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January 19 Current Affairs (in Tamil)
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Hi Friends! This lesson is about " January 19 Current Affairs" Thank You!

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  3. 1. Which city will get the country's biggest All India Reporters (AIR) Cafe? a. Mumbai b. Jaipur c. Chennai d. Agartala

  4. Answer: b. Chennai The cafe to be inaugurated on February2 V To help students from Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University (TNDALU) - to refer laws, Acts, legal articles and judgement briefs AIR, a legal research firm founded in 1914, is constructing the facility at School of Excellence in Law (SOEL) campus, Taramani - at a cost of Rs 14 crore The TNDALU had recently tied up with AIR to setup a cafe on SOEL premises on a no-loss-no-profit basis

  5. 2. Which IIT launches India's first B.Tech Course in Artifical Intelligence? a. IIT Kharagpur b. IIT Roorkee c. IIT Hyderabad d. IIT Madras (

  6. Answer: c. IIT Hyderabad

  7. 3. In which city the 1st batch UNNATI programme of ISRO was inaugurated by Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in Department of Space? 9 a. Bengaluru b. Kochi c. Hyderabad d. New Delhi

  8. Answer: a. Bengaluru The 1st batch of UNNATI (Unispace Nanosatellite Assembly and Training) programme of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was inaugurated by Minister of State in Department of Space Dr. Jitendra Singh in Bengaluru, Karnataka on 17th January 2019 It has been launched by ISRO as part of initiative by United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE-50)

  9. 4. Where was the seventh Meeting of Tourism Ministers of ASEAN and India held? a. India b. Vietnam c. Brunei ( d. Malaysia

  10. Answer: b. Vietnam On: January 18, 2019

  11. 5. Who among the following launched the "Young Scientist programme" on 18th January 2019? a. DRDO b. NITI Aayog c. ISRCO d. HAI

  12. Answer: c. ISRO This programme is for school students who want to explore themselves in Space research. Three students from each state and Union territory will be selected They will be given access to R & D labs and Practical experience of building a small satellite

  13. Answer: c. P R Aqeel Ahmed The council is a trade promotion organisation of leather and leather products industry It works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

  14. 8. Which country launched a satellite which aims to deliver the world's first artificial meteor shower? a. USA b. China c. Japan d. India (

  15. Answer: b. Sweden

  16. 10. World's first television channel dedicated to human rights launched in a. London b. New York c. Delhi ( d. Beijing

  17. Answer: a. London It would be a web-based channel and would deliver human rights issues to audiences in over 20 countries across Europe, Latirn America, and the Middle East. i. ii. The Human Rights Channel aims to deliver hidden stories ignored by mainstream media into people's living rooms.

  18. 12. Tamil Nadu Government - releases commemorative coins in the denomination of Rs 5 and Rs 100 to mark the birth centenary of which of the following person? a. CN Anna Durai b. M G Ramachandran c. Kamarajar d. Rajagopalachari

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