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17 th October Daily dose

Md Mustafizur Rahaman
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Ma'am,DIPP is now named as Department for promotion of industry and internal trade
Yes you're right!!👍
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  2. Affairs for WBCS MANs 2018 INDIAN POLITY


  4. Q1 In Human beings the process of digestion of food begins in: A. Stomach B. Food Pipe C. Mouth D. Small Intestine

  5. Ans c . Digestion of food starts as soon as we put food in our mouth. The mouth cavity contains teeth, tongue and salivary glands. The teeth cut the food into small pieces, chew and grind it. The teeth help in physical digestion. The salivary glands help in chemical digestion by secreting enzymes.

  6. 02 . Which of the following organism have parasitic mode of nutrition? A. Penicillium B. Plasmodium C. Paramecium D. Parrot

  7. Ans B In parasitic nutrition organism derives its food from the body of another living organism called host without killing it. Parasitic mode of nutrition is observed in several fungi, bacteria, few plants like Cucuta and some animals like Plasmodium and round worms. Plasmodium causes malarial disease.

  8. Q3 . Name the first enzyme that mix with food in the digestive tract? A. Pepsin B. Trypsin C. Amylase D. None of the above

  9. Ans c . The salivary glands present in mouth secrete salivary amylase enzyme which digests the starch present in food into sugar. Digestion of starch or carbohydrate starts in mouth itself. Therefore, amylase is the first enzyme that helps in the process of digestion.

  10. Q4 . Which of the following in biology is the energy currency of cells? A. PDP B. DTP C. ATP D. ADP

  11. Ans C . The process of releasing energy from food is called respiration. The energy is stored in the form of ATP (Adenosine tri phosphate) in the body cells which is used for various purposes like contraction of muscles, conduction of nerve impulses, synthesis of proteins and many other activities related to the functioning of cells. Therefore, ATP is known as the energy currency of cells.

  12. Q5 . In the stem of a plant respiration and breathing takes place through: A. Lenticels B. Stomata C. Root hair D. Air tubes

  13. Q6 Who was the author of Kitab-ul-Hind? A. Abu Said B. Abul Fazl . C. Firdausi * D. Al-Beruni

  14. ANS D

  15. 09 The most learned medieval Muslim ruler who was well versed in various branches of learning including astronomy, mathematics and medicine was A. Sikandar Lodi B. litutmish C. Muhammad bin Tughlaq D. Alauddin Khalji

  16. ANS C

  17. Q10 .Which of the following towns/ city is not situated on the bank of river? . A. Agra .B. Bhopal * C. Patna . D. Mumbai

  18. Q11 Which of the following states have the common borders with China? I. Jammu and Kashmir . II. Sikkim II. Arunachal Pradesh . IV. Himachal Pradesh . Select the correct code: A.,I and IV B, and IlI C. I and IlI D. I, II, Ill and IV

  19. ANS D

  20. ANS D

  21. ANS B

  22. Q14 . Which one of the following states receives maximum number of immigrants? A. Uttar Pradesh B. Delhi C. Maharashtra D. Bihar

  23. ANS C

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