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11th Nuclear Energy Conclave

We will discuss in brief the 11th nuclear energy conclave. We will also talk about the various uses of nuclear energy as this is the future of energy sources.

Energy is the basic requirement of the current world right now. Nothing in this world will survive if the energy source is finished. Energy is essential for all living things. The Sun is one of the most important and basic sources of energy. If the energy sources get diminished, life won’t be sustained on Earth. To maintain the healthy flow of energy, we should rely more on renewable sources like Nuclear energy, Wind energy, and Tidal energy rather than a complete dependency on natural energy sources. We will further discuss that in the article.

Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources: This is a type of energy source which is obtained from resources like sun, wind, tidal waves etc., which are not limited and they have a surplus supply. Energy sources like Solar energy, Nuclear energy, Wind energy, and Tidal Energy are all examples of Renewable sources of energy. They are comparatively cleaner sources of energy than non-renewable sources.

Non-Renewable Energy Source: This energy source is obtained from sources of a very limited amount and will get finished off if used at the given rate. Energy is derived from fossil fuels like Coal, Natural Gas and Petroleum. They are limited sources and will eventually run out. This source of energy causes pollution and is harmful to live beings.

Nuclear Energy

This form of renewable energy has taken over the world and is being adopted by various nations. Nuclear energy is produced by various processes like Nuclear fission reaction, Nuclear fusion Reaction and the Decaying of the Nucleus. The principle of Nuclear energy is based on the fission or fusion of the Radioactive substance, which causes a huge production of heat energy that produces the Steam and is used to run turbines to generate energy. The installation where these radioactive reactions take place is called the Nuclear reactor. This is a clean energy source except for the radioactive waste harmful to living beings, but that has been solved by maintaining proper disposal guidelines. Some of the radioactive fuel which is used is in nuclear reactors:

  • Uranium-235
  • Polonium
  • Plutonium-239

The Radioactive waste produced by nuclear reactors is very dangerous for living beings. Certain methods have been developed for the safe disposal of radioactive waste. The radiation levels produced by the waste products are harmful to live beings. The radiation causes severe burns and blisters. It also affects the human genome, which affects the further generation of the humans by forming structural defects in the offspring. Since these are powerful sources of energy, many nations create destructive nuclear bombs which cause widespread massive destruction.

11th Nuclear Energy Conclave

The Production of more electricity is the basic concern of the Nations. The nuclear energy source is the way to fulfil the energy requirement of the nations. Every year for the last 10 years, an annual conclave has been hosted. This conclave generally focuses on the various issues faced by the nuclear industry. After certain discussions with the groups involved in this, like the stakeholders and the decision-makers, they provide a sanctions report, which is given to the government for further developments after considering the given sanctions by the government. It also discusses the growth in the nuclear field and provides a safe environment for nuclear energy production by taking certain protective measures. The 11th nuclear energy conclave was based on “Economics of nuclear power”. There were three planned technical sessions :

  • “Growth of Nuclear Power for meeting Base Load demands”
  • “Emerging Technologies for Economy and Enhanced Safety viz, Small & Medium Size Reactors, Passive Heat Removal Systems, Molten Salt Reactors.”
  • “Non-Power Applications of Nuclear Energy”

The India Energy Forum was the organiser of this 11th Nuclear conclave. It had a basic aim of cost-efficient mechanisms of nuclear energy production and providing a better and safer work environment for the workers who work in such risky areas. The installed reactors have been performing very well and producing the required energy.


The energy needs of the world are at a higher level. Abbreviations of this world are looking forward to building and stacking up that energy resources. Nuclear energy is one of the most powerful sources of energy, and it produces a huge amount of power by using a low amount of fuel. Switching over to a renewable energy source is also beneficial for the Earth as it produces a lower amount of waste than non-renewable sources. These renewable sources can fulfil the energy requirements of the nations as they produce a huge amount of energy.


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