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19th April 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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Answer (b) - SAUNI project is related to irrigation. It aims at transferring surplus water from Narmada river to Saurashtra region in Gujarat.
I am so much addicted to this course that I am checking whether the video has been uploaded or not from the morning. Thank you Deepanshu Sir for your efforts.
Manish Meena
3 years ago
you don't need to check everytime, you'll get a notification on app
Human population is about 8 billion and not 'million' as shown. Thanks for the effort you put in :)
Shailee Jain
3 years ago
The population specified here is of New YORK city , not of whole world .
Reuben Mathew
3 years ago
I thought humans lived outside NYC too! Lol. Thanks for the correction. Really appreciate it :)
sir, kindly try to include sports section also....
Vladimir Putin
3 years ago
Request him to include Classified & Matrimonial section also
3 years ago
sorry..... but these sections don't have relevence for UPSC but sports section have
3 years ago
FYI...... current affair also include "SPORTS" & i have not seen much sports related news in these Daily summary
Vladimir Putin
3 years ago
They never ask ques from sports affairs. Check previous year que ppr of CSP.
the news on the business page about RBI red flagging telecom sector was important i that could have been included ..otherwise , thank u so much for your efforts really appreciate :)
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  3. Practice Question What is the SAUNI Project related to? a) Renewable Energy b) Irrigation c) Sanitation d) Tribal Welfare The Post your answers below! (without googling)

  4. Yesterday's Practice Question e Which state has become the first Indian state to launch a special awareness drive to ensure that transgenders in the state are registered voters? a) Odisha b) Kerala c) Karnataka d) Maharashtra

  5. Met dept. expects a normal 'monsoon but doubts loom India is likely to get 'normal' monsoon rains, according to the first official forecast of the season by the India Meteorological Department. Rains are likely to be 96% of the 50-year average of 89 cm for the monsoon season of June-September. Thus, will help agriculture. A clearer picture will emerge only in the second-stage forecast in June .

  6. Southwest monsoon activity is described using the following terminolog Weak/subdued Monsoon Normal Monsoon Active Monsoorn Rainfall less than half the normal (over the land area) Wind speed upto 12 knots (over the Sea) Rainfall half to less than 1 times the normal (over the land area) -Rainfall half to less than 1 times the normal (over the land area) Rainfall 1 to 4 times the normal. The rainfall in at least two stations should be 5 cm, if that sub division is along the west coast and 3 cm, if it is else where Rainfall in that sub-division should be fairly widespread to widespread. (over the land area) Wind speed is between 23 to 32 knots(over the Sea) . Rainfall more than 4 times the normal . The rainfall in at least two stations should be 8 cm if the sub- division is along the west coast and 5 cm if it is elsewhere. Rainfall in that sub-division should be fairly widespread or widespread. Wind speed is 33 knots and above(over the Sea) Vigorous Monsoon Monsoon trough shifts northwards and runs close to foot hills of Himalayas, resulting in drastic reduction in rainfall over the country outside the foot hills and southernmost Peninsula Break Monsoon

  7. Australia visa cut to hit Indian IT workers . Australian Prime Minister Respect for National Flag, anthem non-negotiable-Centre tells SC . The Centre asserted that the respect for the national anthem and flag is "a matter of national pride and non negotiable" Malcolm Turnbull announced that he was scrapping the Australian "457" visa programme that allowed Australian companies to hire Indians in a number of skilled jobs. He said that he would replace the programme with a more stringent system, making it difficult to hire non-Australian citizens The Centre said it was studying the implications of the Australian Government's decision, and warned that the move could have an impact on negotiations on the free trade agreement- Comprehensive-Economic- Cooperation-Agreements (CECA) between both countries . The SC questioned the need to expressively define respect 'for the two national symbols when such a feeling of reverence is already inherent in the constitution. The Court exempted persons "who are wheelchair users, those with autism, persons suffering from cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, Parkinson's, multiple Sclerosis, leprosy cured, muscular dystrophy and deaf and blind" from the ambit of its Nov, 30 order (making it compulsory to stand up in cinema halls when the national anthem is played. . . .

  8. NATIONAL Centre promises election reforms. . The Union government told the Navy mulling other submarine options With the Defence Ministry's ambitious policy on Strategic Partnership (SP) model which intends to promote defence manufacturing The Navy has begun considering a range of alternative options to shore up its submarine levels. The Navy's plan to procure a new line of submarines under Project-751 hinges on the SP guidelines. SP model includes five-key areas to achieve domestic capability, which includes submarines and aircraft. The idea was mooted by former Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar about two years ago. However, it was repeatedly delayed after strong objections from various quarters to the proposed guidelines. Supreme Court that it had constituted a task force to frame a road map for implementation of the Law Commission's recommendations on decriminalisation of politics. The Union Law and Justice Ministry, in its affidavit, told the court that the government was actively considering a law panel report titled "Electoral disqualifications", and had appointed a team of senior officials to look into the ssue. "electoral reforms is a complex, continuous, long drawn and comprehensive process and the Union of India through legislative department is taking all possible action to deliberate upon measures of electoral reforms required in our country through various forums like consultation, meeting, e-views, etc, with all stakeholders," the Ministry said . .

  9. NATIONAL New data safety regime from TRAI by Deepavali . The Centre informed a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is working on a new regulatory regime to ensure online data protection, and it will be ready by Deepavali Data protection and privacy is all the more important now because the less literate use apps like BHIM and PayTM for cash transactions So, government has been actively mulling on an overarching data protection framework The AG explained the need for online privacy in the light of 'right to be forgotten' of an individual. This right, also called the 'right to be erased', is one of the major casualties in the Internet age, Mr. Rohatgi said. It deals with the person's right to wipe out his past demeanours for which he has already suffered punishment. MF trims India's growth forecast Concerned about the impact of demonetisation on the economy, the IMF in its latest annual World Economic Outlook had trimmed India's GDP forecast by 0.4 percentage points from its earlier forecast of 7.6 per cent growth this fiscal Moreover, praising India's efforts at structural reforms that would drive domestic growth, the IMF has listed it as one of the factors that could help boost the global economy. The IMF has also listed further reforms that India must undertake, including replacing the demonetised currency and reducing labour and product market rigidities, expanding the manufacturing base, and gainfully employing the abundant pool of labour . . .

  10. Railways seek aid for unviable routes Phase I clinical trial of Zika vaccine to begin next month The Railway Ministry has sought compensation for operating railway lines of strategic and national importance Every year, the Indian Railways used to get subsidy from the Finance Ministry for losses incurred on railway operations on strategic lines. After the Budget merger, the Finance Ministry had discontinued the practice of providing annual subsidy to the Railways As these lines mainly cater to defence movements on border areas and development of social and backward region, the Committee recommends that reimbursement of operational losses on strategic lines and railway lines in hilly, coastal and backward areas should be continued . Bharat Biotech International Ltd in Hyderabad will start the Phase I clinical trial of Zika virus vaccine (MR 766) in two centres in India next month.. Dose ranges will be a randomised placebo-controlled, double-blind trial involving 48 adults, both men and women (who are not pregnant) Each volunteer will receive two vaccine doses on days 0 [the starting day] and 30 and will be followed-up for a year for both safety and immune response There will be three arms in the trial, and each one will receive one of the three different dose ranges . . . . . INDIAN RAILWAYS The Phase I is being initiated based on the promising results in animals trials .