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(Tamil) January Current Affairs


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Komala Valli V

Hi Friends! This video is about course overview. In this course we are going to see about January 1st week current affairs in MCQ format. Thank You!



5 reviews


reviewed on Jul 29, 2019

super madam. i want free videos madam. I'm poor background student madam I'm working supermarket complete MA English. my ambition i want become a IAS officer but economically poor so I want first job after continue with civil service exam madam so please help madam

Suganthi Rhoda

reviewed on Feb 15, 2019

please continue this course mam. I can't find lessons after January 23. please keep updating this course. thank you

Esther Joseph

reviewed on Feb 14, 2019

Please keep uploading such awesome lessons. Thank you mam. It's very useful

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