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13rd October Daily dose
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13rd October Daily dose

Md Mustafizur Rahaman
Chemistry . Blogger ( . Selected For WBCS 2017 Interview. Currently working as journalist in an esteemed daily.Taught math vari

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  1. MD MUSTAFIZUR RAHAMAN Polity Economy . Gk Current Affairs - Prfl link https:/

  2. Affairs for WBCS MANs 2018 INDIAN POLITY


  4. Q1 -Which is the first Harappan site to be excavated? A) Harappan B) Mohan Jo Daro C) Chanhudaro -D) Rakhigarhi

  5. ANS A .The Indus Valley Civilisation is also named the Harappan civilisation afterHarappa, the first of its sites to be excavated in the (1921), in what was then the Punjab province of British India.

  6. 02 -The Credit for Harappa excavation goes to .A) D.R Sahani .B) R.D Banerjee C) N.G Mazumdar .D) O Stein

  7. ANS A harles Merson was the first man to found larappa Bricks in 1826.Alexander unningham was the first to ruins of larappa in 1875. larappa was excavated in 1921 under the upervision of D.R sahni .R.D Banerjee led he team which excavated Mohan Jo daro 1922

  8. Q3 -Which Harappan Site is situated in Rajasthan? A) Rangpur B) Rakhigarhi -C) Kalibangan D) Banwali

  9. ANS C -Kalibangan was discovered by A.N Gosh in 1953 Deco only at Kalibangan rate bricks are used in floori ng

  10. Q4 -Harappa is situated on the bank of which river? A) Sindu B) Ghargger C) Ravi .D) Bias

  11. ANS C -Harappa is situated on the bank of river Ravi at a distance of 25 km south west of city city Montgomery in Pakistan

  12. Q5 -The State with the largest area under waste land is: -(a) Gujarat -(b) Madhya Pradesh -(c) Jammu and Kashmir -(d) Rajasthan

  13. Q6 -The largest population of Scheduled Tribes is in: -(a) Himachal Pradesh -(b) Madhya Pradesh -(c) Arunachal Pradesh (d) Sikkim

  14. ANS D Arakan yoma is the extension of the himalayas located inMyanmar. The Arakan Mountains are also known as the Rakhine Mountains

  15. ANS A

  16. Q9 -Who is the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission? -(a) Prime Minister -(b) Finance Minister (c) Commerce Minister -(d) None of the above

  17. ANS D

  18. Q10 Who wrote the book 'Planned Economy for India'? - (a) M. Visvesvaraya (b) Sardar VallabhbhaiPatel - (c) JawaharlalNehru - (d) Mahatma Gandhi

  19. ANS D

  20. ANS B

  21. ANS B

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