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18 February, 2019 DNA based prelims booster news discussion
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Ashish Singh
IB ACIO II- 2017(Mains Qualified), Verified Exam cleared- SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016 - Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains)

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  1. DNA Based Prelims Booster News Discussior for PT - 2019 By - Ashish Singh

  2. Ashish Singh VERIFIED Edit Profile IB ACIO II-2017(Mains Qualified), UPSC aspirant Exam cleared-SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016-Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains) 19,313 Views in last 30 days 289,361 Lifetime Views 62 Courses 9.9k Followers 28 Following NEWS Indian Polity By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh February 2019: The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims Based.. (Hindi) February, 2019 The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims... (Hindi) Understanding Entire Polity Through MCQS 39 Lessons 38 Lessons 5 Lessons

  3. Aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack India officially cancelled the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status of Pakistan and warned of more measures in response to its support for terrorist groups targeting India India hiked import duty on Pakistani goods to 200 per cent (India used to import fresh fruits, cement, petroleum products and mineral ore among others) Slapping an import duty of 200 per cent effectively means almost banning the imports from Pakistan. .

  4. Do you know? India granted the MFN status to Pakistan way back in 1996, but the neighbouring country had not reciprocated. Under the MFN pact, a WTO member country is obliged to treat the other trading nation in a non-discriminatory manner, especially with regard to customs duty and other levies. India imported goods worth $488.5 million in 2017-18 and exported goods worth $1.92 billion. India mainly exports raw cotton, cotton yarn, chemicals, plastics, manmade yarn and dyes to Pakistan. Despite Pulwama attack, no change in China's stance on Masood Azhar. Chinese foreign ministry made it clear that it would not support India's efforts to persuade the 1267 Committee of the UN Security Council to list Azhar as a global terrorist. .

  5. Antibiotic resistance genes in High Arctic region We had read that a new study had found traces of antibiotic resistance genes in the High Arctic region, including the 'superbug' or the New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 protein (coded by blaNDM-1 gene), which was first detected in urban India in 2008. Researchers who took soil samples in 2013 from the Kongsfjorden region of Svalbard a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean . . found "comparatively localised" levels of blaNDM 1, which poses no health threat. However, they say the "detection reinforces how rapidly AR (antibiotic resistance) can globalise", the study states. (Indication of the globalisation of antimicrobial resistance) .

  6. Organic-defined soils300 km to (Allochthonous ARGs) Svalbard North Pole SL3 L4 BR4 Ny-Alesund BR3 BZ BZ4 GS3 Lithology-defined soils (Autochthonous ARGs) 1km RH1

  7. EXERCISE VAYU SHAKTI-2019 Context: EXERCISE VAYU SHAKTI- 2019 was held recently in Rajasthan. VAYV19 . SHAKTI Witness the might & fire power of IAF on i6 Febzo1g .Vayu Shakti is held by Indian Airforce. It demonstrates the IAF's ability to strike targets on the ground such as - enemy convoys and . tanks radar stations, railway yards and military headquarters. . .

  8. Blackbuck The blackbuck (Antelope cervicapra) is an antelope indigenous to the India plains. Also found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The Females are generally hornless. lt is considered to be the fastest animal next to Cheetah. It is of Least Concern according to the IUCN red list.

  9. Do you know? The blackbuck, also known as the Indian antelope, is an antelope found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. . The blackbuck is the sole extant member of the genus Antilope. The species was described and given its binomial name by Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus in 1758. Two subspecies are recognized.

  10. International Court of Justice .The International Court of Justice (abbreviatedICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations (UN) It settles legal disputes between member states and gives advisory opinions to authorized UN organs and specialized agencies. . the

  11. What are the qualifications of ICJ judges? . A judge should have a high moral character. . A judge should fit to the qualifications of appointment of highest judicial officers as prescribed by their respective states or. * A judge should be a juriconsult of recognized competence in international law.

  12. Independence of the Judges .Once elected, a Member of the Court is a delegate neither of the government of his own country nor of that of any other State. Unlike most other organs of international organizations, the Court is not composed of representatives of governments. Members of the Court are independent judges whose first task, before taking up their duties, is to make a solemn declaration in open court that they will exercise their powers impartially and conscientiously. In order to guarantee his or her independence, . . no Member of the Court can be dismissed unless, in the unanimous opinion of the other Members, he/she no longer fulfils the required conditions. This has in fact never happened. .

  13. About the conflict in the Sea of Azov Belarus Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of- violating international maritime law Cp Voronezh Stary Poland Lutse Plonieu Rivne . They refer to the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which both states joined in the 1990s. Ukraine LNR Kryvyi Rin .Ukraine insists on freedom of movementRamania Maply Russia in the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov in accordance with this agreement, while the Russian side is trying to draw territorial borders. Sea of Azov .The countries also have a bilateral agreement on the free use of the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov, an accord that Russia has never called into question.

  14. Why the Kerch Strait is important? Tanais The Kerch Strait is the only connection between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, Ukraine Russia essa and the only way to reach two important eodosi eso Ukrainian ports, Mariupol and Berdiansk Russia has controlled the strait since annexing Crimea in 2014, which has made traffic significantly more difficult for Ukrainian ships. Sevastopol Yalta Sea Va Bulgaria ISTANB Strait Turkey

  15. About Sea of Azov It is a sea in Eastern Europe To the south it is linked by the narrovw Sea RUSSIA CRIMEA Strait (about 4 km or 2.5 mi) Strait of Kerch to the A ROMANIA Black Sea, extension of the Black Sea. west by Ukraine, The Don and Kuban are the major rivers that and it is sometimes regarded as a northern BULCARA GEORGIA Black Sea .The sea is bounded in the north and in the in the east by Russia. . flow into it. The Sea of Azov is the shallowest sea in the world, with the depth varying between 0.9 and 14 metres. .

  16. The 15 judges of the Court are distributed as per the regions: . Three from Africa. Two from Latin America and Caribbean. . Three from Asia Five from Western Europe and other states. .Two from Eastern Europe.