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January 18 Current Affairs (in Tamil)
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Hi Friends! This lesson is about " January 18 Current Affairs" Thank You!

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Komala Valli V
M.Tech IT Graduate |3 years experience as Assistant Professor | Will make creative and clear notes

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Hello friends can anyone pls tell me the chronological order of mams lectures so that I can start afresh
Vanmala Ramesh
a year ago
Pranay I have done topic wise according to Upsc syllabus.
Pranay Deepak
10 months ago
wow super...thanks mam :)

  2. . Name: V.Komala Valli . Qualification: M.Tech IT Experience : 3 Years as Assistant Professor o Hobbies: Reading Books, Listening Music Encourage Me : Like, Rate ,Review and Share . Follow Me: i

  3. Who was appointed as the acting chief justice of the Karnataka High court? 1. a. Justice Lingappa Narayan swamy b. Justice Vijay Kumar Bist c. Justice Sanjay Karol d. Justice Ramesh Ranganathan

  4. Answer: a. Justice Lingappa Narayan swamy

  5. 2. Where was the regional conference on "Deendayal Disabled Rehabillation Scheme" held? a. Mumbai b. Pune c. Hyderabad d. Jaipur

  6. Answer: a. Mumbai The scheme for providing financial assistance to NGOs working for education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities

  7. 3. Where was the 25th International conference and exhibition on terrestrial and satellite broadcasting , BES Expo 2019 inaugurated in which place? a. New Delhi b. Mumbai c. Chennai d. Pune

  8. Answer: a. New Delhi On: 17 January 2019 300companies from 25 countries are displaying their products at the Expo

  9. 4. Where has PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the super speciality public hospital "Sardar Vallabhai Patel Institute of Medical Sciences and Research a. Ahmedabad b. Chennai c. Jaipur d. Vadodara

  10. Answer: a. Ahmedabad

  11. 5. The chief Minister of which state announced "Shaurya Award to students"? 92 a. Punjab b. Haryana c. Uttarakhand d. Rajasthan

  12. Answer: b. Haryana On January 17 2019 V The award will be given to student in the memory of police martyr for courageous deeds every year in a village block where the school is located and where a martyr studied during his childhood Award carries: 11,000

  13. Answer: b. Vivek Joshi Vivek Joshi has been appointed as the new Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India.

  14. 8. HDFC Standard Life Insurance changed its name to HDFC Life HDFC Life Insurance HDFC Insurance Standard HDFC Life Insurance Standard a. b. c. d.

  15. 9. Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurates strategic bridge in which among the following states? a. Arunachal Pradesh b. Kerala c. Sikkim d. Assam

  16. Answer:a) Arunachal Pradesh. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman visited the forward areas along India-China border in Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh and inaugurated the Diffo (Chipu) bridge at Roing.

  17. 10. Justices Dinesh Maheshwari and were sworn in as Supreme Court judges, taking the working strength of the court to 28. a. K. M. Joseph b. Kurian Joseph c. Dipak Mishra d. Sanjiv Khanna

  18. Answer: d. Sanjiv Khanna. Justices Dinesh Maheshwari and Sanjiv Khanna were sworn in as Supreme Court judges, taking the working st rength of the court to 28.