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Great Masters: Tennessee Williams (Part II)
45 plays

Discussion of A Streetcar Named Desire & Cat on A Hot Tin Roof

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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  3. A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1947) The play is set in the shabby New Orleans of the 1940s as the lead pair Stanley and Stella Kowalski live in the downstairs flat. Blanche, sister of Stella and an ageing 'Southern belle' from Mississippi arrives there announcing that she has taken a ride in a streetcar named, Desire. . .She is an English teacher who informs Stella that Belle Reve, the family plantation, has been lost. She intends to stay at Stella's apartment for a long duration Blanche is disdainful of the small apartment of the Kowalski and almost derides Stella for her fall from Elite circle. .

  4. Hover, Stella is happy with Stanley and her pregnancy is proof of the healthy sexual life she enjoys. . Stanley, a raw, unsophisticated man instantly distrusts Blanche and he suspects her of having cheated Stella regarding the family inheritance Stanley hosts a drunken poker game with his male friends at the apartment. Blanche attracts the attention of one friend Mitch which further irritates Stanley. . A violent scene occurs as Stanley yells over Blanche and Mitch discovering them in the bedroom. When Stella tries to interfere, he starts beating her and both the sisters run to upstairs neighbor Eunice's apartment rescue themselves

  5. However, Staniey calms down and show his remorse to Stella and as she returns to Stanley, Mitch comforts Blanche outside. Blanche tries to convince Stella to leave Stanley and to seek help of a millionaire Shep Huntleigh in escaping. Stanley overhears Blanche and Stella's conversation and he threatens Blanche to disclose her shady past. . On a date, Blanche reveals to Mitch that how her young husband committed suicide after she discovered his homosexuality. Mitch tells Blanche that they need each other. A month later, on Blanche's birthday, Stanley tells Stella how after losing the DuBois mansion, Blanche moved into a motel from which she was thrown out hecause of her loose character

  6. Stanley also reveals to both Stella and Mitch that Blanche was fired from her job when it was discovered that she was having an affair with a teenage student. . .As Mitch doesn't arrive for the birthday party, Stanley as a birthday present gives Blanche a one-way bus ticket back to Laurel. In a drunken state, Mitch confronts Blanche who confesses about her past but pushes away Mitch when he tries to sexually assault her. . . That night, as Blanche tells Stanley that she is leaving soon with Shep Huntleigh, Stanley in an inebriated state rapes her.

  7. A week later Stella confesses to Eunice that she simply cannot allow herself to believe Blanche's assertion that Stanley raped her. After some time, as Stella and Eunice are packing Stella's bag to take her to mental asylum, Stella confesses that she still can't believe Blanche's charge of rape When Blanche comes out of the bathroom, her talk makes it clear that she is under delusion. . As a doctor arrives, Blanche tries to struggle against them when they try to take her away. However, Stanley subdues her and as she is taken away, Stella starts to sob only to be consoled by Stanley.

  8. CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF 1955 The play begins at Big Daddy's mansion on his estate, as his son Brick is taking a shower. Brick's wife, Margaret is peeved by the Brick's behaviour as he has quitted his work, indulges in heavy drinking, and has broken his ankle while trying to jump hurdles. . She also complains how his brother Gooper with his wife Mae has been trying to win sympathy of the daddy. She is apprehensive that Now as Daddy is dying of cancer, Mae and Gooper are trying to cut them out of the estate. We also come to know that Daddy and mama are still ignorant of his imminent death but that this news would be revealed tonight.

  9. However, Maggie is confident that Big Daddy dotes on Brick, hates Gooper and his wife, and even has a "lech" for Maggie herself. But she cries that living with someone who does not love her has made her a "cat on a hot tin roof." As she attempts to seduce him, Brick warns her and Maggie murmurs that it was her mistake to tell him about making love with Skipper. . . .We are told that Brick and Skipper had a homosexual relationship but tried to hide it. In order to prove Maggie's suspicion wrong, skipper made love to her.

  10. As Brick seethes with anger, Maggy on the other hand asks to be impregnated with his child. e As Daddy enters their room, his wife and Children of Gooper begin to sing birthday songs. Daddy however stops them and sends them away. Left alone, he confronts Bricks and asks about his relationship with Maggy. .He makes a deal with Brick : he will give him a drink if he tells him why he drinks. In fact, he has some idea about Brick's relationship with Skipper as Brick started drinking after Skipper died.