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Chapter 19 William Golding Part II (in Hindi)
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Discussion on Pincher Martin, Free Fall, The Spire, The Pyramid & Darkness Visible

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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sir, also make more lessons of important post modern writers.. thanks sir for your beneficial lectures

  2. WILLIAM GOLDING 1911-1993

  3. all God an by lohn th an FREE FALL PINCHER MARTIN Pinc Mart DARKNESSs VISIBLE william

  4. PINCHER MARTIN 1956 The novel is about Naval lieutenant Christopher Hadley "Pincher" Martin who somehow escape drowning in the freezing North Atlantic by taking refuge on strange rock that isn't any map. Here is enough water and food for his survival and Pincher starts thinking about his survival strategy. He is determined to stay alive long but his biggest challenge becomes to keep his sanity, as he starts to and an existential crisis sets in. The novel is told entirely from his perspective, and the reader is unable to decide what is true and what isn't.

  5. As the novel reaches its conclusion, Martin's thoughts become more and more rambling as he reflects his past mistakes. A passing ship discovers his dead body floating and it becomes clear that he died the moment he was tossed. The rock refuge might be the creation of 'egoist mind' to greedy for life or it may present the afterlife itself. This is one of the earliest existentialist novel with bare minimum style and one of the most discussed of Golding novel.

  6. FREE FALL 1959 Sammy Mountjoy, a well-known painter, retrospects his past life to find out the moment his innocence ended. He believes there was a moment when a choice cost him his subsequent freedom of action. Interwoven with the memories of the are the horrors of being taken as a POW in a Nazi camp. The Spire 1964 Jocelin, a dean plans to construct an ambitious spire at his cathedral. Though many are against his desire, but he is adamant to follow. He also harbors sexual desires for a married woman. All these things bring disaster in the end for all the involved characters.

  7. The Pyramid 1967 The story of Oliver, a sort of bildungsroman, where we see him grow in a traditional society and his encounters with a set a people again and again in his life. He comes to understand how life and people change with his myriad experiences with them. The Scorpion God 1971 It is actually collection of three short novels including Clonk Clonk & Envoy Extraordinary.

  8. Darkness Visible 1979 . The title is inspired from Paradise Lost: "No light, but rather darkness visible". Golding won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for this novel. This dark novel is about Matty, a fantastical child survivor of a firestorm during the London Blitz who is initially repulsed but later come to be treated like a saint figure. The second plot deals with the psychopathic Sophy who descends into terrorism, sexual transgression and violent racialism. Matty thwarts Sophy's plan to kidnap and ransom an Arab prince and is destroyed by fire in the process. The novel ends with the pedophile, Mr Pedigree's vision of the dead yet transfigured Matty