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14th April 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination.

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Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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class allam top level ane sir ... india full ore class edamo atayate geography history ( soil class kandu ) full ettal asiatent grade ne munpe onne prepre akamayirunnu
The Sangken festival has started in Arunachal Pradesh from April 14, 2017 that marks the start of Theravada Buddhist New Year. It is celebrated by the Theravada Buddhist community. On the occasion the images of Buddha are taken out and are given ceremonial bath. The holy bath of lord Buddha is an auspicious event in the 3-day fest. Later people celebrate the festival by splashing water on each others, which symbolizes the spiritual cleansing in order to begin the New Year free from impurities. The water also symbolizes fortune and purity that is said to clear all diseases, sins and bad luck.
aptly described , absolutely correct
In the sixth slide it should be "INDIA-US-"DRDO -ROLLS ROYCE DEAL..... RIGHT?.
Moab means massive ordinance air blast.......And INS submarine arm will complete 50 years in 8 Dec 2017.
i am not able to see my application in upsc website. can someone tell what should i do
Shailee Jain
3 years ago
pls visit your mail which u had provided while registering , u will know how many steps you have completed
Mother of all bombs was made during iraq war. i believe it is an imp point
  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU In English Presented b Deepanshu Singh CSE & FoS mains, Public Speater NTSE topper and debating champion Avid travelec fitness, music and (atihion cognoscenti th 14h April2o17 2017 100k folowess 15 Folloeng

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  3. PRACTICE OUESTION The Sangken festival is celebrated by which religious community? a) Jains b) Buddhists c) Sikhs d) Parsis The Post your answers below! (without googling) )

  4. YESTERDAY'S PRACTICE QUESTION Which committee has been constituted by the Union Government to examine the existing framework with regard to Virtual Currencies? a) Dinesh Sharma committee b) Amitabh Kant committee c) Urijit Patel committee d) P K Sinha committee Answer-> A, Dinesh Sharma Committee

  5. NATIONAL Labour code to provide social security cover to all workers . Small entrepreneurs have raised some concerns over U.S. hits Afghan IS base with 'largest' bomb . U.S. dropped a massive GBU-43 bomb- Largest non-nuclear bomb in eastern Afghanistan . It was the first time the U.S. used a bomb of this the government's proposal to provide social security coverage to its entire workforce. size in a conflict . Small entrepreneurs feel that they may have to bear Ordnance was dropped from an MC-130 aircraft in a little bit of financial burden due to contribution (towards social security schemes) The Centre had last month proposed a labour code on social security which will provide social security cover to the entire workforce in the country, the Achin district of Nangarhar province, close to the border with Pakistan known as the "mother of all bombs" GBU-43 is a 21,600 pound 9,797 kg GPS-guided munition, and was first tested in March 2003 | including self-employed and agricultural workersStrike was designed to minimize the risk to Afghan and U.S. forces 1kg = 2.2 pound Saturn's Moon-Enceladus . Hydrogen gas is pouring into the subsurface seafloor of Enceladus, due to hydrothermal activity This hydrogen can be used by microbes, to produce food by means of chemical reactions combining it with dissolved carbon dioxide .

  6. NATIONAL Rolls-Royce, DRDO to tie up India and the U.K. agreed: developing advanced defence India plans to buy three more Scorpenes . India and France- to expand the Scorpene products (high-end gas turbine engines and air defence missile systems) to cooperate on aspects ofarcraftcarrier technology submarine contract India will- several upgrades in the proposed three new submarines Mazgaon Docks Ltd. (MDL), Mumbai, is manufacturing six Scorpene conventional submarines with technology transfer from DCNS a $3.75-billion deal signed in October 2005 Many delays, the first submarine Kalvari is now in advanced stages of sea trials To be commissioned in a few months. The second submarine Khanderi was launched Right to access Internet cannot be curtailed, says SC . general prohibition on all online content about pre-natal sex determination will curtail the fundamental right to know ofa genuine information-seeker PCPNDT Act-The prohibition should kick in only if the content found online is violative of Section 22 Microsoft, Google India and Yahoo! India -gavetheir assurances to the Supreme Court that they would neither advertise nor sponsor advertisements violative of the PNPCDT Act-already appointed in-house' experts to spot illegal content and pull them down Nodal officers have been appointed at State levels to keep tabs on the Net for offensive material contravening Section 22 of the Act- would communicate with the search engine's experts, which would take it off within the next 36 hours of receiving the information . . .all submarines are expected to be launched from MDL by 2020 The upgrades will help address concerns in the submarine's capability following the leak of its technical specifications in Australia last year

