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Quit India Movement (1942-44) : Factors Leading to it
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In this lesson Ashna talks about the circumstances that has led to the movement.

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Ashna Sisodia
A passionate teacher, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS 2 and GS 3 in the UPSC Mains 2017.

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mam, in question 1 since the question does not explicitly state that only the 3 candidates were contesting. shouldn't the answer be option E
Tanzia Naaz
a year ago
Thanks for your feedback . If I had mentioned as 3 candidates without referring to A , B , C then what you were saying could be considered but since I clearly specified 3 candidates to be A, B and C then whatever is mentioned in the slide is correct.Using ST 1 you know the votes of Candidates but not overall votes and in ST 2 you know overall votes and not their individual votes , both statements alone fail individually to give correct answer so after combining you were able to get votes that each receive . I hope your doubt is clear
thank you mam for clearing the doubt
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  4. QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT 1942-44 A.D Circumstances leading to the movement 1935-42 A.D Formation of congress ministries and their resignations Muslim league observes day of deliverance Peasants and labourers movements Development of socialistic ideas States peoples movements Growth of communalism August declaration Of 1940 Cripps mission . Discontentment among the masses Change in the ideas of Gandhiji

  5. Account of Quit India Movement Programme of the movement . Arrest of the congress leaders Spread of the movement Nature of the movement- became national movement . Repressive policy of the govt Contribution of Gandhiji . Gandhiji's historic fast e Impact of Quit India Movement

  6. National movement 1945-47 A.D or towards independence . Wavell plan and the simla conference Trial of I.N.A officials Naval mutiny in Bombay Elections of 1946 A.D

  7. CABINET MISSION PLAN Appointment of the mission Main provisions -demand of Pakistan impracticable . 3 category of states . Province govt and autonomy in internal matters League rejected the mission plan . Direct Action Interim govt Attle's declaration . Mount batten plan Indian independence Act 1947 A.D 15th aug 1947

  8. Thank you very much Knowledge is the new Curency A T E REVIEw & REcOM SHARE