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Chapter 21: Eugene O' Neill Part I ( in Hindi)
90 plays

Introduction to Eugene O'Neill, Beyond the Horizon & Anna Christie

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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  2. EUGENE O'NEILL 1888-1953

  3. NE LONG Puli Prize 1920 1922 1928 1957 DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NI THE EMPEROR JONES NOBEL -BECOMES-. 1937

  4. Eugene Gladstone O'Neill is a leading American dramatist, winner of 4 Pulitzer awards and Nobel prize, "for the power, honesty and deep-felt emotions of his dramatic works, which embody an original concept of tragedy." Leading a hard early life spent mostly in hotels and railroad trains and an attempt to suicide and struggling with TB, he wrote a string a successful plays to emerge as one of the foremost dramatist of the early 20th Century. Heavily inspired by the Greek Tragedy form, Eugene wrote plays that were inspired by his personal life and relations.

  5. Beyond the Horizon, 1918 Pulitzer Prize, 1920 . The Straw, 1919 Anna Christie, 1920 Pulitzer Prize, 1922 The Emperor Jones, 1920 . The First Man, 1922 The Hairy Ape, 1922 Desire Under the Elms, 1924 Lazarus Laughed, 1925-26 The Great God Brown, 1926 Strange Interlude, 1928 - Pulitzer Prize Mourning Becomes Electra, 1931 .

  6. Ah, Wilderness!, 1933 Days Without End, 1933 The Iceman Cometh, 1939, published 1940, first performed 1946 Long Day's Journey into Night, 1941, Pulitzer Prize 1957 A Moon for the Misbegotten, written 1941-1943, first performed 1947 A Touch of the Poet, completed in 1942, first performed 1958 More Stately Mansions, first performed 1967 . The Calms of Capricorn, published in 1983

  7. Beyond the Horizon 1920 Eugene won his first Pulitzer for this play which is about strong bond of brotherhood. Robert, a poet by nature and Andrew, man who love to work at farms are brothers who have different plans for their respective futures. . .Robert wants to sail across the world with his uncle while Andrew wants to stay back at farm. However, just before leaving, Robert meets Ruth Atkins who is already love interest of his brother. However, when Roberts learns that Ruth actually wants to marry him, he changes his plan and Andrew quickly replaces him going for the journey.

  8. The untimely death of their father throws on Robert a responsibility for which he is not ready and as a result the family gradually sinks into poverty. In a fit of frustrated anger, Ruth tells Robert that she has made a mistake choosing him as a husband over Andrew. A prosperous man, Andrew returns and tells Robert that he had now no love for Ruth and also tells the same thing to almost bitter Ruth. Totally devastated by the death of their child, Robert seems to be on the last legs, suffering from T.B. when Robert comes to know about everything, he persuades Ruth to tell his dying brother that she actually loved Robert. However, as she enters the room. Robert is already,'Beyond the Horizon'

  9. Anna Christie 1921 . This hard hitting comic play by Eugene o' Neill won him the second Pulitzer prize. . Captain Chris Christopherson gets a letter from his daughter Anna that informs him that she is coming to see him. Actually, he has not seen her since she was five. As he was a sailor, always on a move, her mother had brought her to live with her cousins. Even after the death of her mother she had stayed there with her father happy that she is away from the perils of sea. When he leaves for food, Anna comes and it becomes clear that she has been living a life of prostitute.

  10. She confesses to Mathy, a companion of her father about her past life, how she was raped by one of her cousins and then fled the farm; how she started her life as a prostitute; how she was thrown into the jail and now wants to live with her father. When Christopher returns there is an awkward union but still he is happy to have her back. . She is totally transformed once on the sea which worries her father as he fears that she will marry a sailor which would make her life as miserable as that of her mother.