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Chapter 5: Toni Morrison Part II (in Hindi)
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Discussion of Tar Baby, Beloved, Jazz, Paradise and Love

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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  1. Toni Morrison (1931-)

  2. Tar Baby 1981 Valerian Street & Margaret, live in the house, L'Arbe de la Croix, with their servants, including Ondine and Sydney. The niece of Ondine and Sydney, Jadine Childs, is also there on a visit. she has studied at the Sorbonne with the help of financial aid by Valerian An unidentified sailor has come and is hidden in the house. When caught by the servants, he discloses his name, Sor and is invited by Valerian to stay.

  3. Son tries to flirt with Jadine which frightens her. Another servant, Th r se, knew about Son prior to his discovery and was feeding him. Both of them now look for Valerian to talk about Son. . Son however has already made an impression upon him and Valerian sends him to buy some new clothes. Gradually, Son and Jadine begin to get closer which upsets Ondine. . At Christmas Dinner, Valerian is shocked to know about the mistreatment done by his wife to his son. Jadine and Son leave the island and go to New York as a carefree couple. But soon they fight bitterly and Jadine leaves for Paris without informing Son. Son ultimately joins a group of Wild Horsemen.

  4. Beloved 1987 dedication "Sixty Million and more" Beginning in 1873 in Ohio, the story is about an 18 year old girl Denver. She is daughter of a former slave, Sethe. Sethe's two sons have fled and she believes it is because of the presence of arn evil ghost. Denver however feels that the ghost is of her dead sister. The arrival of Paul D, evokes the memories of slave days, when Sethe worked at Mr. Garner's plantation in Kentucky 20 years ago. Sethe married Halle while a slave at farm and everything was smooth until the arrival of Mrs. Garner's brother-in-law, known as, The Schoolteacher, who was a sadistic fellow. .

  5. When slaved tried to run away, they were caught and some were killed. Sethe was still adamant to run However, The Schoolteacher's nephew caught her in a barn and violates her dignity. Halle witnessed it and became mad After being whipped for revealing the horrible deed to Mrs. Garner, Sethe again ran away but collapsed midway due to her pregnancy With the help of a white girl, Amy Denver, she is somehow recued and reached her mother-in-law Baby Suggs and gave birth to a daughter. She spent a very happy time with her children for 28 days until the school teacher returned to take her back.

  6. Instead of going with him, she ran to forest to kill her children; only one daughter got killed. It was on her headstone that she instructed to etch, 'BELOVED'. Taken to jail, She managed to escape because of some abolitionists. Now in present, Paul D chases away the ghost which make the Denver resent him. Suddenly, one day, a girl appears calling herself BELOVED and everyone believes her to be the embodied spirit of Sethe's dead daughter.

  7. Paul d has to leave Sethe once again while BELOVED starts torturing Sethe and Sethe is obsessed to satisfy her growing demands. Denver seeks the help of the community to exorcise the ghost and as Sethe mistakes the community leader for the schoolteacher and attacks him, the ghost disappears. The novel then ends with a warning that "[t]his is not a story to pass on." The town, and even the residents of 124, have forgotten Beloved "like an unpleasant dream during a troubling sleep."

  8. JAZZ 1992 . Violet and Joe are an unhappily married couple living in Harlem. Joe falls in love with a very young girl Dorcas. After a short affair, Dorcas, bored by the older man, begins to flirt with young boys. Watching her dancing with a young boy, angered Joe shoots her in the shoulder and she consequently bleeds to death. Violet develops a friendship with Dorcas' aunt Alice Manfred and Dorcas's best friend, Felice bring together Violet and Joe once again. Along with this story, many stories of peripheral characters are interwoven to weave a complex web of stories.

  9. Paradise 1997 The novel is divided into 9 sections; the 1st section is named, 'Ruby' name of a town and rest are named after the women characters. The story centres round a convent where some men enters searching for a woman named Detritus. There is a violent, bloody massacre the Convent. The inhabitants of Ruby are descendants of a group of dark-skinned African Americans who migrated west with hope Hoping to be accepted in a town of lighter-skinned blacks. However, they are turned away and this event comes to be known as "The Disallowing. Eventually, these people establish a nevw town Ruby. . . .

  10. The leaders of Ruby consider the Convent a threat to Ruby's exclusion of outsiders, and therefore decide to eliminate it. The other chapters like 'Mavis, 'Grace, 'Seneca, 'Consolata, 'Save Marie' present stories of various women who are trying to find their own paradises. With this novel Morrison completes her trilogy on love, the other two being Beloved and Jazz.