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Progress of Non-Cooperation Movement - Part I
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In this lesson Ashna talks about the Congress decision to start the movement, program of this movement and progress of the movement.

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Ashna Sisodia
PSIR Optional Faculty, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS Papers in the UPSC Mains 2017.

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same question again ..pls reply
Hey Ashna ..why Madan Mohan Malwiya ,C R Das ,Annie Besant ,MD.Ali Jinnah were angry with the session held at Calcutta at that time ?🤔 pls reply
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  4. NON-COOPERATION MOVEMENT . Gandhi ji led this movement From 1920-22 very skillfully and ably with non violent Circumstances leading to the non cooperation movement Dis-satisfaction with the reforms of 1919 A.D Opposition to the Rowlett bills Satyagraha movement of Gandhi ji Jallianwala bagh tragedy - General Dyer . Khilafat movement Congress decision to start the movement . In 1920 December resolution was passed . Congress declared swarajya as its objective

  5. Programme of this movement Official titles and honorary posts Resignation from local bodies by nominated members Boycott official functions and ceremonies Boycott of swadeshi goods Leave govt school and colleges Boycott of govt courts

  6. Boycott the elections as devised by the act of 1919 Resign from govt jobs Non govt educational institutions should be established Hindu Muslim unity Abolition of untouchability Congress bodies should be set up in place of councils

  7. Progress of the movement Boycott of the courts Boycott of govt educational institutions Establishment of native educational institutions Boycott of foreign cloth Inc rease in the membership of congress

  8. Resolution regarding resignations of civil and military employees Boycott of prince of wales Repressive policy of govt Ahmedabad session of the congress All party conference Suspension of the movement

  9. Was the non-cooperation movement a failure? . Suspension of non cooperation movement sent shock waves among masses Congress leaders criticised Gandhiji Described it as his great blunder Significance of the non cooperation movement . birth of Indian nationalism National movement becomes a mass movement Nationalists aim swaraj . Rise of congress as popular organization Hindu-Muslim unity Popularity of swadeshi goods Development of native educational institutions Encouragement to non-violent movements in various provinces Birth of swaraj party .Growth of socialist and communist ideas

  10. Factors leading to the movement CIVIL DISOBEDIENC Resolution of complete independence Establishment of swaraj party Gandhi-Irwin meeting Simon commission and ts report Terrorist movement Nehru report All party conference

  11. COMMUNAL POLITICS Causes ior tne rise oI communai pointicS . Muslims lost sovereignty Backwardness of muslims The wahabi movement . Religious movements among the hindus . Seprate educational institutions of various communities . British policy of divide and rule Diplomacy of lord minto Communal award and the act of 1935 AD Elections of 1937 and formation of congress ministries . Demand for pakistan

  12. National movement 1y43-4 / AD orowaras independence . Wavell plan and the simla conference . Trial of I.N.A officials Naval mutiny in bombay . Elections of 1946 A.D

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