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29th April 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination

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Deepanshu Singh
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Ans : C ) Bhubaneswar has become the first Indian city to win Pierre L’enfant International Planning excellence award 2017 for its town planning process.
Shailee Jain
3 years ago
The award is given out by the American Planning Association (APA) for good and advanced town planning and engaging its residents in the planning process.
sir i want to request to u that i dont have much resource to spend on any institute to furnish my writing skills . so plz start a new coarse on mains writing skills topics and discussion on the same.
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Here is the link to wildlie coping with drought. Link:
  1. DAILY SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS OF THE HINDU In English Deepanshu Singh CSE & IFoS mains, Public Speaker NTSE topper and debating champion. Avid traveller, fitness, music and fashion cognoscenti Edit 20th April 2017 100k Followers 15 Following

  2. Yesterday's Practice Question e Which country to host 18th edition of World Road Meeting (WRM)? a. India b. Brazil c. South Africa d. China Answer-> A, India will host the 18th edition of IRF World Road Meeting (WRM 2017) in Delhi from November 14-17, 2017 with the theme "Safe Roads and Smart Mobility: The Engines of Economic Growth"

  3. 6 months 3 MN views 128K+ followers Thank you Unacademy and all of you.

  4. Practice Question Which city has become first to won Pierre L'enfant Planning Excellence and Achievement Awards-2017? a) Mysore b) New Delhi c) Bhubaneswar d) Chennai The Post your answers below! (without googling) C) The Post your answers below! (without googling)

  5. NATIONAL unacademy New diabetes app forecasts blood sugar level Air pollution can up risk of heart attack Glucoracle - predicts the impact of particular foods on an individual's blood glucose levels Tiny particles in polluted air can travel from the lungs into our blood stream This increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke S. a new personalised app that can allow people with type 2 diabetes to keep a tighter rein on their bloodNanoparticles in air pollution- associated with sugar levels It has an integrated algorithm cardiovascular disease, which can lead to premature death . algorithm, integrated into an easy-to-use app, .nhaled nanoparticles can travel from the lungs into licts the consequences of eating a specific inealthe bloodstream predicts the consequences of eating a specific meal before the food is eaten This allows individuals to make better nutritional choices during mealtime It uses a technique called data assimilation person's response to glucose is regularly updated with observational data, blood sugar measurements and nutritional information, to improve the predictions in 2012, about 72% of premature deaths related to outdoor air pollution, due to ischemic heart disease eutdoer air pollution, dhae to ischemic heart ililsease and strokes Pulmonary disease, respiratory infections and lung cancer were linked to the other 28%

  6. NATIONAL unacademy IITs to have wellness centre A safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) will now have wellness centres To help students deal with mental stress and a 'non- academic' induction programme for freshers decision taken at IIT Council, the apex coordination body for 23 IITs across the country now have Scientists developed a safer alternative "nickel-zinc s and a 'nonI (Ni-Zn) batteries" to fire-prone lithium-ion batteries In Ni-Zn. a three-imensional Zn "sponge" replaces the powdered zinc anode, or positively charged electrode These are common in household devices such as smartphones and laptops plan to increase representation of women in the IITs: With 3DZn, the batte n in the IT' With 3D Zn, the battery provides an energy content by introducing a supernumerary quota and rechargeability Zinc-based batteries are global battery for single-use applications Applications in portable and wearable power, and manned and unmanned electric vehicles & Thereby reducing safety hazards, easing transportation restrictions, and using earth abundant materials

  7. ECONOMY unacademy Internet link issues may delay GST Poor Internet connectivity is a challenge for the rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) This may lead to a delay in implementation of the biggest indirect tax reform GST requires high-speed connectivity between the GST server and the State VAT data centre and between District VAT office and State VAT office North East has serious constraints in terms of availability of Internet Need: One Deputy Director level officer of Department ofTelecom in states to coordinate these projects optical fibre cable is available only in 7 of the 20 districts shortage of optical fibre cables, leading to delay in completion of work 0FC cable should be laid as per norms but are not in case of damaged cables, need to get permission by Border Roads Organisation in giving Right of Use (ROU) government is yet to finalise the tax rates that will apply for different products

  8. Flying to become paperless soon Train tickets on demand by 2020 The Government is working on a DigiYatra plan to allow paperless travel for air passengers, including digital boarding passes at airports The Centre is looking to make either Aadhaar or passport mandatory to book air tickets so that passengers needn't carry a printout of the ticket or document proof while entering the airport. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad had started a pilot project in 2015 allowing passengers to enter Aadhaar number at kiosks set up at one of the entry gates. The Hyderabad airport plans to implement it soon at all the entry gates. Mumbai and Bengaluru airports had also shown interest in introducing biometric screening at airport entry gates. The Navi Mumbai airport will start operations in a phased manner beginning 2020, The plan is to make one terminal and one runway operational in the first phase Indian Railways will offer train ticket reservation to passengers on demand or all trains by 2020. Over the decades, the freight traffic has gone up by 1.344%, passenger traffic increased by 1,642% but the route per kilometre has increased only by 23%," Railways have put in investments worth Rs. 8.5 lakh crore in high density network. 16,500 km of doubling [of railway line] has been sanctioned in the last two-and-a-half years as opposed to about 20,000 km in the last 70-75 years. So when these projects will be completed, there will be capacity augmentation, and we can handle more passengers."

