UPSC » UPSC Question Paper 2022 – Download Prelims and Mains Questions PDF

UPSC Question Paper 2022 – Download Prelims and Mains Questions PDF

Download UPSC Prelims General Studies I Question Paper PDFDownload
Download UPSC Prelims General Studies II Question Paper PDFDownload

The Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) Civil Services Examination (CSE) is one of the most desired examinations in the country. Aspirants from many academic fields go to considerable efforts to study for and pass the UPSC Civil Services test. The CSE (Civil Services Examination) Prelims Exam was administered by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) on Jun 5, 2022. There is no need for candidates looking for the Prelims 2022 question papers to seek elsewhere.

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UPSC Prelims 2022 Question Paper

There are two sections of the UPSC CSE preliminary examination.

  • UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1
  • UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 2 (CSAT)

Each paper is worth 200 points, and the test lasts two hours. Both papers employ a system of negative marking. 

  • UPSC Prelims 2022 Question Paper – Paper 1

The UPSC Prelim Test 1 is an objective paper with 100 questions worth 200marks.  Economy, History, Geography, Politics, Science & Technology, Environment, and Ecology are the topics covered in the article. To calculate the cut-off and whether a student has qualified for the preliminary exam stage to attempt the UPSC Mains, the UPSC Prelims 2022 GS Paper 1 total marks will be used. For each question incorrectly answered, one-third of the total marks are deducted from the final score.

  • UPSC Prelims 2022 Question Paper – Paper 2

The UPSC Prelims Test 2 is an objective-type paper that follows the UPSC GS Paper 1. It comprises 80 questions worth 200 marks. This paper varies from General Studies Paper I in that it contains questions geared to measure candidates’ thinking abilities. It evaluates comprehension, analytical and communication skills, problem-solving, decision-making, basic numeracy, and mental capacity. 

The test, like Paper 1, incorporates a harmful marking method in which a third of the total marks assigned to the question is deducted for each incorrect response. Paper 2 is simply qualifying, as opposed to Paper 1. Only 33% marks are required for the contender to advance to the next level.

Download UPSC Prelims General Studies I Question Paper PDFDownload
Download UPSC Prelims General Studies II Question Paper PDFDownload

UPSC Mains Question Paper 2022

Candidates who passed the Preliminary Exam 2022, which was held on June 5th, will advance to the next step of the recruiting process, the Civil Services (Main) Examination. The UPSC Mains test is planned from September 16th to September 25th, 2022.

General Studies
General Studies Paper – IDownload
General Studies Paper – IIDownload
General Studies Paper – IIIDownload
General Studies Paper – IVDownload
Optional Subjects 
Agriculture Paper – IDownload
Agriculture Paper – IIDownload
Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper – IDownload
Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper – IIDownload
Anthropology Paper – IDownload
Anthropology Paper – IIDownload
Botany Paper – IDownload
Botany Paper – IIDownload
Chemistry Paper – IDownload
Chemistry Paper – IIDownload
Civil Engineering Paper – IDownload
Civil Engineering Paper – IIDownload
Commerce and Accountancy Paper – IDownload
Commerce and Accountancy Paper – IIDownload
Economics Paper – IDownload
Economics Paper – IIDownload
Electrical Engineering Paper – IDownload
Electrical Engineering Paper – IIDownload
Geography Paper – IDownload
Geography Paper – IIDownload
Geology Paper – IDownload
Geology Paper – IIDownload
History Paper – IDownload
History Paper – IIDownload
Law Paper – IDownload
Law Paper – IIDownload
Management Paper – IDownload
Management Paper – IIDownload
Mathematics Paper – IDownload
Mathematics Paper – IIDownload
Mechanical Engineering Paper – IDownload
Mechanical Engineering Paper – IIDownload
Medical Science Paper – IDownload
Medical Science Paper – IIDownload
Philosophy Paper – IDownload
Philosophy Paper – IIDownload
Physics Paper – IDownload
Physics Paper – IIDownload
Political Science and IR Paper – IDownload
Political Science and IR Paper – IIDownload
Psychology Paper – IDownload
Psychology Paper – IIDownload
Public Administration Paper – IDownload
Public Administration Paper – IIDownload
Sociology Paper – IDownload
Sociology Paper – IIDownload
Statistics Paper – IDownload
Statistics Paper – IIDownload
Zoology Paper – IDownload
Zoology Paper – IIDownload
Literature Subjects 
Assamese Literature Paper – IDownload
Assamese Literature Paper – IIDownload
Bengali Literature Paper – IDownload
Bengali Literature Paper – IIDownload
English Literature Paper – IDownload
English Literature Paper – IIDownload
Gujarati Literature Paper – IDownload
Gujarati Literature Paper – IIDownload
Hindi Literature Paper – IDownload
Hindi Literature Paper – IIDownload
Kannada Literature Paper – IDownload
Kannada Literature Paper – IIDownload
Maithili Literature Paper – IDownload
Maithili Literature Paper – IIDownload
Malayalam Literature Paper – IDownload
Malayalam Literature Paper – IIDownload
Manipuri Literature Paper – IDownload
Manipuri Literature Paper – IIDownload
Marathi Literature Paper – IDownload
Marathi Literature Paper – IIDownload
Punjabi Literature Paper – IDownload
Punjabi Literature Paper – IIDownload
Sanskrit Literature Paper – IDownload
Sanskrit Literature Paper – IIDownload
Sindhi Literature Paper – I (Devanagari)Download
Sindhi Literature Paper – II (Devanagari)Download
Tamil Literature Paper – IDownload
Tamil Literature Paper – IIDownload
Telugu Literature Paper – IDownload
Telugu Literature Paper – IIDownload
Urdu Literature Paper – IDownload
Urdu Literature Paper – IIDownload
Compulsory Subjects 
Assamese CompulsoryDownload
Bengali CompulsoryDownload
English CompulsoryDownload
Gujarati CompulsoryDownload
Hindi CompulsoryDownload
Kannada CompulsoryDownload
Kashmiri CompulsoryDownload
Malayalam CompulsoryDownload
Marathi CompulsoryDownload
Nepali CompulsoryDownload
Odia CompulsoryDownload
Punjabi CompulsoryDownload
Sanskrit CompulsoryDownload
Sindhi CompulsoryDownload
Tamil CompulsoryDownload
Telugu CompulsoryDownload
Urdu CompulsoryDownload

Why Should you Solve the UPSC CSE Question Paper 2022?

