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Chapter 22: Eugene O'Neill Part II (in Hindi)
37 plays

Discussion on The Emperor Jones & The Hairy Ape

Sourabh agarwal
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  2. EUGENE O'NEILL 1888-1953

  3. THE EMeROP tied existentiaiism dramatistoNsi phenGmenalogu

  4. The Emperor Jones 1920 The original title of the play was The Silver Bullet. It was one of major experimental play by O'Neill where he mixed Expressionistic elements with Realism. . The play is also known for its brilliant use of an 'unreliable narrator' and multiple point of view. The play deals with an African American convict, Brutus Jones, who somehow manages to become an emperor in a Caribbean island.

  5. The play opens as a white sailor wakes Jones and show him his empty throne hall and that he has some news for him. Smithers reminds him how he helped him in the island and nobody would respect Jones if his past reality of being a convict is revealed. John tells Smithers that he is playing the role of emperor for the native's money. Smithers says that Jones has successfully duped the native in believing that he can be killed only with silver bullets. Jones shows him a silver bullet which he keeps as good luck charm. Jones also tells about his past to Smithers who warns him about Lem, the native chief. .

  6. As the night approaches, Jones hears the sound of Tom Tom and he begins to feel a bit scared. When he goes outside at the edge of the forest, he sees a formless shape staring at him, desperate he fires at him. After several hours, Jones is horrified to see Jeff, the man whom he killed in the States playing with dice, he fires at him and as the ghost disappears, the tom tom begins to sound louder and louder Near the midnight, Jones witnesses a gang of chained black convicts working on a road, inspected by a white man. The white man asks Jones also to work, Jones fires at him, they disappear and the tempo of Tom Tom gets faster. .

  7. Jones tries to pray to Jesus to forgive his past sins, but he sees a crowd and finds that he is being sold as a slave. Once again he shoots, the crowd disappears and the tom tom sounds becomes now savagely loud. Almost running for two hours, Jones reaches a clearing in the forest. His uniform and boots torn away, he is in just a loincloth. He again sees two rows of black men making wailing sounds. As the voices fade, he continues to run. . In the morning, he reaches a river bank, a witch doctor dances and motion him towards a sacrifice altar and as a crocodile god appears, Jones fires the silver bullet. Next morning, Lem and Smithers enter the forest and Lem informs him that they they have melted the money to make silver bullets. Smithers mocks the natives as they drag the dead body of Jones.

  8. The Hairy Ape 1922 It is one of the renowned plays by Eugene O' Neill, an Expressionistic play it vividly presents the dehumanizing effect of industrialization. The play open with a crew of firemen drinking on the forecastle of a transatlantic ship. Among this group, Yank appears to be the most masculine and everyone else seems to be in awe of him. He chides a man for being nostalgic about home and wife and also rejects another man's ideas about the life of workers being made miserable by the rich class.

  9. He considers his job to be of great importance for the smooth operation of ship, the very steel of the ship. On the upper deck, Mildred and her aunt are reclining in chairs while her aunt admonishes her for taking part in social service despite being a rich lady, the daughter of the president of Nazareth Steel. Mildred goes to the stokehole in a white dress with an engineer where Yank and other workers are busy shoveling coal. When Yank finds that men has suddenly stopped working, he turns and find Mildred among them Mildred is almost fainted by the gruesome sight of Yank Now workers make fun of Mildred's reaction calling Yank, 'Hairy Ape'.

  10. Infuriated, Yank wants to accost Mildred but is restrained by other workers. Later, he along with his friend Long comes to New York where Long promises him to show more people like Mildred. Yank, in his bestiality, try to affront many people and is finally imprisoned for his behavior. There other prisoners tell him that if he wants to take revenge on rich people, he should join Wobblies or the Industrial Workers of the World. Treating the cage as a metaphor, Yank with his physical power bends the bar. Yank pays a visit the local I.W.W. but he is rejected as the Secretary believes him to be a governmental spy.