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Overview of the Course (in Bengali)
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Overview of the Course

Md Mustafizur Rahaman
Chemistry . Blogger ( .I love Quizzes and Teaching. Currently working as journalist in an esteemed daily.Taught math various in

Unacademy user
mam why antibody mediated immune response persist for few days ???? by my consideration it should persist for long time as antibodies gets form as a result of secondary immune response so there is no chance of disease to cause for second time like chickenpox by this we can say that it is persisting for lifetime
Merin Lourd
7 months ago
yes, but antibodies form complex with antigens and gets destroyed along with the antigens. The memory B cells will be there for any future attack by the similar antigens, so as to produce antibodies again.
Payal Rathod
7 months ago
mam the concentration of nucleus cytoplasmic ratio will be more in normal cell or cancerous cell? ????
Merin Lourd
7 months ago
N:C ratio has been observed high in cancerous cells compared to normal cell.
Merin Lourd
7 months ago
in normal cells the size of the nucleus keeps decreasing compared to the size of the cytoplasm as these cells mature.
Payal Rathod
7 months ago
thanks mam :)😊😊
why did you stop giving current affairs? upload current affairs on a monthy basus, if you can... only 1 or 2 months will not be of any help... continuity matters
September month r Question ready korci.. Within 5 day upload Kore debo..sure
Sudip Ghosh
3 months ago
thanks for that.. please continue in every month...

  2. Md MUSTAFIZUR RAHAMAN o Polity o Economy o Current Affairs Gk oProfile Link

  3. Each Lesson Contain 10-15 Question for daily basis up to January month o It will be total 90lesson o Each subject will be covered o Polity, Economy, History, Geography, English,math GI, Current Affairs o Last 20 year Question discussion o Marks busting techniques