The question papers from prior years are the most reliable data source about the questions asked in the preliminary and main exams. When you complete these papers, you gain insight into the kind of questions that are asked across a variety of themes, the most crucial regions, whether inquiries are more frequently from static or dynamic parts, etc.

Solving UPSC CSE 2022 question paper will help you in the following aspects –

  • Practice will make you perfect and perform better. The candidates need to practice in the proper manner and for that, the candidates need to solve the previous year’s question papers
  • Previous year question papers are important from the practical aspects
  • Solving the previous year’s question paper the candidates will be able to know the speed to maintain in the prelims and mains exam
  • They also learn time management skills and come up with the best techniques for solving papers
  • Solving the UPSC CSE 2022 question paper will help the candidates understand what to ignore and what to attempt
  • Apart from these benefits, solving these question papers will help you to evaluate your performance. Solving these papers will help you to work on your shortcomings
  • Most of the questions asked in these papers will are rephrased or moulded, so try to read the questions carefully and then attempt the exam and you will see how helpful it was
  • Solving UPSC CSE 2022 question paper will help you to self-evaluate and understand the concept you are studying for the exam
  • Solving UPSC CSE 2022 question paper will give you an idea of trends in the UPSC exam. You will also realise the overall idea about the exam paper difficulty level so that you can prepare for the exam accordingly
  • Once you get an overall idea about the exam difficulty level then you can easily prepare for the exam accordingly
  • Solving previous year’s papers will give you an idea of your level of preparation where self-assessment plays an important role in UPSC preparation

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UPSC Question Paper 2022- Exam Pattern

In theory, the UPSC civil services test is separated into two parts: preliminary and main examination. Still, it is a three-stage exam. A personality Test/Interview is the third stage.

Applicants who pass the Prelims are qualified for the Mains, and candidates who pass the Mains go to the Interview stage, according to the UPSC CSE exam structure.

  • IAS Prelims Exam Pattern

The UPSC exam for Preliminary level comprises two papers administered on the same day. Both papers are made up of objective question types with multiple-choice solutions. The prelims test is used to screen applicants for the main examination. The final merit list does not consider the scores at this point. However, because cut-offs are indeterminate and based on annual average results, students must adequately study for this exam. Here is how the UPSC prelims are organised:

Paper TypeNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksDurationNegative marks
General studies 1Objective1002002 hrsYes
General studies 2Objective802002 hrsYes

Note: Eligibility to appear for mains based on GS paper 1 (where GS Paper 2 is a qualifying paper with a minimum qualifying score of 33%).

  • UPSC Mains IAS Exam Pattern

The structure of the UPSC Mains exam consists of 9 papers spaced out across 5 to 7 days. Only students who pass the preliminary exams with, at minimum, the declared cut-off in General Studies 1 & 33% in General Studies 2 will be allowed to sit the main examination.

The questions in the UPSC Mains test are entirely of the descriptive response variety. It is a demanding phase, and your outcomes will significantly influence your total UPSC mains score. Because they are crucial in determining merit, the UPSC exam scores for the mains phase are critical. The curriculum and scores for the UPSC are as follows:

ExamSubjectsIAS Total marksDuration
Paper ACompulsory Indian languages3003 hrs
Paper BEnglish3003 hrs
Paper 1Essay2503 hrs
Paper 2General Studies 12503 hrs
Paper 3General Studies 22503 hrs
Paper 4General Studies 32503 hrs
Paper 5General Studies 42503 hrs
Paper 6Optional 12503 hrs
Paper 7Optional 22503 hrs

Note: Total score for the mains exam is 1750. All of the papers for the mains exam are merit-based except the language examinations A and B.

  • UPSC CSE Interview Pattern

This is the last round of the IAS Exam before the results are announced. Officially referred to as the Personality/ Interview Test, it is included in the ranking process. It is regarded as the third step of the exam. The UPSC board will interview candidates to examine the candidates’ fitness for concomitant duties and a civil service career. 

The board comprises neutral and qualified observers with prior knowledge of the candidates’ careers. The committee would determine the candidates’ social and mental abilities by posing general-interest questions. The selection committee looks for a few qualities: mental alertness, critical capabilities of absorption, clear and logical presentation, a balance of judgement, breadth, and depth of interest, capacity for social cohesion and leading, and moral and intellectual authenticity.

UPSC Interview Total Marks275

Note: The overall score for the UPSC interview stage is 275, bringing the combined score for the UPSC mains & interview for consideration of the merit list to 2025.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I download the UPSC Question Paper 2022 for free?

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How can I download the UPSC Question Paper 2022?

Answer: If you are preparing for the UPSC exam, you can download the UPSC Question Paper 2022 from this page. Also, the question papers are availab...Read full

How many papers are there in the UPSC Prelims 2022?

Answer: The UPSC Prelims 2022 consists of two papers: Paper I (General Studies) and Paper II (Civil Services Aptitude Test or CSAT).

What is the format of the UPSC Prelims 2022 Question Paper?

Answer: The question paper is available in both English and Hindi. Each paper contains a series of questions, and candidates need to choose the cor...Read full