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5th October Daily dose
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5th October Daily dose

Md Mustafizur Rahaman
Chemistry . Blogger ( . Selected For WBCS 2017 Interview. Currently working as journalist in an esteemed daily.Taught math vari

Unacademy user
ibps clerk previous year ka video baniya
Aashish Arora
a year ago
I have discussed complete quantative aptitude paper of IBPS CLERK 2017 . Check on my profile.
Mini srivastava
a year ago
thanks for reply.....
  1. MD MUSTAFIZUR RAHAMAN Polity Economy . Gk Current Affairs - Prfl link https:/

  2. Affairs for WBCS MANs 2018 INDIAN POLITY


  4. Q~1 The industry valley Civilization belongs to the A) Neolithic Period B) Paleolithic Period C) Mesolithic Periood D) Chalcolithic Period

  5. ANS D The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) was a Bronze Age civilization (3300-1300 BCE; mature period 2600-1900 BCE Mehergarh is the earliest Neolithic Site in India

  6. Q2 . Whom does the Gaytri Mantra in the Rig Veda Address? A)lndra .B) Agni C) Savitri D) Varuna

  7. ANS C Gayatri Mantra is Contain in Mandala I I I of Rigveda Compose By Visvamitra 200 Rig Vedic Hymns Dedicated to Agni

  8. Q-3 Jibaka mentioned in the early Buddhist literature was a .A) Bodhisattva B) king C) Merhants D) Physician

  9. ANS D Jivaka was the personal physician of the Indian King Bimbis ra and the Buddha. He lived in R jagrha, present-day Rajgir,

  10. Q~4 Buddha was born in? A) 523 B.C B) 563 B.C C) 623 B.C D) 602 B.C

  11. ANS B

  12. Q-5 . What is the effect of Deficit financing? . a) Deflation b) Recession . c) Inflation d) Depression

  13. Q-6 Development expenditure of the Central government does not include? . a) Expenditure on economic services b) Defence expenditure c) Grant to states d) Expenditure on social and community services

  14. ANS C . A light-year is a unit of distance. It is the distance that light can travel in one year. Light moves at a velocity of about 300,000 kilometers (km) each second. So in one year, it can travel about 10 trillion km.

  15. Q-9 Pyramid of energy is- (A) Always inverted (B) Always upright . (C) Sometimes inverted and sometimes upright (D) None of these

  16. ANS~B . Pyramid of energy is upright because when energy flows from a trophic level to next trophic level, some energy is always lost as heat at each step. Finally it is lost to atmosphere and never goes back to Sun.

  17. Q 10 Ribosomes are sites for- (A) Protein synthesis (B) Photosynthesis . (C) Fat synthesis (D) Respiration

  18. ANS B

  19. ANS~B . Guwahati high court-over the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram. High court of judicature at hyderabad- over the states of Andhra Pradeshand Telangana. 2.Bombay HC Maharashtra, Goa, Dadra, Na gar Haveli and Daman and Diu. There are 24 high courts in India.