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19 February, 2019 DNA based prelims booster news discussion
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Ashish Singh
IB ACIO II- 2017(Mains Qualified), Verified Exam cleared- SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016 - Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains)

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Sir why going from C to T is no relation
Siddhant Jain
a year ago
Yaar T se C some not h toh C se T no relation hoga.. Sab Kuch toh Achhe se explain h Vaha mam
  1. DNA Based Prelims Booster News Discussior for PT - 2019 By - Ashish Singh

  2. Ashish Singh VERIFIED Edit Profile IB ACIO II- 2017 (Mains Qualified), UPSC aspirant Exam cleared-SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016-Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains) 17494 Views in last 30 days N290,033 Lifetime Views 63 Courses 9.9k Followers 28 Following Envlonment And Ecology NEWS 0 f By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh By Ashish Singh (Hindi) 100 MCQ's on Environment and Ecology February 2019: The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims Based... Hindi) February, 2019 The Hindu Daily Editorial and Prelims... 5 Lessons 45 Lessons 44 Lessons

  3. Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme Context: For the overall empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangajan), a "Regional Conference on Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS)" is being organized by the Department of Empowerment of Persons witlh Disabilities (DEPwD), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India at Kolkata, West Bengal. Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme The stakeholders i.e. the NGOs receiving grant under DDRS, State Government Officers & District level officers will be participating.

  4. Objectives of the conference: 1. To disseminate the provisions of the revised scheme and to sensitize various stake holders about it. interactions amongst all stakeholders on the aspects of the efficacy of the scheme 2. To provide a unique opportunity for 3. lo ensure exchange of cross-sectoral views as well as the scope of improvements in it.

  5. About Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS): "Scheme to Promote Voluntary Action for Persons with Disabilities" was revised and renamed as the "Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS)" The umbrella Central Sector Scheme of this Ministry called the "Scheme to Promote Voluntary Action for Persons with Disabilities" was revised w.e.f. 01.04.2003 and was renamed as the Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme(DDRS)".

  6. The objectives of the scheme are: 1. To create an enabling environment to ensure equal opportunities, 2. equity, 3. social justice and 4. empowerment of persons with disabilities. 5. To encourage voluntary action for ensurin effective implementation of the People wit Disabilities (Equal Opportunities and Protection of Rights) Act of 199

  7. Approach and Strategy . The approach of this Scheme is to provide financial assistance to voluntary organizations to make available the whole range of services necessary for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities including early intervention, development of daily living skills, . education, skill-development oriented towards employability, training and awareness generation. With a view to inclusion of persons with disabilities in the mainstream of society and actualizing their potential, the thrust would be on eaucation and training programmes.

  8. Eco Circuit Context: 'Development of Eco Circuit: Pathanamthitta Gavi- Vagamon - Thekkady' under the Swadesh Darshan scheme of Ministry of Tourism was recently inaugurated Eco Circuit is one of the fifteen thematic circuits identified for development under Swadesh Darshan Scheme- Integrated development of theme- based tourist circuits in the country.

  9. Major works carried out under the project includes Eco Adventure Tourism Park at Vagamon, Cultural Centre at Kadamanitta, .Eco Log Huts at Peerumedu, ldukki, A Peek Into SWADESH DARSHAN and PRASAD Schemes Approach Roads, Walking trails, Rain Shelters at Pine Valley Forest, Thekkady, Kumily, Moozhiyar Dam, Penstock and Kakki Dam.

  10. About Swadesh Darshan Scheme: . The Tourism Ministry had launched Swadesh Darshan' scheme with . an objective to develop theme-based tourist circuits in the country. These tourist circuits will be developed on the principles of high tourist value, competitiveness . and sustainability in an integrated manner.

  11. Do you know? Lands irrigated through big dams and canal networks get a per hectare investment of 5lakh. Watershed management spending in rainfed lands is only 18,00025,000 . A new rainfed agriculture atlas was released recently The rainfed agriculture atlas not only maps the agro biodiversity and socio-economic conditions prevailing in such areas, but also attempts to document the policy biases that are making farming unviable for many in th se areas. .

  12. Do you know? .Scientists used data from an enormous earthquake in Bolivia to find mountains and other topography on a layer located 660 km straight down, which separates the upper and lower mantle. Lacking a formal name for this layer, the researchers simply call it "the 660-km boundary." Data from earthquakes that are magnitude 7.0 or higher send out shockwaves in all directions that can travel through the core to the other side of the planet and back again. . The presence of roughness on the 660-km boundary has significant implications for understanding how our planet formed and evolved

  13. Do you know? While the Minimum Wages Act was enacted in 1948, Donetsk Rostav- Ukraine aganros it stipulates different wages according River to occupation and State; Melitopol. . there is no national minimum wage Berdyansk EUROPE Yeyrk Russia The Code on Wages Bill, 2017, had proposed a national minimum wage and five regional minimum wages. State governments must be consulted before any national minimum wage is kraine set by the Centre Sea of Azov 45 m Lake Ozero Sivash 45 km EUROPE . Bay Kuban Kerchs Crimean Peninsula Taman Krasnodar Boy Russia

  14. About the conflict in the Sea of Azov Belarus Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of- violating international maritime law Cp Voronezh Stary Poland Lutse Plonieu Rivne . They refer to the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which both states joined in the 1990s. Ukraine LNR Kryvyi Rin .Ukraine insists on freedom of movementRamania Maply Russia in the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov in accordance with this agreement, while the Russian side is trying to draw territorial borders. Sea of Azov .The countries also have a bilateral agreement on the free use of the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov, an accord that Russia has never called into question.

  15. Why the Kerch Strait is important? Tanais The Kerch Strait is the only connection between the Black Sea Ukraine Russia and the Sea of Azov, and the only way to reach two important essa eodosi eso Ukrainian ports, Mariupol and Berdiansk Russia has controlled the strait since annexing Crimea in 2014, which has made traffic significantly more difficult for Ukrainian ships. Sevastopol Yalta Sea Va Bulgaria ISTANB Strait Turkey

  16. About Sea of Azov It is a sea in Eastern Europe To the south it is linked by the narrow Sea RUSSIA CRIMEA Strait (about 4 km or 2.5 mi) Strait of Kerch to the JA ROMANIA Black Sea, extension of the Black Sea. west by Ukraine, The Don and Kuban are the major rivers that and it is sometimes regarded as a northern BULCARA GEORGIA Black Sea .The sea is bounded in the north and in the in the east by Russia. . flow into it. The Sea of Azov is the shallowest sea in the world, with the depth varying between 0.9 and 14 metres. .

  17. 55th Munich Security Conference 55th Munich Security Conference brings together global leaders and security experts from across the world Representatives of several countries unequivocally condemned the attack and extended their condolences to the bereaved families, . There was widespread support for India's concerns over Pakistan- sponsored terrorism on Indian soil