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Reorganization of Princely States
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In this lesson Ashna talks about the reorganisation of princely states in India.

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Ashna Sisodia
PSIR Optional Faculty, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS Papers in the UPSC Mains 2017.

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sir this one will become better if you convert in to fig. wise each concept
thank you for your feedback from now onwards I'll take care of it.
and I have added some figures and graphs too in my next lesson.
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  3. Significant developments after independence

  4. RE-ORGANIZATION OF PRINCELY STATES Formation of different unions of states United states of kathiawad United states of vindhya pradesh United states of madhya bharat Greater rajasthan union Pepsu union -Himachal pradesh - Travancore cochin States merged with provinces States merged with orissa States merged with bombay States merged with madras States merged with panjab States merged with assam

  5. . States merged with west bengal . States merged with the province of U.FP States with separate entitles as administrative units Mysore Hyderabad Jammu-kashmir States under administration of centre -Hill states of panjab Bilaspur Bhopal Kutch Manipur tripura

  6. POSITION OF ERSTWHILE PRINCELY STATES UNDER THE NEW CONSTITUTION A. Part -A states - assam ,bihar ,bombay, madhya pradesh, madras, orrisa, east B. Part-B states - jammu kashmir, hyderabad,mysore,madhya C. Part-C states- bhopal,bilaspur,himachal,kutch,manipur,tripura and vindhya Panjab, utter Pradesh, west bengal bharat,rajasthan,pepsu,kathiawad,cochin pradesh

  7. MEANING OF INDUSTRIES INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT Agriculture Means all those processes which helps in producing raw material . Industry means transforming raw materials into finished goods

  8. IMPORTANCE OF INUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE CONTEXT OF INDIAN ECONOMY To reduce burden of population on agriculture . To develop Indian agriculture Import substitution and self reliance To generate employment opportunities .To develop basic infra structure Exploration and utilization of natural resources ' To bring diversification in econo To raise the income and standard of living of the people To strengthen the defence of the country . To promote expoit To promote capital formation

  9. INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT UNDER DIFFERENT FIVE YEAR PLANS Objectives of the plan Full utilization of the existing production capacity New industrial units in public sector Importance of small scale and cottage industries To complete the industries under construction progress Achievements of the plan New industrial units Completion of industrial units - Increase in industrial production Industrial growth rate reservation

  10. SECOND FIVE YEAR PLAN AND INDUSTRIAI DEVELOPMENT Objectives Industrial base Regional industrial balance Equal distribution Industrial climate Achievements New industrial units - Expansion of public sector Regional industrial balance Industrial estates Increase in industrial production Growth rate of industries Raised the production capacity of private sector

  11. Three annual plans and industrial development First annual plan 1966-67 Second annual plan 1967-68 Third annual plan 1968-69