strikes in Balakot. ANI After the Pulwama attack, several launch pads along the LoC were moved back and cadre moved to Balakot. Intel- Muzaffarabad TIMELINE 12 Mirage-2000s took off from the early warning aircraft were deployed to monitor the Abbottabad Srinagarligence assessments put present there AFs Gwalior airbas - An Il-78 mid-air refuelling . An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was in the air for m at 300 took off from Agra Internatiogal onitoring Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokha- official response from the Indian government on the nd assessment and number of terrorists killed le said that the jets pounded a terror camp in Balakot, which had 5-6 barracks and indigenous Netra Aircraft and ammunition used Mirage-2000s The fighter jets which carried out the attack They were armed with SPICE 2000 and Crystal Maze-Mk2, also called AGM-142 Popeye, precision guided munitions from Israel With standoff ranges of 60-100 km, the fighters could fire munitions from a considerable distance

  10. Smart farming in a warm world GS PAPER 3 Agriculture Major crops cropping patterns in various parts of the country & Enviornment ATIA JHANSI HAMIRPUR BANDA TIKAMGARH CHHATTARPUR Uttar Pradesh PANNA Madhya Prades SAGAR DAMOH

  11. India is fortunate to have the monsoon, but it is also uniquely vulnerable to rising temperatures, with the country ranked 14th on the Global Climate Risk Index 2019. . The country has over 120 million hectares suffering from some form of degradation. This has consequences, especially for marginal farmers. According to one estimate, they may face a 24-58% decline in household income and 12-33% rise in household poverty through exacerbated droughts. with rain-fed agriculture practised in over 67% of our total crop area, weather variability can lead to heavy costs, especially for coarse grains (which are mostly grown in rain-fed areas).

  12. There are simple solutions to mitigate this. Promotion of conservation farming and dryland agriculture, with each village provided with timely rainfall forecasts, along with weather- based forewarnings regarding crop pests and epidemics in various seasons, is necessary. Our agricultural research programmes need to refocus on dryland research, with adoption of drought-tolerant breeds that could reduce production risks by up to 50%. A mandate to change planting dates, particularly for wheat, should be considered, which could reduce climate change induced damage by 60- 75%, by one estimate.

  13. The Indian Forest Service would also benefit from restructuring, in order to make it equivalent to the police and the army, albeit in the environmental domain. State-of-the-art training to its personnel must be provided, and specialisation should be encouraged in wildlife, tourism and protection for new recruits. Deputations from other services will no longer do; this needs to remain a specialised service Wildlife heritage towns should be given more attention cities like Sawai Madhopur, Bharatpur, Chikmagalur and Jabalpur, which are adjacent to national parks and sanctuaries, need to be converted into green smart cities with upgraded waste recycling processes.

  14. The new order in West Asia PENINSULA Lebanon Palestine Jordan Syria ra Iran EST ASIA MID-WEST ASIA Kuwait Bahrain Qatar AE Saudi Arabia ARABIAN PEN Oman Yemen


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