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22nd October Daily dose
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22nd October Daily dose

Md Mustafizur Rahaman
Chemistry . Blogger ( . Selected For WBCS 2017 Interview. Currently working as journalist in an esteemed daily.Taught math vari

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  1. MD MUSTAFIZUR RAHAMAN Polity Economy . Gk Current Affairs - Prfl link https:/

  2. Affairs for WBCS MANs 2018 INDIAN POLITY


  4. Q1 -In which year, the Danish East India company was formed? [A] 1614 [B] 1615 [C] 1616 [D] 1617

  5. ANS C :In 1616 AD, the Danish East India company was formed and they established their settlements at Tranquebar in Tamilnadu (1620) and Serampur in Bengal (1676).Though, they failed to strengthen themselves in India and finally in the beginning of 19th century, they sold all their settlements to the British and went back to their country

  6. 02 . Who presided over the Karachi Session of Indian National Congress where the resolutions on Fundamental Rights and National Economic Policy were passed? .[A] Maulana Abul Kalam Azad [B] Jawahar Lal Nehru .IC] Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel [D] Subhash Chandra Bose

  7. Correct Answer: C [Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel]

  8. Q3 The only session of Indian National Congress which was presided by Mahatma Gandhi was held at: .[A] Belgaum [B] Faizpur C] Allahabad [D] Karachi

  9. ANS A The Belgaum session of 1924 was the only session of Indian National Congress (INC) presided over by Mahatma Gandhi.

  10. 04 -What was the name of the first newspaper to announce the partition of Bengal on July 6th 1905? [A] Swaraj -[B] Sanjivani [C] Kalantar - [D] Anandabazar Patrika

  11. Correct Answer: B [Sanjivani] :Sanjivani was started by KK Mitra

  12. Q5 Ia which country Indian Independence Committee was formed during British Era? A] France [B] UK [C] Germany [D] USA

  13. Q6 Under which among the following acts, Civil Services started in India? .[A] Charter Act 1813 [B] Charter Act 1833 [C] Charter Act 1853 [D] Charter Act 1793

  14. ANS B In 1906, Vithal Ramaji Shinde, founded ion of India to provi depressed classes miss education to the depressed classes. de

  15. Q9 -Tropic of Cancer passes through which of the following group of Indian States: .[A] Gujarat, MP, Chattisgarh, Manipur [B] Rajasthan, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Mizoram [C] UP, MP, Biha, Jharkhand .[D] Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh

  16. ANS B The Tropic of Cancer divided India into almost 2 equal parts. It passes through 8 Indian States of India - Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram.

  17. Q10 -Which of the following Mountain passes forms the 'tri-junction' of India,China and Myanmar?[ A] Nathu Lal B] Jelep La omd1 ra -D] Diphiu

  18. Q11 -The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are submerged parts of mountain range called: .[A] Arakan Yoma [B1 Pegu Yoma .[C] Askai Chin [D] Tien Shan

  19. ANS A

  20. ANS B

  21. ANS B

  22. Q14 . Which of the following states is/are not a part ofWestern Ghats? -[A] Gujarat [B] Tamil Nadu [C] Andhra Pradesh [D] Both b and <c

  23. ANS C

  24. Q15 Jarawas and Sentinelese tribes are found in which among the following state / Union Territory of India? -[A] Andaman & Nicobar Islands [B] Madhya Pradesh "[C] Lakshadweep [D] Arunachal Pradesh