  7. NATIONAL Why no paper trail in EVMs, SC asks Centre .Supreme Court- Centre and the Election Commission to respond - Anchor Investors in SMEs Investment bankers have asked the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to allow anchor investors in public issues of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to comply with a 2013 court directive to introduce paper trail in Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) EVM was fixed to a vote-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) machine Nowhere in the world, except in South America, EVMs are used . . . Anchor investors are institutional investors that can bid for shares ahead of the IPO and have a lock-in of 30 days VOTER VERIFIABLE PAPER AUDIT TRAIL (VVPAT) In the VVPATlxxx system, when a vote is cast, a slip will be printed showing the name of the candidate, voter xiixxx serial number and poll symbol. unnnC The EVMs currently display only the total number of 2 to boost the popularity ofthe issue and provide confidence to potential IPO investors. The benefit for institutional investors applying in anchor quota is that they get guaranteed allotment votes polled followed by votes secured by the individual xuxuxx candidates and poll symbol. Voter can see printout but not take it out. He can verify his vote was registered correctly The paper trail can be used during a recount 3 xXIII The VVPAT system is on field trial and ready for deployment. 13 lakh VVPAT machines at an expense of Rs. 1692 crore would be needed for general elections. Karnataka polls won't use them 4 TEXT BY J BALA

  8. NATIONAL Paika Rebellion of Khurda (1817) Modi to honour 16 Odisha families tied to 1817 revolt . Paika is the Oriya word for fighter or warrior (Padatika Descendants of 16 families associated with rebellion against British colonialism Bahin). Their style of fighting, known as paika akhada, can be traced back to ancient Kalinga and was at one time patronised by King Kharavela. In March 1817, under the leadership of Buxl agabandhu Bidyadhar Mohapatra, nearly 400 Khanda o umusar in Ganjam marched towards Khurda in protest against British colonial rule. Many government buildings were burnt down and all the officials fled. The British commander of one detachment was killed during a battle at Gangpada The paika managed to capture two bases at Puri and Pipli before spreading the rebellion further teo Gop, Tiran, Kanika and Kujang. The revolt lasted a year and a half before being . Paika rebellion of 1817 flagged by the Modi government two hundred years ago in 1817, a valiant uprising of soldiers led by BuxiJagabandhu [BidyadharMohapatra] took place in Khurda of Odisha rebellion, by the landed militia of Khurda called Paiks, predates the first war of independence in 1857 but did not get similar recognition uelled by September 1818.With the rebellion put own, the colonists were more vigorous in their attempts to stamp out the martial practices of Orissa

  9. BUSINESS RBI tightens norms on bank performance . Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Eirst threshold Second threshold Third last) threshold capital adequacy ratio (including capital conservation buffer) : below 10.25% Or common equity tier-I (CET1) capital ratio falls below 6.75%. net NPA is 6% And 496 for leverage ratio capital adequacy ratio falls below 7.75% Or CETI goes below 5.125% CET1 falls below 3.625% And net NPA goes above 12% s Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) framework for banks What? Thresholds for the breach of which could invite resolutions (merger with another bank or even shutting down ofthe bank) The provisions will be based on the financials of the banks for the year ended March 31, 2017 The frameworkwould be reviewed after three years The thresholds are based on: capital, net non- performing assets profitability, leverage ratio . net NPA threshold is breach of 12% an leverage ratio below 3.5%. Negative ROA for four consecutive years will also be considered as a breach of the third threshold vis-a-vis the profitability parameter . two consecutive years of negative return on assets (RoA)negative ROA will also trigger Three consecutive years of threshold two Breach : restrictions on expansion . The breach of the first threshold: restriction on dividend distribution or parents of foreign banks to bring more capital. . of branches and higher provisions

  10. NATIONAL The A/H1N1 virus An unusual cocktail of avian, swine and human viruses H1N1:33 deaths in Pune; over 100 across the State Transmission swine flu virus (H1N1) has claimed over 100 lives in Maharashtra due to volatile day and night temperatures Symptons -High fever Coughing By inhaling Breathing difficulties Pig to human Bird flu By inhaling sneezing Swine flu oPigs may harbour several fu viruses simutancousy viral particles ere is no risk viral particles . from January to April, has eating > The pathogens may mix to cooked pork) toss of appetite exceeded 100, and more than 190 cases tested positive a fourfold increase in H1N1 deaths as compared to those in the same period last year cases were recorded even during summer High summer temperatures may have helped in curbing the Influenza A strains ('ansgenic dift) occur spread of the virus Human flu create a new viral stain. Explaining the Hs and Ns of influenza A viruses influenza A viruses are divided into su . deaths as compared to those isedtftcad by based on two proteins on the surface of the virus: the hemagglutinin H)and the neuramini Major changes Cantigenic shiftare caused by reassortment from different Influenza A subtypes and in rare events, such shifted viruses the influenza AHIN1)outbreak in 2009 subtypes, such as between animal and human There are 18 different hemagglutinin subtypes utinin subtyps can result in strains capable of causing large canresult in strains capabl regional or global pandemic outbreaks, such as 041-H18) and 11 different neuraminidase subbypes (N1 to N21 Minor changes in the protein structure in . may have helped in curbing the frequently, enabling the virus to cause repetitive Influenza outbreaks by evading immune recognition Souces: The World Health Orgonzotion and the US Centers for Dkease Control and Prevention OThe SerGrophik GN AFP