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Causes of the rise of the extremists - Part II
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In this lesson Ashna talks about the causes of the rise of the extremists.

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Ashna Sisodia
PSIR Optional Faculty, having scored 125+ in the prelims and 140 in Essay Paper and 110+ each in GS Papers in the UPSC Mains 2017.

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  1. 900 Course : Modern History (Pre & Mains) Integrated Approach-Module 4 Presented by: Ashna Sisodia

  2. About Me . Verified Educator at Unacademy . From Chandigarh, India An Educator at Unacademy since October 2016 Appeared in UPSC CSE Mains 2017 and scored 140 Political Science and International Relations Optional for Mains 2019 . Ashna Sisodia 0 da . Scored 125+ in Prelims 2017 . CSE Btech from UIET, Courses Made so Far Scored 125ssin paper s20110 marks each in GS 2 and 3 . n this Course, Ashna Sisodia will comprehensvely cover complete Poltical Science and Internatonal Relatons te form of nes and eaborateeroan topex, which wil be helpful India Yearbook 2018 and Learning Maps quickly in 25 Lessons Nuclear security Doctrine IR & PSIFR World History - Module 1 and The Hindu June MCQs The Hindu Weekly Killer Course June 2018 Crash Course on International Organizations and International Relations Teaching Ancient History and Answer Writing on Geography Mains the notes wil also be provided in English

  3. National movement, 1906-1919

  4. CAUSES OF THE RISE OF THE EXTREMISTS Dis-satisfaction with the policies and methods of moderates British policy of economic exploitation Spread of plague and famines Unemployment among the educated youth Renaissance in Hinduism Disappointment from the Indian councils Act of 1892 A.D

  5. Humiliating treatment of Indians abroad Effects of the revolutionary principles of the west Effects of international movements Unjust Acts of lord Curzon Partition of Bengal Contribution of Bal, Lal and Pal

  6. SPLIT IN THE CONGRESS; THE RADICALS AND THE MODERATES Govt repressive policy led to rise of extremists ideology in congress Radicals were not in favour of lending cooperation to the govt In 1905 session held at Benares . Boycott foreign goods In 1906 session was held at. The policy of swadeshi and boycott was Calcutta accepted . Moderates were discussing constitutional reforms with the govt In 1907 session was held at Surat . At annual session 1907 congress clashed over the issue of presidentship

  7. SWADESHI AND BOYCOTT MOVEMENT Birth and aims Govt did not listen to the people so they started swadeshi and boycott movement . Aim was to boycott foreign goods and cause financial loss to English Swadeshi and boycott movement started in Bengal Prominent leader Lal, bal, pal

  8. ^ Effects Swadeshi use increased and boycotted foreign goods Gave rise to native industries Established uniform educational system Influenced the writings of literary figures

  9. Women took part in nationalist activities Prominent Muslim ioined movement National movement as it spread to punjab,UP,bomboy 1st revolutionary step towards britishers Strength to freedom movement

  10. THE MUSLIM LEAGUE British policy of - divide and rule Backwardness of the Muslims Deplorable econo condition of the Muslims Muslim did not adopt the English system of educatiorn mic Contribution of sir Sayeed ahmed khan

  11. Spread of communal ideas through the study of Indian history Inspiration of extremists from Hindu culture partition of Bengal Muslim deputation meets lord Minto

  12. Foundation of the Muslim league Founded allaims of the league India Muslinm league on 30 December, 1906 Inculcate loyalty in the Indian Muslims towards British govt Protect the political rights of Indian SupportedDid not take part partition ofin swadeshi and Demand for ms To safeguard interest of Muslim in swadeshi and Jobs should be separate electorate boycott movement reserved for Muslims Bengal system for Muslims Enhance relation between Muslims and other communities

  13. Main Centre of the revolutionaries Revolutionarie activities abroad Govt policy towards the revolutionaries Minto-Morley reforms Act 1909 A.D Bengal Maharashtra Punjab

  14. Causes of failure of ghadar movement Leaders in America did not established contact with Indian revolutionaries No capable leader Govt passed strict laws for ghadarites Did not organize themselves properly Lacked money and weapon Expected foreign aid

  15. Impact of ghadar movement National leaders sought inspiration from their sacrifices Worked as a path finder for Montague Sacrificed their lives for freedom Acted as torch- bearers Chelmsford Act 1919 was resultdifferent political of their activities parties

  16. IMPACT OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR During the war valuable help rendered to England by Indians Political awareness among the Indians Plans of the revolutionaries Indians demand for democracy Emergence of the spirit of selfrespect among the Indians Lucknow pact

  17. THE HOME RULE MOVEMENT ucknow pact prepared ground for the home rule movement Credit for starting movement Mrs. Annie Besant and Lok manya tilak Without raising the political standard of Indians no reform is possible 1st lady who started home rule movement Lok manya tilak established Indian home rule leag e on 28 April 1916 A.D

  18. . Importance in freedom - Deep impact on national . Presented to the people the struggle of India Significance of home rule movement impact plan of swarajya its real form Influenced the American and British statesmen Montague declaration On 20 august 1917 A.D