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16 February, 2019 DNA based prelims booster news discussion
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Ashish Singh
IB ACIO II- 2017(Mains Qualified), Verified Exam cleared- SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016 - Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains)

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  1. DNA Based Prelims Booster News Discussior for PT - 2019 By - Ashish Singh

  2. Ashish Singh VERIFIED Edit Profile IB ACIO II-2017(Mains Qualified), UPSC aspirant Exam cleared-SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016-Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains) 19,313 Views in last 30 days 289,361 Lifetime Views 62 Courses 9.9k Followers 28 Following NEWS Indian Polity By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh February 2019: The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims Based.. (Hindi) February, 2019 The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims... (Hindi) Understanding Entire Polity Through MCQS 39 Lessons 38 Lessons 5 Lessons

  3. LADIS Least Available Depth Information System Context: Moving a step ahead towards ensuring optimum use of National Waterways, the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has launched a new portal LADIS - Least Available Depth Information System

  4. LADIS and its significance: Initially LAD information will be available for NW-1, NW-2, Indo- Bangladesh Protocol route and NW-3, along with the date of survey. The facility will be expanded to other NWs also. LADIS will ensure that real-time data on least available depths is disseminated for ship/barge and cargo owners so that they can undertake transportation on NWs in a more planned way. Details of LAD will be fed into the portal by respective surveyors and regional incharge deputed with IWAI survey vessels which constantly move on NWs. .

  5. Significance: IWAl has designed LADIS to facilitate the day to day operations of inland vessels plying on National Waterways and to avoid any hindrance in service and operation. An assured depth of waterway is required for seamless movement of vessels. If real time information is made available regarding LADs in stretches of various NWs, . it will help transporters by guiding them on the suitability of time of movement. It will enhance credibility and efficiency of information sharing to achieve seamless operations on National Waterways, besides pre-empting problems that may occur during movement of vessels

  6. Half of India's waste-to-energy plants defunct Nearly half of India's waste-to-energy (WTE) plants, meant to convert non- biodegradable waste, are defunct. . .Unsegregated rubbish makes plants .Since 1987, 15 WTE plants have beern . However, seven of these plants have . The key reasons for closure are the inefficient set up across the country. shut down. plants' inability to handle mixed solid waste and the high cost of electricity generated by them that renders it unattractive to power companies.

  7. Do you know? NITI Aayog, as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission, envisages 800 megawatt from WTE plants by 2018-19, * which is 10 times the capacity of all the existing WTE plants put together.

  8. Tussle for power: Delhi versus Centre Supreme Court verdict said the Centre has Tussle for power . in Delhi. In other words, the elected government does not have the right to transfer officersispowr was g ohehoard sion The six contentious issues before the Supreme Court on the division of powers between the Delhi government and the Centre, represented by the Lieutenant Governor: The three areas over which the Delhi government will enjoy powers: Appointment of Special Powers given to the Centre: Power to appoint or deal with electricity Delhi Anti-Corruption Branch cannot probe Central government . Public Prosecutors or law was given to the board: Earlier, the Delhi government claimed control over the ACB but Delhi government by the High Court in 2016. Before the then L-G Najeeb the LGexercised authority over that, both governments used to make the appointments, but the standing counsel for the AAP government stated that each time the Delhi ber 2016, The court also ruled that the anti Jung rejected the Delhi government's it. Delhi's counsel said that till 2014, this power was with the Delhi government until the NDA government brought a notification in 2014 to take away this right. Delhi challenged this notification in the High Court but it was decided in favour of the Centre of the Union government, Krishna Saini as chairperson of the Delhi Electricity Regulatory government was forced to assert its right . while other aspects like appointing special Fixing land revenue rate Commission as it Earlier, this power was with Was done without Centre has the power to appoint Enquiry Commission public prosecutors, making electricity reforms and revision rates for agricultural land would lie in the hands of the Delhi government. his approval Besides, the appointment of Delhi government the L-G. In 2015, the then L-G Najeeb Jung stayed the Delhi governments notification on revised circle rates of agricultural land. The HC, in its 2016 verdict, had handed this power This power was vested with the Centre even before the verdict 0re sc directors on the boards of three power discoms Issue referred by the SC to a larger bench challenged by the Dethi were termed illegal Control over service government in as they didn't have transfers and posting to the Centre. This was by the HC in 2016 matters involving the SC the LG's approval of officers

  9. Do you know? .At the core of the tussle between the Union and Delhi governments is Article 239 AA of the Constitution, which gives Delhi the special character of a Union Territory with a Legislative Assembly that has a lieutenant governor as its administrative head Last year, a five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Dipak Misra stated that the lieutenant governor's powers in the National Capital were only limited to 1. land, 2. police 3. and public order.

  10. Do you know? Pay Day Government tries to push labour-friendly laws ahead of elections While the Minimum Wages Act was it stipulates different wages according to . there is no national minimum wage . had proposed a national minimum wage .State governments must be consulted enacted in 1948, occupation and State The Code on Wages Bill, 2017, and tive regional minimum wages. before any national minimum wage is set ON THE AGENDA Codes on safety, social security and minimum wages Code on wages will ensure mandatory minimum wages to all Social security code to give medical, maternity, disability benefits and pension to all Code on occupational safety to ensure all get to work in safe environment BENEFICIARIES WORKERS IN 500 THE COUNTRY by the Centre Organised, unorganised and farm workers- all to benefit Domestic helps will benefit from these legislations Codes will ensure greater ease of doing business

  11. Pahari Dam Modernization Project Context: Pahari Dam modernization project was recently inaugurated by the PM. About the project: Pahari Dam is a water storage dam situated on Dhasan River in Jhansi district. The Dhasan River is a right bank tributary of the Betwa River. The river originates in Madhya Pradesh. . Konch Orai . Oohand Rath Significance: The project will benefit farmers by reducing the water leakage from the dam and make more water available for the farmers. CharkhaniKab KupaharMahoba Mauranjpur eron Khalsa atara Pale

  12. India signs defence pacts with Germany and Sweden .India concluded defence cooperation and security protection agreements with Germany and Sweden. The agreement will enable both the countries to share classified information with each other. .India and Sweden have had a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the area of defence since 2009. Both Germany and Sweden are important suppliers of defence equipment to India and their companies are currently in the race for multi-billion tenders to supply submarines and fighter aircraft. .