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20th October Daily dose
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20th October Daily dose

Md Mustafizur Rahaman
Chemistry . Blogger ( . Selected For WBCS 2017 Interview. Currently working as journalist in an esteemed daily.Taught math vari

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ab-a^2will be equal to zero
  1. MD MUSTAFIZUR RAHAMAN Polity Economy . Gk Current Affairs - Prfl link https:/

  2. Affairs for WBCS MANs 2018 INDIAN POLITY

  3. WBCS PRE 2019

  4. Q1 Who was the supreme body in the Britain at the time of commencement of the Government of India Act- 1858? . (a) Queen Victoria (b) The British Parliament . (c) Government of Britan . (d) None of these

  5. ANS B . In August 1858, the British parliament passed an act that set an end to the rule of the company. The control of the British government in India was transferred to theBritish crown.... A minister of the British government, called the secretary of state, was made responsible for the government of India.

  6. Q2 After the commencement of the government of India Act-1858, what name was to British Governor-General of India? . . (a) Governor-General of India. (b) Governor of the state . (c) Viceroy of the state . (d) None of these

  7. ANS C . The first viceroy under the British occupied India is Viscount Canning appointed in 1858.

  8. Q3 Who was the monarch of Britain at the time of commencement of the Government of India Act, 1858? . (a) William IV . (b) Victoria . (c) Edward VII . (d) George V

  9. ANS B

  10. Q4 When was The Government of India Act 1858 passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom? .(a)August 2, 1858 .(b) June,1857 . (c) January, 1858 . (d) December, 1857

  11. ANS A

  12. Q6 Who started the Indian Reforms Association? . (a) Narayan Guru . (b) Swami Vivekananda (c) Krishna swami Aiyar . (d) Keshav Chandra Sen

  13. Ans c

  14. ANS D Bal Gangadhar Tilak joined congress in 1890. Valentine Chirol called him "Father of Indian Unrest", who first of all demanded complete "Swarajya".

  15. 09 .Which of the following is not matched correctly? . (a) Abolition of sati: Lord William Bentick . (b) Abolition of slavery: Lord Ellenborough (c) First railway line in India: Lord Canning . (d) Swadeshi movement: Lord Minto ll

  16. ANS C . Father of Indian Railway-Lord Dalhousie

  17. ANS D

  18. ANS A

  19. ANS D

  20. Q14 . Which of the following Articles contain the right to religious freedom? (a) 25-28 (b) 29-30 (c) 32-35 (d) 23-24

  21. ANS A