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UPSC Notes 2024 – IAS Prelims & Mains

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IAS and UPSC Exam are two common names for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. The Public Service Commission is the only entity that conducts the yearly test. The UPSC Civil Services Exam schedule for 2023 has been made public by the Union Public Service Commission. Candidates who scored one or two marks below the UPSC cutoff in 2021 may reapply for the UPSC in 2022.  

Table of Contents:  

  1. UPSC Notes
  2. UPSC Toppers Notes
  3. UPSC Notes for Prelims
  4. UPSC Notes for Mains
  5. Why do you need Notes for UPSC preparation?

Notes for UPSC

Every year, the famous Civil Services Exam is administered by a Union Public Service Commission. These NCERT study guides were created by subject-matter specialists and are suggested for the UPSC Prelims and Mains exams in 2022. IAS candidates should remember that although these notes align with the UPSC Prelims and Mains syllabuses, the review approach has to change depending on whether the questions are objective (for the Prelims) or subjective (for the Mains).

Printed Notes for UPSC UPSC Notes for Internal Security
UPSC Notes for Disaster Management UPSC Notes for Governance
UPSC Notes for Economy  

UPSC Toppers Notes

The candidates who are appearing for the UPSC exam or going to appear should take the reference from the UPSC topper’s notes. The main aim for these notes is to provide the audience with a better understanding to prepare their UPSC exam strategy better. Check out the UPSC notes by toppers below:

Sr.No. Full Name Rank Notes Link
1 BHAVISHYA 29 Download Notes
2 ABHIJIT RAY 50 Download Notes
3 ALFRED OV 57 Download Notes
4 SHREYA SHREE 71 Download Notes

UPSC Notes for Prelims

Different exams are held annually by UPSC. The most eagerly awaited test is the UPSC Civil Service Exam. An estimated one lakh students attempt this test each year. Even yet, very few candidates are successful in passing this test. The CSE prelims 20233 will shortly take place. Nervous? Anyway, don’t be. Here are some fast study notes for the 2023 UPSC Prelims.

Why do you need Notes for UPSC preparation?

  • Snapshots serve as notes. The purpose of UPSC notes is to aid in your ability to retain pertinent material by acting as compressed visuals
  • Notes are your thoughts on a subject written down for better memory, much as how looking at photos brings back memories of previous occurrences
  • This comprises the content’s deeper conceptual meaning and surface-level specifics (facts like names, dates, etc.)
  • Well-crafted notes are intended to be revised repeatedly. You want to quickly and accurately remember the entire curriculum from memory during revision
  • Repeated modifications are made possible, which is something that every severe applicant knows is crucial
  • Good notes aid in comprehension and memory. Developing a map for your conceptual grasp of a subject is essential to take notes for the UPSC
  • You may efficiently assimilate the knowledge by taking intelligent notes that break it into manageable pieces

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These were some of the most crucial subjects you needed to learn before your preliminary exam. You are ready for your test if you only review these topics from your notes. 


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