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8th November daily Dose
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8th November daily Dose

Md Mustafizur Rahaman
Chemistry . Blogger ( . Selected For WBCS 2017 Interview. Currently working as journalist in an esteemed daily.Taught math vari

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  1. MD MUSTAFIZUR RAHAMAN Polity Economy . Gk Current Affairs - Prfl link https:/

  2. Affairs for WBCS MANs 2018 INDIAN POLITY

  3. th November Daily Dose WBCS Preliminary Exam 2019

  4. Q1 Who among the following scholars of Akbar's Court translated Atharva veda into Persian? IA] Haji lbrahim Sarhindi [B] Abdul Gadir Badayuni -[C] Naqib khan D] None of the above

  5. Ans A 'Abd-ul-Qadir Bada'uni was a historian and translator living in the Mughal Empire. He translated the Hindu works, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

  6. Q2 In which year Akbar built the Buland Darwaja? IA] 1590 [B1 1600 I1 1601 ID] 1605

  7. Ans C Buland Darwaja is located in Fatehpur Sikri built by Akbar in 1601A.D to commemorate his conquest of Gujarat

  8. Q3 Who among the following translated Baburnama from chagtai to Persian IA] Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana B] Abul Fazal [C] Khawaja Reazuddin Atash [D] Humayun

  9. Ans A -Babur has written his biography i.e. Baburnama which is also known as Tuzk-e Babri. Babur and Jahangir are thee only two emperors of Mughal Empire who wrote their own biographies. Baburnama is also known to be the first true autobiography in the Islamic literature. Baburnama was written in Chagatai Turkic, which was Babur's mother was translated into Persian by Abdul Rahim Khan-1-Khana. He was son of Bairam khan

  10. Q4 In which of the following forts Jahanagir Mahal is located ? [A] Lahore Fort [B] Agra Fort -IC] Red Fort [D] Golconda Fort

  11. Ans B - Jahangir Mahal is located In Agra fort, built by Akbar in Hindu Design

  12. Q5 Moti Masjid was built in Red Fort by which of the following Mughal Emperor? A] Shahjahan [B] Aurangazeb [C] Shah Aalam II -[DI Akbar

  13. Q6 - Humayun Nama was written by which of the following authors? IA] Humayun [B] Khwand Amir IC] Gulbadan Beghum D] Abu Faza;

  14. Ans B

  15. Q9 - The monsoon reaches in West Bengal: (A)June (B) May -(C) July (D) August

  16. Ans A

  17. Q10 Eastern most river of the North Bengal Plains: (A)Mechi (B) Padma -(C) Raidak (D) Tista

  18. Q11 Which one of the following sequences in the ascending order of their geographical sizeis correct? (a) Bihar Chhattisgarh - Jharkhand - Orissa (b) Jharkhand - West Bengal Tamil Nadu Chattisgarh (c) West Bengal - Bihar - Chhattisgarh Tamil Nadu (d) Chhattisgrah - Jharkhand Tamil Nadu Orissa

  19. Ans B -JH-79714, WB-88752, TN- 1 30058, CG-136034.

  20. Ans D according to forest report, India's total mangrove stands at 4740 sq km, which is 0.14 sq km of India's geographical area. there are 12 states and union territories which have mangroves, wb highest with 2106 sq km, which 44.5 % gujarat second with 1107 sq km, andaman and nicobar 617 sq km. very dense mangrove forests 1472 sq km (31.05%), moderately dense mangrove is 1391 sq km (29.75%) and open mangroves 1877 sq km (39.60%)

  21. Ans B

  22. Q14 -Which of the following states is the largest producer of silver in India? A)Karnataka -B)Andhra Pradesh -C)Jharkhand

  23. Ans B

  24. Q15 -Which among the following variety accounts for maximum production of silk in India Mulberry Muga Eric Tasar