  9. Smart pebbles to monitor air water . Soon, the 18,000-crore Ganga river-cleaning project may be monitored by tiny low-cost, lovw power sensors that assess water quality. Similar devices could monitor a range of variables, from bacterial levels in a river to heavy metal concentration in the atmosphere Intel, will make the chips powering the devices, and the DST would split the 35 crore investment Pebbles are an analogy; they could be any shape. The main criteria is that they be cheap and hardy. Notice to Ganga after getting human status Notice to Ganga after getting hu After being accorded human status recently, the Ganga river received its first legal notice from the Uttarakhand High Court on Friday asking it to explain why its land was given for construction of a trenching ground The Public Interest Litigation said a trenching ground is being constructed in village Khadri Khadag close to the banks of the holy river in gross violation of law . . . . Issuing notice to the Ganga, the Union government, Central Pollution Control Board, State pollution control board and the Rishikesh municipality the court directed the respondents to file a reply before May 8 when the matter is slated for next hearing . The sensors will need to work for at least a year, getting power from solar, wind, flowing water, wave motion and mechanical vibrations . Officials made custodians of the Ganga when it was granted human statu:s by the high court, including the chief secretary, the advocate-general and the director of the Namami Gange project will respond to the legal notice on behalf of the river

  10. AIDS control programmes running blind without enough tesiting kits the Health Ministry started a 'test and treat' policy for HIV patients on Friday. This would entitle every person who tests positive for HIV to free treatment. India will soon develop a National Strategic Plan for HIV for next seven years and these seven years will be crucial for ending AIDS . The draft strategy document, reveals that the government's testing capacity, as of 2016-17, was only for 14,341 . There are two HIV tests: the ELISA detects infection, and viral load test, the HIV's RNA in an infected . The government is unable to do viral load testing at the required scale due to a shortage of kit:s patients, but it currently has more than a million patients on anti-retroviral therapy (ART) person. Viral suppression (reducing viral load to an undetectable level) is the treatment goal . India is party to a UNAIDS programme under which it must implement the '90-90-90' strategy: diagnose 90% of HIV-infected people in India, put 90% of cases on ART; and achieve viral suppression among 90% of the ART recipients. For early detection of treatment failure, and to achieve the 90-90-90 target by 2020, NACO wants a million viral load tests a year.

  11. Money Laundering may be made criminal offence . The Central government is considering a proposal to make money laundering a separate criminal offence to be investigated by the Enforcement Directorate, irrespective of a probe by other agencies. This will facilitate quick action against those indulging in money laundering The Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money has also been of the view that money laundering investigations by the Enforcement Directorate should be allowed without any dependence on registration of cases by other police agencies under the legal provisions listed in the schedule of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Under the current arrangement in India, the fate of money laundering cases depends on that of the probe and prosecutions in predicate offences pursued by primary agencies. . Money laundering in itself has been defined as a criminal offence in several countries. Besides, there are separate legislations for dealing with funds generated through activities like drug trafficking or terror financing. The United States has very stringent laws to check money laundering. In the United Kingdom, police have to prove predicate offence through circumstantial evidence, linking it to the funds generated and laundered | 3422205 640 422205

  12. DRY DAYSIWILDLIFE IMPACT KARNATAKA Animals struggling to cope itting the forest in search of water rtng the forest in Conflicts with 'driest' vear with 'driest' year driven by drought The unprecedented droucht that oute 157 mach sites are dry As intensifying hea grips the hilly forests of Tamil Nadu in the Karnataka this year has turned the in about 221 of the big cats, wa herbivores thirst-driven animals in these areas are fac ing higher mortality rates, and sometimes tations n reaches of Sancruary In Bandipur National Park bare bile generators are used to ly 3o of 373 watering holes have early 18 bore wells Solar-powered water source nas and bears by the drosught-lke conditions, of rain, only 6138 mm of rain In this contest, Dr. Manivaong as there is a minimal while it is hard to estinate how or 48% of averagy rainfall was nar, called for mitigation strat, outflow ef water, there is hope many other herbivores died recorded in 2016 De. Maniva egles to protect both animals as that the river wil rejuvenae well as the people who live in self and, in turn, this could e atgana, and wild anknals have no don' to qarnch their thirst, also saw a steep de agriculture. He also called for ing holes and check dams have cline in 2016, with dams to be desilted so that their also been constructed to help Just 52 days of rain, storage capacity increases, al meet the water needs of the an- its core spread over an area of 893 Power of the sun from being the driest year onReserve, admits that the ele has spearheaded a plan to Graslands also need better con record, 2016 was the only year, phants look thinner than usual, rejuvenate a seasonal stream servation as they act as sponpes since records began, during and that the drosaght has been lowing into the Sigur plateau. that conserve water said SJay which the northeast and the worse than first feared.The Known as the Sigarhalla, the achandran, joint secretary of the southwest monsoon failed in fodder availability looks slightly once-perennial river becan Tamil Nadu Creen Movement Th f .while the average rainfall less greenfodder and more dry the Kamaraj Sagar Dam ww. since 1965 stands at 1,269 mm fodder for elephants he sald. built further upstream Parr wyko